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CrowdTap Rewards Another Free Amazon Gift Card

I discovered CrowdTap about a month ago, and I’ve already redeemed my second reward. My first reward was also an Amazon gift card, so I am unsure if there is any retailer variation or if all rewards come from Amazon. As an Amazon Prime member, I enjoy receiving Amazon gift cards. Crowdtap allows tappers to sample free products and earn rewards in the process. It is a place where consumers and brands collaborate to: share opinions, ideas, and market through social sharing. This company has a two-part reward system. Those who earn a specified number of points get a reward. There are opportunities to team up with brands to test products in exchange for reviews. Successful completion of brand missions get points, which in turn helps tappers get more rewards.


I signed up and answered a series of questions. Some were personal to get to know my preferences. Others were general questions about brands. After earning my first 500 points and receiving a reward, it said I needed to earn 500 points to get to my next reward. It never says what the reward will be. Getting the points I needed for the next reward took a few days, because some of the questions award as little as 2 points. There were some that rewarded 20-30 points as well.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.14.51 PM

Less than three business days after reaching 500 for the second time, I received an email. The reward was a $5 Amazon gift card again. You get a countdown that tells you how far away you are to the next reward. Once I reached 500 points, my PTS TO GO number reset to 1000. This could mean the next reward could be $10, because 500 points for $5 could mean 1000 points for $10. Until I get there, I cannot say for sure. It is also possible that it will still be $5, but they just make it harder to get there each time. Since getting 500 each time was somewhat time-consuming, it will take a while before I try to get 1000.


I decided to get some more TonyMoly Face Masks. The first time I purchased this 11 piece set, I used Mega Beauty. At the time, it had the best price, $13.60. It was only $10.64 this time through Beauty Base. Amazon Prime fulfills these orders and usually provides the best price available (it always fluctuates) with different sellers. If you want this deal, search TonyMoly I’m Real Mask Sheet Pack of 11 for the best available seller that fulfills the orders using Amazon Prime. It changes constantly, so I will not link the ones I’ve used. After using my free $5 gift card, I only paid $5.64.


This set includes 11 unique TonyMoly I’m Real sheet masks in: Brightening Lemon, Clear Skin Rice, Elasticity Pomegranate, Moisturizing Aloe, Nutrition Avocado, Pore Care Red Wine, Radiance Tomato, Skin Purifying Makgeolli, Skin Purifying Seaweeds, Skin Soothing Tea Tree, and Vitality Broccoli. Some speculate that these are not legitimate TonyMoly products, but I’ve sampled some of them and feel they’re worth the cost. If you worry these are not real (pun intended), do not purchase them. Ulta and Sephora sell these for $3.75 each or $7.50 for 2.


I was not in a hurry, so I changed my Amazon prime free two-day shipping to free no rush shipping when I saw that it was offering a $1 credit for select digital items. It works for: select eBooks, digital music, videos, apps, video games, and software. As long as I use that credit before it expires on 11/20/16, this order will only cost me $4.64.


The offer changes, because I got a $5.99 Pantry credit the last time I delayed my Prime Shipping. That offer does not seem as good, but I’d still be willing to select it if I am no hurry to get the items I’m ordering. As promised, the $1 credit arrived right after the product shipped. Since the product shipped the day after I ordered and arrived within two days of shipping, I basically got a free $1 credit for waiting an extra day on delivery. It did ship slower on my last purchase, so it will not always come almost as fast as two-day shipping. Getting this in my USPS box was also nice, and that rarely happens with two-day shipping.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.29.39 PM

I am still pretty new to Crowdtap, so I am learning the ropes. Getting into a mission to test products does require an application, but it is a really fast process. So far, I’ve only applied for one mission, and I was accepted. That product arrived, and I’ve already been sampling it. If I complete the requirements (which I will write about when I go over the product), I will get 160 points to my next mission. That puts me 16% of the way to the next goal for a reward, and I also get the benefit of sampling a free product. It does take a lot of work to get 500 points without missions, so I worked hard for this $5 Amazon gift card. If you have a lot of time to spare, it is probably worth it. Those who are busier may not get a lot from this type of program.

There is a bit of satisfaction knowing that you are helping brands with feedback, which is why I like participating in studies as well. There are easier programs for free samples I take part in, but this is one of the few that sends products (if you qualify) and rewards to anyone who earns the points. Learn more about Crowdtap. See all Crowdtap articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (13 and 8) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 13-year-old to apply it.

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