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A Day at Disneyland and an Evening at Club 33: Trip Report

As a huge Disney fan, my goal is to visit all Disney properties, including: parks, restaurants, hotels, ships, etc. After visiting 1901 Lounge in October of 2013 when a friend invited me in, there was only one place left I had to explore at the Disneyland Resort, Club 33. This is a private member’s only club that has relatively few members (given the total population). Only members and their guests can enjoy the club. Most of us do not know any members, so getting in is that much harder. Although I put my name on the waitlist just before June of 2012 before 1901 Lounge opened, I am still waiting to see if I ever get the call that my spot is ready. If the call comes, we will have to decide if the $25,000 start-up fee and $11,000 in annual dues (assuming the prices do not go up) for a Platinum membership is worth it anyway, so I kind of hope the call does not come! The waitlist closed, so no one can add their names until it opens again.

1901 Lounge

When the Carsland expansion opened 06/15/12, the 1901 Lounge opened at Disney’s California Adventure. This is a private club that Club 33 members can also visit. The opening of this lounge was the reason Disney opened the waitlist. Members now had twice as many places to privately hang out. 1901 Lounge is a traditional lounge, so you can hang out without making reservations. It is to the right behind somewhat secret doors inside Carthay Circle. If you take a left, you enter the Carthay Circle Lounge, which is open to the public. My friend and I met midday here in October 2013, and as you can see from the picture above, there were not a lot of people inside. She had nachos, and I had a coke. We did not stay long, because my family and I headed over to Disneyland for the Halloween party right after meeting. It was a really neat experience, and the interior is casual, yet beautiful.

Although the program is worth it if you can afford the added cost, many benefits have reduced in recent years. One reduction was in how many park hoppers a member can give out. When a guest dines at Club 33, the guest is given a park hopper ticket for the day of the reservation. In exchange for the ticket, the guest needs to spend more than the cost of the ticket inside the restaurant. This is a great tradeoff for guests without annual passes, because they would have to buy tickets anyway. We’ve had annual passes in the past, but we did not have them at the time of our reservation. Members can only get 50 park hopper tickets with a reservation per year, so they cannot offer unlimited reservations with free tickets to loved ones. I have read about members letting others dine without offering tickets or getting them tickets discounted to 50% off, but I am not sure how this would work or if it is an untrue rumor. It is possible it works when the member dines with you.

Even if you are a friend or family member reading this, I cannot help you get into the restaurant. I am not a member, and I do not know the person who got us this reservation. As such, I cannot ask for help getting anyone else in. Since members have limits on how many people they can let in with free passes, most members will probably only extend invitations to close friends and family members. I never thought I would ever go, and then it happened. There is always a chance it can happen for you (if you have not already been). In the years leading up to this visit, I read many reviews, so I wanted to write my own for others who love reading reviews as much as I do. This technically does not break my norm of writing about deals, because we did not pay for our park tickets. Getting admission and dinner for the price of dinner alone is a good deal. This one of a kind experience would be a good deal even if you get invited at a time when you already have season passes or the member has no free tickets left.


The member called in our Saturday dinner reservation two weeks before we dined, because it cannot be called in sooner. She did not attend the dinner with us, so our reservation used four of her 50 annual allotment park hopper passes for guests. Park hopper tickets were waiting for us at guest relations. We picked them up the morning of the reservation before the parks officially opened, so we were ready to enter the park on time. After a whirlwind 2013 and 2014 with a lot of Disney trips on both coasts, my husband insisted we take 2015 off. Our last Disneyland trip before this was October 2014. Since it had been nearly two years (DisneyWorld and Disney Cruise Line trips took place in December 2014), we wanted to make the most out of our day.


Our only park day was the same day we dined, August 13th. Other than dining at Club 33, the best part of this trip was Connor was finally tall enough for more rides, including Radiator Springs Racers. We had his first birthday party at Wine Country Trattoria in Disney’s California Adventure on 06/21/12, which was six days after Carsland opened. He was the only one at his birthday party who was too small for the ride, and he was still too small on more than a dozen subsequent trips. It was finally his turn to ride. After waiting near Carthay Circle for about 20 minutes, the ropes finally dropped.


