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L’Oreal Consumer Testing S16-46 HOME Skin Study Face Cream and Compensation

There are a lot of brands under the L’Oreal umbrella, so panelists of the L’Oreal Consumer Testing Panel get a chance to test anything from those brands for free. Signing up for the program is not always easy, because there are times when they do not accept new panelists. I attempted to sign up twice before I was successful on my third attempt. From the first attempt to the third, there was a nine-month span. Once accepted into the program, panelists complete short qualification surveys determine eligibility in a survey/study. If selected for a panel, follow the step by step directions, and see it to completion. In addition to receiving testing products for free, you will receive compensation upon completion. Compensation varies based on the study you take part in. It can range from very little value for lower-end studies to hundreds of dollars worth of products for higher-end studies.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.17.25 AM

Your level of participation is completely up to you. L’Oreal rarely emails a panelist with opportunities, but new opportunities are available almost every day. Those eager to enter studies could log in and see opportunities every morning if they want to. I used to check more often, but I barely check anymore. If an opportunity is available, complete the survey on your dashboard to see if you qualify. The testing facility is located in New Jersey, so it runs on East Coast time. This means people on the East Coast have an advantage in getting selected, because they see most of the surveys first. Each survey closes once it receives the demographic it is looking for, and my demographic almost always fills before I even wake up in the morning. It is obviously not impossible for those on the West Coast, because this was not my first study. This was the first study where I actually had products mailed for testing though.

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This one was actually a little easier to get into, because it is one of the rare times they invited me to complete the survey based on my profile. I received the invite on 07/19/16 and responded right away.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 9.04.16 AM

If you pre-qualify for a study, L’Oreal will contact you at a later date to see if you’re still interested in the study. I’ve pre-qualified before, but have not respond quickly enough to get in. That means they obviously select alternates in case people do not follow-through. In other words, even if you’ve pre-qualified, you still need to respond quickly to actually get a spot in the study. The follow-up for this survey arrived on 07/21/16, and I responded right away. This time, I obviously responded quickly enough, because I got accepted.

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At acceptance, L’Oreal goes over the study guidelines, and you have to follow them exactly. The guidelines for this study were to test the moisturizer morning and evening from 08/08/16 through 08/11/16 and discontinue use after the study wraps. I accepted the terms, and the product arrived about a week before the study began.

L'Oreal Consumer Testing August 2016 2

They send the product in a large jar for something you are only supposed to sample six times and discontinue. Neither the size of the jar nor the name of the product are available. My guess is this is a 1oz jar, because it is smaller than 0.5oz samples I own. It’s filled to the brim with product, too.

L'Oreal Consumer Testing August 2016 3

Even though I apply face cream to my neck and decollette in the morning, there was still a lot of product left in this jar. At night-time, I only apply it to my face and the very top of my neck to replenish the areas I wash in the evening. This cream smelled like lightly fragranced perfume mixed with Play-Doh, which is not a great scent. It faded quickly, so that was not too bad. Although the cream did moisturize my skin extremely well, it made it itch for a good five minutes every time I applied this. I did not apply any other new products while I tested this, so it was definitely the culprit. Despite the itching, my skin never got a rash or turned red and angry, so I did not stop using it until after the sixth use (as scheduled).

L'Oreal Cosumer Testing Comp August 2016

My compensation arrived a couple of weeks after the study. I received two full-sized products: a 5.1oz Garnier Fructis Full & Plush Voluptuous Blow Out Blow Dry Bodifying Treatment ($4.97 at Walmart), and a 0.03oz L’Oreal Paris Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner in 210 Charcoal ($7.97 at Walmart). That means, I received $12.94 worth of products, so my comp was almost $13. This is not as good as the comp I received last time, but it is better than nothing. Other panels I take part in do not send comp for taking part.

Alex's Box

My 15-year-old niece texted me at 12:33am a few days before school started asking if I could donate makeup to her. Because I rarely blow dry my hair and have enough dark eyeliner to last me a lifetime, I gave both of these items to her. I also grabbed some other items I did not want or I thought would suit her better, like the foundation and concealer, which are way too dark for me. The people in my life randomly get boxes like these (although I never give used items unless the person asks for them), so she may see another in the future depending on how she responds to this one. She did not mind used items, so I placed the face cream from this study (because I am allergic) and an eye cream that burns my eyes (because of the SPF) inside. Hopefully, she reports back on how the products are working out for her, but I have not heard anything back so far.

Even without the comp, I enjoy taking part in studies. The comp makes it a lot more fun, because you never know what they could send you. Any items from L’Oreal brands are possible, so you could receive comp and test items from: L’Oreal, Lancome, Shu Uemura, L’Oreal Professional, Vichy, Garnier, Giorgio Armani, Clarisonic, Redken, La Roche-Pasay, Maybelline, Kiehl’s, Victor&Rolf, Matrix, SkinCeuticals, NYX, Yves Saint Laurent, Cacharel, Kerstase, Roger&Gallet, Dark and Lovely, Biotherm, HR, Decleor, The Body Shop, mg, Urban Decay, Diesel, Carita, Essie, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, and Yuesai. Read more about the Program. See all L’Oreal Consumer Testing articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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