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HSN New Customer Offer $20 off a $40 Purchase and a beautyblender® Benefit Apply & Perfect 4-piece Kit

I remember when I was younger, I used to watch HSN and feel the need to purchase everything. It always seemed to have so much stuff I never knew I needed. Over the years, they’ve expanded their items to many things I know I need and many more I want. They are wonderful about putting together adorable sets and some of these sets are a little too irresistible. The one they are discounting today is one I could not pass up.


The beautyblender®/Benefit Apply & Perfect 4-piece Kit is $40 at HSN today, but the price raises to $46 tomorrow. It has a $77 value, so this is a great deal even if you happen upon this offer when it raises to $46.


The set includes:

-The Original beautyblender in pink ($20)
-a beautyblender Blusher Makeup Sponge in gray ($16)
– a full-size 0.25oz Benefit Dandelion Box o’ Powder Blush ($29)
-a 0.25oz Benefit Porefessional Pore Primer ($12)


The BeautyBlender is a FabuFind. I can never have too many of these, because I use them for multiple things. They help me apply concealer and foundation with an airbrushed finish, but I also use them to set loose powder under my eyes and other parts of my face. It is best to use a different sponge to set the powder, so I usually have multiples in rotation. Having back-ups also allows me to grab a new one when I do not have time to clean one already in rotation. This arrived a little indented, because of the tight wrapping with the pink tissue paper. I will probably wash this before using it (I was sick when I opened it), so I hope it will take its original shape after washing.


Nothing makes my pores look more refined than Benefit Porefessional. When my pores are looking larger than usual, I always reach for this primer. This is not my preferred primer for dry areas of my skin, so I only use it where I have larger pores.


Benefit Dandelion is a soft, beautiful pink. It looks amazing on fair and light skin tones. Even though I already own it thanks to the Benefit Do The Bright Thing Set, that is a mini. Having a full size will be nice.


This brush is actually not too bad. I do not like it at all for applying blush, but this applies lovely contour lines. When my better contour brushes are dirty, I reach for the brushes that come with these Benefit Box o’ Powders.


In the pan, there is a hint of shimmer, but it almost disappears on the skin. It applies a little powdery at first. This pale pink looks perfectly matte and very natural when its blended in. Like most powder blushes, it does not last long on my skin, but it looks subtle and beautiful while it is there. I will edit a picture of me wearing this next time I do. All of my previous pictures wearing this blush were lost when my computer crashed.


Since the blusher first came out, I’ve wanted to try it. I knew it was one of those things I would only try if I purchased it in a kit, so I am really happy to see it here. It also arrived a little misshapen, but I will probably wash this before using it. Hopefully, it returns to its original shape after washing.


After trying it as a blusher, I will see how it works to apply other things. It looks like the original BeautyBlender, only smaller. Of course, I will add an official review once I’ve tried it a few ways.


I received a targeted ebates offer for a $10 cash bonus with any HSN purchase. I’ve just been waiting for the right offer to come along. After opening my last BeautyBlender at the end of August, I knew this was it. There are three BeautyBlenders in my active rotation, so it will be a while before I need the one I purchased here. I’ve used one for foundation and a second for loose powder. The third comes in handy when the foundation one is dirty. Targeted offers vary per account, so I cannot say you have this offer available. Look under your my account section. If you have it, do not forget to use it by the 13th.

Surprising Savings for a limited time at HSN

The Best in Beauty always ships free at HSN, so specials like this one get free shipping. New customers can also use code 162217 for $20 off a $40 purchase through 09/30/16. Other customers can add at least $10 to this item and use code 163965 for $10 off a $50 purchase through 09/30/16. If you happen upon this article after those offers expire, new offers are available on my HSN Page. See all HSN articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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