We walked briskly to Radiator Springs Racers. It really is a madhouse after rope drop, because someone running knocked Xander to the ground. Thankfully, Xander was okay, so we picked him up and proceeded to the line. Most people were ignoring the line and cutting through on the right. It actually made me laugh when the group of ladies in front of us (after we officially entered the queue) kept saying what happened to everyone else. My guess is the rest of their group had a harder time cutting, because the ladies who kept complaining about missing members of their group were nowhere near us when we first got in line. I guess they and hundreds of other people believe the line does not begin until you get to the employees at the top of the queue.


Between Xander getting knocked to the ground and all the people who cut on the right before the official queue forms, it took us almost 30 minutes to get on the ride. So much for getting there early! Connor was going to ride in the front with me, but he abandoned me at the last second to ride with his Dad. He was having a really big Daddy day. It was kind of sweet, because he is such a Mama’s boy. My husband would disagree with that, because Connor definitely shows his Dad a lot of love. This ride actually has a single rider line to fill all the cars. The sibling group who filled the extra two spaces in our car appreciated riding together, so they did not mind the switch up at all. They were probably around 8 and 11, so I am actually glad they got to ride together.


We won the race, which made me happy. It was Connor’s first race, and he was already a winner. Connor loved the ride and asked to ride again. As it was after 9:35am by the time we got off, the line was long. We promised him that we would ride it again on a future day and made our way over to the new Carsland ride, Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters. The last time we were at California Adventure this was still Luigi’s Flying Tires. Even though the tires could be a pain to operate at times, I thought they were a lot more fun than the new ride. This new ride is very slow-moving and has the cars do a form of square dancing. There is a positive though, because the new ride has a 32″ height requirement. Smaller kids can get on this.


The next ride was one of my family’s favorites, Toy Story Midway Mania. This is a FastPass ride at DisneyWorld, but there are no FastPasses at Disneyland. Our wait was a little over 30 minutes. Xander has been taking pictures with Mr. Potato Head on both coasts since he was a baby, so I love seeing the pictures of age progression.


Connor actually decided to ride this one with me, which was nice. My husband is really competitive on this ride, so he generally will not take a breather to help Connor if he needs help. He actually asked for help at one point, so I am glad he chose me. I helped him.


Connor ended up with a respectable 30,700 points, so he really got moving once I reminded him how to shoot the gun. I think Xander (who rode with his Daddy) received about 60,000. My husband got the best score in our set (which consists of 4 cars and up to 8 people), but I cannot remember if he was on the leaderboard for the day. Sometimes he is, and sometimes he isn’t.


We were already running late to our breakfast reservation, but we had to grab Soarin’ FastPasses on the way out the park. Each of us had a mini breakfast at the hotel, so no one was overly hungry by the time breakfast rolled around. Disney is usually accommodating for early and late arrivals within a 20 minute window either way. Since we made it right at the 20 minute mark, we were immediately taken in.


We’ve dined at every restaurant at Disneyland from casual to fine dining. The one we dine at most often is Plaza Inn. Unless it closes for refurbishment, which happened to us once, we’ve gone every single trip we’ve had kids. Our first trip was when Xander took his first Disneyland trip at 4 months old. It is our tradition to dine here once per trip. Breakfast is table service and has characters, so it is our preferred meal at this restaurant. Disneyland still has amazing Mickey waffles. Our last DisneyWorld trip with the yummy waffles was October 2013. By December 2014, they were whole wheat and nowhere near as tasty.


If I had to pick my favorite Disney character, I’d pick Mickey. Pooh would be a close second, so I always love when he visits us at this restaurant. My kids share my love as Xander has a Mickey themed bedroom, and Connor has a Pooh themed bedroom. Granted, Connor did not pick his, but Xander did pick his. The funny thing is he’s been asking me to change the theme in his room for a while, because he feels he’s too old for Mickey. Is one ever too old for Mickey? I’m certainly not, and I think I will still love him forever.


As much as I love the masked characters, I love the face characters. They are always super interactive with the kids, and my kids never even seem to mind that most face characters are female. The fairy godmother was charming, and they soaked her up.


