Skip to content and Officially Close 09/30/16- Shop Last Minute Deals and Spend your Final Rewards Dollars and officially close on 09/30/16. While it is certainly possible the last-minute deals will be better, there are some great offers combining and plenty of items already in clearance. As I’ve laid out in How to get the Best Deal at and, it is possible to combine offers. When combining certain offers, they sometimes fall off in checkout. Most offers that combine are sticking through checkout, probably because the site wants to clear as much inventory as possible before officially closing. I’ve checked the site everyday, because I still needed to spend the rewards dollars I ordered in the third quarter. Rewards dollars earned through 08/13/16 are only valid through 09/30/16 when the site closes. Purchases made after 08/13/16 did not earn any rewards.


Someone was kind enough to give me her $10 off $45 coupon code. This was a unique code included with some orders, usually ones with gift bags. The problem is the code was not combining with any of the offers on the site other than the banner offer for the free product that combines with any offer. I decided not to use the code and hoped the Year of the Monkey (I am a Monkey) would stay in stock. My gamble did not pay off, and I never received the bag earlier in the year either. That is the only thing I regret about waiting on better offers. If you have this coupon, make sure you check the other available discounts before applying this. Using this coupon could reduce your discount, because it is one of the available offers that is not combining as well as the others.


There are hundreds of items in the final clearance section, so I recommend checking there first. Even if the items you want are not on clearance, the discounts available can get you a significant discount on the item anyway. I noticed a banner on the site this morning offering 25% off in a final Friends and Family Sale. This offer expires 09/28/16, but I am unsure if a new offer will replace it for the last two days. If your subtotal before discounts is over $88, you can combine this discount with the 18% off $88 offer. Some products have exclusions, but most items are working. Play around with your cart.


One link usually rewrites another, so I suggest adding as many offers as possible from banners on the site. There are three banner offers on the site that combine with any link you’re entering the site with. The offers I noticed are the 25% discount, the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, and the Ryan Roche Bag. I would have preferred the Nicole Miller bag, but it did not combine with the 18% off link I came in with. If you can get it to work, good luck! Shortly after I ordered, the banner offer changed to an Erno Laszlo Firmarine Moisturizer SPF30 ($57 value) with a $30 purchase. That would have been better. Too bad I did not wait 30 minutes.


I like the bag, and it took me a minute to figure out how to open it. You grab each side from the top and pull it to open. There is no zipper, but the band expands and retracts as the bag opens and closes. The items that come in the Ryan Roche bag vary. I’ve seen bags with as little as two foils and some with deluxe or full-size items, so I did not know what to expect.


This is a 0.17oz Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau de parfum. There was also a 0.5oz Wei East Chestnut/Soy Firm and Smooth Serum.


The 0.6oz Paula’s Choice Blush It On Contour Palette has 6 0.1oz shades.


It is a full-size palette that retails for $36.


There is a mirror inside.


The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: Pearl, Delicate Coral, Peony, Bronze, Dusty Rose, and Soft Mauve.


The bronzer is the only shade that did not swatch powdery or take a while to build pigmentation. Although I am not overly impressed with how these swatched, I will give them a fair shot. They’re all beautiful colors, and there is nothing here I would not wear (if they work).

The samples I selected were: an Anthony Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipe (for my husband), a 0.05oz Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral Enriched Renewal Cream, and a 0.068oz Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask.


My order was split into two shipments. The Clarisonic, my banner GWP, and two samples arrived first.


There are two Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation sets listed.


The pictures of the items look exactly the same, so I read the product descriptions. It looked like the cheaper one had smaller products that come with the tool. When the set arrived, it has all the same items listed in the more expensive set. This is a $199 set that is on sale for $99.50, and it combines with the 25% off and the 18% off bringing the total down to $61.19.


I actually purchased the pedi disc separately for $27 and use it on my Clarisonic Plus. My Plus does not spin the disc the way this device does. Although I like the results with the Plus, I knew they’d be better if it worked as intended. When I saw this set on sale, I decided to finally get the tool to use this right, and I now have a backup pedi disc. Getting all the other items with this makes the set that much better.


The cheaper set comes with: a White Pedi Device, a USB pLink Charger, a Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head, a Pedi Smoothing Disc, a 6oz Pedi-Buff, a 3.5oz Pedi-Balm, and a 1oz Pedi-Boost. Like all Clarisonic devices, there was a product card requesting I register this device. Registering the device is a great idea, because Clarisonic provides warranties on its devices purchased anywhere. Clarisonic repaired my Plus that I also purchased from when it stopped holding a charge at 14 months. It gives a unique $25 coupon for a direct purchase upon registering as well. That coupon expires on 10/27/16 and requires a $99 purchase. I’m pretty stocked on Clarisonic brush heads, so I cannot think of anything I’d buy.

I really love the device. The spinning head really helps the pedi disc do its magic with minimal effort. It works great when my feet are dry, so I use it right after a shower. Using it before (as it suggests) grosses me out, because I want my feet clean BEFORE I “file” them. Feet are a lot rougher than the skin on my face, so I do not like using this with the foot brush as much as I like using my Plus with a fan brush. I can barely feel the added pressure the device delivers, so I will probably not purchase another brush when this one dies. The disc is something I will keep repurchasing as long as the device works. There is a warranty on the device, so I hope it works a long time. Although the foot balm is not my favorite, it moisturizes my feet a lot better than some products I’ve tried. Once I try the other items in the set, I will report back.


I also wanted to get a new fan brush, so I decided to try the Sigma Fan Brush. This was not on sale, but I got it for $11.07 when combining it with the 25% off and 18% off. My brush collection only has one Sigma brush, which I like. Without the discounts, I would not have purchased this brand. When I purchase new brushes, I tend to stick with brands I love. Hopefully, this works out, so I can thank the sale for finding a gem I would have passed on. If it does not work out, at least I did not pay anywhere near full-price.

beauty-com-gwp-bag has offers of its own and plenty of items on clearance. There is an offer for an extra 10% off clearance through 09/28/16. Link offers from and do not combine, so I recommend limiting how many of one side you add to the other. It is convenient to add something cheap from get over the shipping minimum.

If you shopped or from July 1st through August 13th (part of the third quarter), you should have rewards dollars available. Make sure you spend them by 09/30/16, because they will expire. Remember to check all and/or offers before placing an online order. You can only use one promo link per order, but banner offers (they pop-up at times when you’re browsing on the site), and promo codes (uncommon) usually combine with one another. There are some exceptions. See other articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal at or my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (13 and 8) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 13-year-old to apply it.

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