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How To Refer a Friend to Ulta

This article was written when the Refer a Friend option for the UltaMate Rewards Program was still in place. The link was re-written in 2017 to refer friends for services at the Ulta salon: hair, skin, or nails (at select stores). There is no longer an option to get credit for referring a friend to UltaMate Rewards. You can still follow the advice below, but you will get a $15 coupon for services when your friend redeems his/her $15 referral coupon for services. I will update this if Ulta ever puts the program discussed below back in place. In the mean time, I am keeping it here for reference and those who are interested in the modified referral system.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 7.51.00 PM

Ulta makes referrals valuable to both the person being referred and the person doing the referring. Each get $10 off a $30 purchase with few limitations on how to spend that discount. The fine print has the same limitations as the 20% off prestige coupon. I’ve used a referral coupon for a beauty steal and can confirm the 20% off coupons do not work on beauty steals. This coupon is actually closer to the Platinum Birthday Coupons in its limitations. The 20% off prestige coupons do not even work on beauty steals, so this coupon is more valuable than those on a $50 purchase. On a $30 purchase, the discount is 33.3%, and it works on prestige items. There is a limitation to how many coupons you can receive (10), but there is no limit to how many you can send. I received all 10 of mine for 2016, but people using my referral link can still get their $10. Learn more about this coupon and all Ulta coupons.


How do you send a referral link to a friend? Make sure the friend is new to the program. Ulta frowns upon members having multiple accounts. When you’re signed into your account and in the My Account section, you will usually get a pink pop-up on the bottom right corner of your screen allowing you to invite friends.


There is a link to get access to it if it does not pop up. Make sure you’re signed into your Ulta account or it will only allow you to email referrals instead of getting a general link. Add refer. in front of the It should read with nothing before or after it. Although that link starting with refer is direct (not my referral link or an affiliate link), I recommend typing it in yourself. I only linked it, because mobile links anything with a .com anyway. This also allows you to see exactly what it should say to pull the referral page up.


There is important advice when it comes to referral links. They are not static. Every time you access the refer a friend page from your account, it rewrites the previous link. That means if the person signs up using your link after you’ve re-written the link, s/he will get the $10 off, but you will not. If you want to refer multiple people without emailing each one, save your link. The only exception is when you send a referral link through an email address. If the person clicks through the email Ulta sends on your behalf, it does not matter how many times it was re-written, it will still work for both sides (as long as you’ve received less than 10). In other words, try to send emails when possible, because you will almost certainly get credited. I only send emails to people I know, but my general referral links (even older ones since re-written) work for those who want a referral.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.08.49 AM

This pop up only comes up on older referral links (like this one), and I think it was less confusing when it popped up. Your referral knew you would both get credit. Sadly, this no longer pops up with newer links, but I hope Ulta brings it back. I’ve kept my older referral link in some older articles, so this will still pop up in certain places on the account. Reminder that while I do not get credit for older links, the person being referred still should. Good luck to you and the person you’re referring on getting your coupons. Happy Shopping!

If you have questions about any Ulta Coupon, I go over all types. Targeted Offers are exclusive to UltaMate Members, so I do recommend joining. New members get $10 of their first purchase with a referral. Remember to check all Ulta offers before placing an online order, because there are always general or brand specific offers that are not targeted. Deal stacking is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. See all Ulta articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal at Ulta. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

Disclosure: Affiliate, Direct, and Referral Links

4 comments on “How To Refer a Friend to Ulta

  1. Yael
    November 20, 2016

    Does Ulta still have their referral program? I don’t see the link or pop up.


  2. notcreative
    November 20, 2016

    Yes, The program still exists. Ulta changed the link earlier this year, so it no longer gives a pop up reminder to sign up for the $10 bonus (unless you are entering through an older link). Every time you access the form, it re-writes your referral link, so you cannot use the old one with the pop-up reminder unless you accessed it while it was still available and remembered it. If you use an old link, the person you refer will get credit, but you will not. In order for you to get credit, you have to use the last link you requested through the site (assuming you have not already redeemed your maximum of 10 for the year).

    It really is a hot mess. I wish Ulta would make a static link for each member and reinstate the links with the pop-up message. In the mean time, if someone you refer signs up and does not get credit, s/he should be able to call Ulta and tell them the link failed. Several people have contacted me this year to let me know they did not get credit using my link (probably because the system is so flawed), and I advised them to contact Ulta to get a coupon. No one came back and told me Ulta said no, so I assume Ulta helped each of them. If you want credit for someone you referred but did not get credit for, Ulta will need details on who you referred to help you get your credit. I had to do this with a friend I referred, and it worked for me. That was before I reached the maximum.


  3. Karrie
    November 17, 2017

    Ulta changed their refer a friend program. It’s no longer $10, it’s $15, but the coupon is only valid on Salon visit or Dermalogica Skin Bar. I’m sure many members will be upset about the change.


  4. notcreative
    November 17, 2017

    That is definitely disappointing. I hope they change it back before next year.


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