Dale was up next, and the boys were in the mood to play.


I always wish they’d put Chip and Dale together, because it would make a better picture. It has happened where we’ve gotten them together, but it is rare. The boys were friendly with Chip, and he reciprocated.


Minnie is the star of this breakfast, as the Minnie and Friends Breakfast implies. Connor was happy to see her, but Xander was playing it cool.


Connor refused to visit with Captain Hook. He thinks he’s mean, so Xander played with him. Captain Hook is always playful.


Tigger was the star. He bounced with the boys in the middle of the restaurant. That was a lot of fun, because I always sing his song to my boys. “Nothing can bounce like a Tigger, except for my shadow, eh oh, because it bounces and trounces and flounces and pounces and follows wherever I go.”

Those on the east coast may notice that we saw seven characters. I’ve never seen more than 5 at any character meal on the east coast, and we’ve done them all. The west coast restaurants usually start at 5 and work their way up. We’ve actually had visits where we’ve seen 10-11 in one meal. It is certainly possible there were more than seven, but our entire dining experience lasted 40 minutes. Character dining usually takes 60-90 minutes to see everyone, but we had a great time with who we saw and were ready to move on.


Since we scheduled 90 minutes for breakfast and only used 40 (60 if you consider we were 20 minutes late), we had time to squeeze a ride that was not planned. Connor selected It’s a Small World.


I do not mind the ride and actually like seeing all the happy dolls dancing. It is just so hard to get out of there without singing that song in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome if you just started singing it.


The timing was perfect, because our FastPasses for Soarin’ still had a few minutes to spare by the time we lined up.


It was not even 1pm, and the boys were ready for some rest. I was starting to feel glad that this was a split day.


Soarin’ Over the World replaced Soarin’ over California. None of us had ridden the new version. It is basically the same ride, but the images projected take you throughout the world instead of just California. This ride has a 40″ height requirement, so it was Connor’s first time. Both boys loved it, and I actually preferred the World backdrop to just California. I wonder if they will ever switch it back or if this version is special for the Diamond Celebration. Disneyland opened July 17th, 1955, so I was not expecting the Diamond Celebration to extend into the 61st year.

After Soarin’, we finally rode Connor’s favorite ride, Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. The rest of us enjoy that ride, too. It is nearly impossible to ride it without a huge grin. As it spins, the inevitable smile forms. We left the ride at 1:15pm, so we decided to see if Disney decided to air Frozen Live at the Hyperion. Disney did not hand out FastPasses that morning, because they were unsure if the show would go on. They did decide to air the later shows, but they stuck with the 1:35pm cancellation. The later shows conflicted with our dinner plans, so we decided to leave Disney with more than four hours to go until dinner time. One day, I really need to see this show.


We relaxed at the hotel for well over an hour. Then, it was time to get ready. This is technically a Beauty Blog, so I have to add some beauty in. In the morning, I only applied BB Cream, but I needed to wear something a little nicer to dinner. I wanted to pick Disney themed makeup. My Pop of Minnie 6 pan palette does not have enough neutral shades, and I was not going for a bold look. The items I selected (with the the exception of the lipstick are tried and true items I love) were: Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist with Rosemary Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50, Josie Maran Black Oil Mascara, Benefit Big Easy, Disney Minnie Beauty By Sephora Collection Minnie World in Color Eyeshadow, Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium, NARS Pro Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base, Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Lionfish, NARS Orgasm Blush, Mac Mineralize Skin Finish, Dermablend Setting Powder, Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens 30, Lancome Maquicomplet Liquid Concealer in Correcteur, Exuviance Concealer in Light, and a Julep Get in Line Invisible Lip Liner.


I decided to leave the contour and highlighting powders at home, but I did use the lighter and darker shades in the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish set to give some soft lightness and darkness the face. It is really subtle.


The lipstick has a little more glitter than I would have preferred, because I was going for a more elegant look. It is a beautiful color and the only Disney lip product I own.


I decided not to use the Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer pictured above. My travel brushes are not the best, so I packed more color on my eyelids than I wanted. It was difficult to blend out without a proper blending brush, so I opted to use the black shadow in the palette instead. This has been my blush of choice for a little over a month. Every time I am not testing a new blush, I keep grabbing this.


