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FabuFinds: Product Spotlight August 2016

Every month, I review my Empty Products. Some products are not worth thinking about once the month is over. Others are wonderful and seem like they’re made for me. Those are FabuFinds, and I generally devote a little more time to discussing them. They are items I have repurchased and will continue to repurchase even at full price if I could not find a good promo code. Items I am loving but cannot finish any time soon make it into Deal Discoveries.

To eventually spotlight all of my FabuFinds, I will never repeat items already mentioned in a past article. That does not mean they lost their magic. It is also possible an item not spotlighted in a past Empties article may get promoted as I try it more and fall deeper in love. Other times, it is because I had a lot of FabuFinds in a previous month and decided to condense the article. There are three products I consider FabuFinds in my August Empties that I have not discussed yet.


I received the Ole Henriksen Power Bright courtesy of Sephora and Ole Henriksen. With my first use, I had some user error, but I saw a lot of improvement when I used it correctly with my second use. By the third use, I knew this was an incredible product. This brightens my skin, so I really noticed the Ole Glow the line promotes. My favorite part is this leaves my skin extremely soft. For someone with dry skin, that is not an easy feat. My skin looks radiant, and the fine lines do appear to diminish. I have not noticed any wrinkle improvement, but I never really notice any permanent results with any topical treatment I’ve tried. When I want to glow, I will definitely use this.



I did not like the BeautyBlender the first time I used it, so its come a long way toward FabuFind status. It seemed to absorb a lot of makeup, and I felt it looked streaky. For the second time this series, my problem was user error. Since I assumed I knew what I was doing, I rubbed it into my skin the way I did with makeup sponges from when I was a teenager. When I use it correctly (by tapping it into the skin), it gives an airbrush look that I cannot achieve with my fingers or any of the brushes I own. The BeautyBlender does not waste as much product a normal sponge, but I find it still uses more product than my fingers or brushes. For the airbrushed look, I will gladly use a little more product. Unless you find a sponge that works as well, you will use more product to achieve the airbrushed look, which costs more for raw materials (makeup, concealer, etc). I love the shape, because I am able to twist and turn this to work every area of my face.


The only item on this list that I instantly fell in love with was Benefit Gimme Brow Light/Medium. At a Benefit Brow Bar appointment, my brow specialist used this instead of the usual powders. It looked so natural, but it still accentuated my brows enough for them to pop. Thinking it was her application (I will never be great at application), I decided to keep using what I was using. Then, I received a sample in a Birchbox. As it turns out, this is really easy to use and nearly foolproof. I could use this with nothing else for the same look she created, so I purchased it. Shortly after I purchased it, Benefit launched a newer version, and I wondered how it would compare to the version I just sampled and purchased. Birchbox came to the rescue again by sending me a sample of the new version.

Even though this was a sample, it is the first brow product I’ve completely finished. Of course, I’ve tossed some I could not use before they went bad. The new formula (which I am using now) seems to work the same. I think the only difference is color, and I swear shade 1 wears darker than light/medium. At first, I thought it would be lighter, so I did not like that change. Now, I’ve grown to like the shade (my hair keeps getting darker). I really love this product, because it is so easy. When I am in a hurry, I use only this to darken my eyebrows and make them look full. It improves the overall appearance greatly on its own. For a really full look, I like to add this over a brow pencil or another brow product. Even when used with other products, it mixes well. If I had to pick one brow product for life, it would be this.

The brush on the new and old version is really small, which I like, because it allows me to carefully reach areas without crossing places I do not want to go. This brush-on gel has tiny micro fibers that adhere to skin and hair, that is water-resistant, long-lasting, and buildable. Its formula also locks brow hairs in place, so I have not used my beloved Anastasia Clear Brow Gel in a while. After I finish the sample of the newer version that I am using, I still have a full-size of the older version before I need to purchase this again. And, I will definitely purchase this again.

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