The shadows remained crease free all night, which impressed me. It was a hot day. Not Vegas hot, but hot, nonetheless. They were difficult to apply (thanks to the brushes), but I liked the result. My left eye (picture right) went a little too dark, and I did not balance it on the right eye. I could barely tell the difference unless I stared at my eyes, so I left it. If you want to see some of the more vibrant colors in this set, you’ll see why I love those, too.


By the time we booked our trip, the on site hotels sold out. We always park in the Toy Story lot any time we stay off property, because our boys like riding the bus. Rides and availability seems more smooth than the trams from the parking garage. It probably takes about the same amount of time. While there is a lot more street driving, you save time exiting the parking lot versus the parking garage.


Our reservation was not until 5:45pm, but I wanted to get back to Disneyland a little beforehand to take nice photos out front. We arrived to the front of the park, fully dressed up, at 4:21pm. I never would have remembered that time had I not took a screen shot of that Pokestop. Pokémon Go lovers can spend a lot of time playing the game at Disneyland, because stops and gyms are everywhere. If we had a lighter morning schedule, we would have played a bit more. Even with the tight schedule, we managed to log in a few times.


I did not realize the parade passed through until after we arrived, so there were no Photopass photographers out front. It is a good thing we did not buy the Photopass CD, because the only Photopass picture we took all day was the ride one at Radiator Springs Racers. Connor was completely blocked in that picture, so we did not even buy it. The boys should have sat up front, but Connor moved to sit with his Dad so quickly that I did not even think about moving everyone else.


We saw people taking pictures with the train. It is usually moving, so pictures are not a common thing. I wanted to get a picture of both boys, but Connor was over-tired and not in the mood.


Xander got his picture. Connor eventually got a photo taken by my husband, but he has not given me a copy yet. After visiting the train, we swung by Club 33. It was 5:01pm, so it was still too early to check in. No one wanted to ride anything. The boys were tired, and the adults did not want to get dirty. We also did not want to get stuck in a ride line and arrive late to dinner. That already happened to us in the morning. I planted a lure module on a nearby PokeStop, and we played Pokémon Go for over 30 minutes.


It was finally time to check-in.


We arrived at the door, and the boys both wanted to press the doorbell.


I wondered how many times people pressed this doorbell for fun, because my boys could hardly maintain themselves.


Xander decided to let Connor take the honor. Being the baby pays off for things like this. Once we got to the other side, we saw that they have cameras watching the door. Hopefully, those cameras prevent them from running to the door more than they have to. They probably wait a second before answering to make sure no one is playing ding, dong, ditch.


We actually arrived 5 minutes early, because my husband is by-the-book and said the email confirmation asked that no one arrive more than five minutes early. The room you enter is pretty small. There is a check in desk with three people crammed behind it. Those who complain about how close they work to others would not like this tiny space. For their privacy, I did not photograph them.


There are beautiful decorations all over, but this is the first one I noticed when I entered the doors.


Even the display case where they sell Club 33 merchandise is fancy.


My husband teases me about my spending habits, but he is worse than I am on vacation.


He kept trying to convince me to buy this Club 33 Dooney & Bourke Bag. It is a little gaudy for my taste, but I do own a colorful Disney Dooney & Bourke bag that is far more gaudy. Thankfully, this bag is only for Club 33 members to purchase.


When you exit the tiny room, you enter a beautiful courtyard.


It is extremely dated, so it looks like all refurbishment since the May 1967 opening has kept some of the original charm.


The lamp posts have statues.


The lanterns have fairies.


We took a seat near the garden. I people watched while I waited. A man came with a different family and whisked them off the member’s lounge. Sadly, the lounge is members only, so we were not allowed to go inside. Everyone else who was waiting emptied, and we sat in the courtyard alone.


Well, sort of alone. With all the statues, it does not really feel lonely.


Being in this secret courtyard was kind of neat, so the wait (which probably was not too bad) did not seem long. It was almost nostalgic.


Someone walked down the stairs to grab us, and it was almost majestic. I’m not joking. The design is odd where the hostess has to call you from the top of the stairs.


As we neared the top, my excitement was spilling over. I could not believe we were finally going to dine inside Club 33.


And, they welcome you in style. The mosaic on the ground is stunning. I imagine it gets touched up often, because it looks like it is in perfect condition.


The hostess took us through this beautiful corridor to our seats. They were at the beginning of the restaurant, and there is a wall that almost partitions our table apart from some of the others.


This is a genius design to place diners with children. Our kids were the only children in the entire restaurant. They were extremely well-behaved and a lady even came up to complement them on their behavior toward the end of dinner, but I still appreciated the wall. I assured her that they have their moments, but my husband and I both talked to them about being on their best behavior over dinner. They obliged.


As much as I’ve wanted to dine here, I knew it meant a lot more to this gorgeous man. I am happy he finally got there.


This little-man had no clue how special it was, but he was happy anyway.


This medium-sized man got how special it was, and I think it made him a little nervous. He was unusually quiet over dinner.


And, I was super giddy trying to soak everything in. It turns out I soaked things in a little too much, because I forgot to take pictures of things I intended to, like courses.


I adore the china. It is a little on the gaudy side, but that 33 logo is so special.

Manicure 081116 4

I actually gave myself a Minnie Manicure for this trip and thought this plate was the perfect backdrop for it.


The silverware was actually silver. Even nicer restaurants tend to use flatware made of anything but silver. That was not the case here.


Only the large plates have the 33 logos. I realize this picture is upside down, but I am leaving it as is. The plate looks the same from any angle, so I will pretend the fork is facing up.


I thought the centerpieces were beautiful. They add class without adding bulk. Nothing is worse than not being able to see your table mates.


Our server, Matt, convinced Xander to color. I appreciated that Matt made an effort, because Xander feels at times that he is too old to do certain things.


Connor is still my baby, and he loves to color. He did not need any convincing.


Matt went over the menu with us and explained that we could order a five course meal or a six course meal. My husband, who is a cheese lover, decided he was going to order six courses. And, thanks to Joss Whedon, I am signing he “eats these squeezy cheeses that I can’t describe.”


My husband opted for the wine pairing. Our server actually picked the wines for the pairing, and my husband thought Matt may have some sommelier training. He did a great job.


Club 33 put together some fancy drinks and mocktails for those of us with an aversion to alcohol. I did not remember to get a picture of the list, but I opted for a Garden District Lemonade.


That is a blend of lemon, lime, watermelon, and cucumbers. Those are all items I really love, so I thought this would be a nice drink. It was a little much, because I could taste all the flavors extremely well. They did not blend together as well as I would have liked.


The boys’ menus did not give any options on courses. They got three courses.


Their drink menu was as full as their food menu, too, but they went with their usual orders. Xander got milk, and Connor got apple juice.


The chandeliers are stunning, and I love the way the trees look through the patio doors.


This looks like a painting of the original Disneyland Castle.


I had to get a close up of this, because it is so beautiful.


This table houses a guest book similar to one you’d see at a wedding. After dinner, my husband filled our names in here. We are officially a part of Disney history, assuming they keep these.


Our table was very close to this china cabinet that I find very beautiful.


There are so many eclectic pieces in the lobby and corridor, but it somehow all works together.


This piano really works, not that any of us know how to play it.


I love this table. The top is not flat, so it is really a piece of art instead of a table.


This piece actually compliments that table, so there are some coördinated decorations.


We found this couch was actually comfortable. A lot of furniture that looks stunning is not practical to sit on.


Xander really enjoyed the bread, because it was very soft.


They started with an amuse bouche, which was not listed on the menu. It was wonderful.


I really liked this butter, although I am unsure what was in it.


The boys each selected grilled cheese for their first course, but I forgot to get a picture of Xander’s. His had different bread to accommodate his allergies. It’s a shame, because he did not like his. Connor, who rarely eats much, did not eat any of this. I had a bite and thought it was delicious. Xander really liked the soup, which tastes like plain tomato soup.


My husband and I both ordered the Filet Mignon Steak Tartare for the first course, and we both loved it. The mini egg in the center was wonderful.


We both ordered the Pheasant Meatballs for the second course. It came in a lovely soup that was also very delicious.


My husband remembered to photograph his third course. I did not. He ordered the Sustainable Fish of The Day with Nantucket Bay Scallop and Crayfish Etouffée Skuna Bay Salmon a la Planche. That was a great dish for him, and he liked it a lot. Nothing on the menu appealed to me, so Matt brought me some pork. It was delicious, but I cannot remember what he called it.

Neither of us remembered to photograph our fourth course. August 13th is National Filet Mignon Day, but our choice was pure coincidence. We both ordered the Petit Angus Filet Mignon with Summer Squash Ratatouille and Sun Gold Tomato Potato Parmesan Gnocchi. It was good, but it was nowhere near the best steak I’ve had on Disney property. I think the steak at Steakhouse 55 at Disneyland is better. All of the food at Victoria and Albert’s at DisneyWorld is better. Most of the food at Remy’s on the Disney Fantasy is better.


Connor ordered burgers after Matt promised not to let cheese anywhere near them. He loves cheese, but not on sandwiches or burgers. They looked good, but Connor never touched them.


Xander enjoyed his Mac and Cheese. The funny thing is Matt tried to convince Xander to order off the adult menu, but Xander will prefer the kids menu even once Disney officially considers him an adult, at age 10. He is almost there.


Xander started to relax a little when this course came out.


My husband reminded me to photograph the fifth course after I only ate one piece of cheese. This included: Honeycomb, Fig Mustardo, and Pickled Peach Lemon-Poppy Seed Madeleine. These breads were a little hard for my taste, so I was unable to eat them. The blue cheese was a little strong. I saved that for last thanks to the warning from the assistant server. They did bring a palette cleanser after this course, and I needed it after eating the blue cheese. He enjoyed his cheese plate a lot more than I did, but I would have been fine with saving the extra cost and leaving this course off.


Connor selected the cookie and strawberry ice cream for his dessert and again was unable to eat any of it. His meal was $40 (plus tax and tip) well spent. All joking aside, he was well-behaved despite not really eating, so I am glad he came with us. We would have paid a babysitter just as much.


Xander ordered the beignets and was not feeling them. These were weak beignets. Both Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney and Cafe Orléans make these a lot better. I hope the restaurant just had an off night. They were actually a little hard, and I had never tasted a hard beignet in my life.


My husband ordered the Pecan Coffee Bundt Cake, which he says was delicious. I hate coffee, so I will take his word for it.


I got the Manjari Dark Chocolate Bundino and White Chocolate Chantilly. This was incredible. It was not too rich, but it was perfectly sweet.


Connor abandoned his Cheshire the Cat picture after giving him a blue face.


He did manage to finish his R2-D2. Connor loves robots and actually picked a set of different R robots, including R2-D2 from the World of Disney the next day.


Xander finished his Peter Pan picture, which I love. We had some private time with Peter on a Family Magic Tour during our last DisneyWorld trip, and Xander really enjoyed Peter. He can fly!


I included the receipt to give a breakdown of all the charges. Even after factoring a healthy tip for Matt, we realize this is not much more than we would have paid for park tickets and a table service meal that is not fine dining.


After dinner, we finally got to see what the rest of the restaurant looked like. The wall kept me from seeing most of it while we dined. It is smaller than I imagined.


We spent some time on the balcony after dinner, and I liked people watching from up there. I’ve passed by this area hundreds of times and never even thought to look up. The restaurant is on the second floor, so I will look up next time I am in this area. My husband thinks Club 33 is directly over Blue Bayou. I think this is a different restaurant. It is possibly Cafe Orléans. If I ever figure out who is correct, I will edit this.


We were not up there long, but we were losing light quickly. This is what is across from the balcony. On our next trip to Disney, I am going to nail down the exact spot where the restaurant sits. Finding the entrance and looking up is not enough, because the restaurant is not directly over the entrance.


Matt came out and offered to take a picture of our whole family. He was really wonderful, and I believe he said he’s been working there for 17 years. I can see why he’s been there so long.


The restroom looks beautiful but dated. I really liked the mirror.


I loved these monogrammed hand towels. They are the thicker disposable towels you find in nicer establishments, but I cannot recall seeing these monogrammed at other places. There are some places with monogrammed reusable towels. For those with ick running through their minds, you drop those towels in the basket after each use.


This lounger made me think of my husband’s former boss. He was all about putting couches and nice seats in fancy bathrooms. I told him I’d prefer not to hang out in the restroom, but I still see these in nice restrooms. It makes me wonder if anyone actually uses them. I’ve never see anyone sit in these.


There are beautiful decorations in the restroom, too. Seriously, it reminds me of the line in the original Jurassic Park. They “spared no expense.” I was going to take a picture of an even more beautiful item, but there was a note on it asking guests not to take pictures in the restroom for the privacy of other guests. Oops. Too bad I did not see the note before I took four pictures. At least I followed the note after I saw it. No one was in the bathroom when I took thee pictures.


My husband, who I already mentioned is a rule follower, took a couple of pictures in the men’s restroom. He did not recall seeing a sign directing him not to.


It makes me wonder if the men do not have a sign or if he just missed it.


We made our way back to the lobby where the chandeliers look even more beautiful at night.


We were on vacation, so my husband needed some souvenirs. Someone told us to stand in front of the case. That is the sign that you’re ready to buy and an employee will come over.


It worked. An employee came over before we even finished making our selections.


We were all able to make selections from the upstairs cabinet, so we did not need to make a purchase from the tiny room we entered into.


We passed the same majestic staircase on our way to the elevator. I know walking down stairs is a lot easier than walking up, but I wanted to see what the elevator looked like.


Like most things in Club 33, it was a little dated. It was also very beautiful.


We planned to watch the parade and fireworks after dinner. By the time we left the restaurant, every available spot from Main Street all the way back through the start of the route was full. This was more than 30 minutes before the parade started. The funny thing is we are not big parade or fireworks people, because neither of us are patient enough to scope a spot early and wait around. If we can watch them with preferred seating from a tour or dining experience, we are in. Club 33 was an awesome experience, so I do not regret missing a spot. None of us wanted to ride anything while we were all dressed up, so we decided to head back to the hotel. From the comfort of our suite, we were able to watch the fireworks. I know it is not the same, but it is better than nothing.


We got a closer look at our souvenirs once we returned to the room. The outer box is similar to a large shoe box. It was free with a $50 purchase. Connor’s item would have qualified for that box on its own.


All of our items fit neatly inside, so it is on the larger side.


Connor selected the key.


This key is bigger than his forearm, but this is the perfect item for him. He loves keys.


Xander selected a case for an iPhone 5S. He does not even have a phone yet, but he will inherit my phone when I receive my new iPhone 7. My husband actually went to pre-order my phone today, but Best Buy sold out. We will have to wait until it officially releases before I order it. Hopefully, I do not break my current one before I get the new one or this case will not do Xander any good. That’s a lot of pressure, but Xander understood the risk when he selected this.


I selected the compact.


I collect compacts and actually completed by Disney Reigning Beauty Compact Collection the next day.


I am not sure if my husband (who took these gorgeous photos with his iPhone 6S) planned this on purpose, but I love that he caught the 33 from the box inside the mirror. That picture was too cool not to share. This is a beautiful compact. It looks beautiful, yet dated, like all of Club 33.


I always collect Disney ornaments for our Christmas tree. It is our happy place, so we have a lot of Disney ornaments. Unless we go more than once a year, I try to get one each trip.


I could not resist getting a Diamond Celebration Ornament in Downtown Disney the next day, but I do occasionally get more than one. This was the perfect trip to collect multiples. They are both unique pieces.


My husband selected a mug. He loves mugs, but I love that I can see his reflection in this mug.


Although I doubt our sponsor will ever read this, because we do not know her, I would like to say Thank You. It was a wonderful experience that I really appreciate. I will always remember the time we dined at Club 33, and it will be hard to forget when I look at the collectibles my husband insisted we buy. If you read from top to bottom, you have a lot of stamina. This is probably the longest article I’ve ever written. Those who’ve seen my trip reports know I can get a lot longer. Details are my thing. Thanks for reading.

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