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Where in The World is Jane Park: Las Vegas Julep Maven Meetup

I am a huge fan of Julep. The brand makes my favorite nail polish, and I love a lot of the beauty products from this line. When I got an email that Jane Park, the Julep founder, was coming to my City, my fangirl senses started tingling. It takes a lot to bring out the fangirl in me, because while I admire a lot of people, I realize that at the heart, they are just people. People we admire are usually those who have the drive and desire to pursue their dreams. That in and of itself makes them special. If their dreams and desires align with yours, it is more likely to turn you into a fangirl when you meet them. My expectations for this event and what came to pass were a lot different from what I imagined.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.07.01 PM

Let me break from my professionalism for a second to say, I think this promotion is adorable. “Where in the World is Jane Park?” It makes me think of where in the world is Carmen San Diego? The difference, no offense to Carmen San Diego, is I really care where Jane is. In this See Jane Go series, she visits several cities to celebrate the launch of her beauty products at Ulta. Whilst there, she also gives a sneak peek of items that are launching in an upcoming Julep Maven box. Jane visited my city, Las Vegas, on August 29th. As many of you already know from my Julep Maven subscription, I never skip a box. My selections for September were in before the August 24th deadline. Thankfully, this event previews the polishes from October 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.20.23 PM

What makes her visit to my city so special is she is celebrating five years since Julep launched. With all she has going on, it is so nice that she takes time to meet her fans and customers. I discovered Julep through a random Sephora purchase. While searching for nail polish, I saw a set called 50 Shades of Grey. Yes, I’ve heard of the book and movie, but I have not read or watched either. There is a polish in the 3-piece set called Kim. Though I prefer Kimberly, almost everyone I know ends up calling me Kim. After applying this beautiful gray polish, loving the way it went on, and being impressed by how long it lasted, I fell in love. This was the polish brand I’ve been searching for.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.21.13 PM

I immediately subscribed to Julep after falling in love with Kim, and I have not skipped a single month in my nearly 2 and a half years as a Maven. After upgrading a lot of boxes and purchasing items separately from the store, my Julep collection is large. There are 400 polishes in my collection (all of which I’ve swatched). Of those 400, well over half are Julep. That is how much I love these polishes. To celebrate the fifth anniversary, I upgraded my box a bit (which I will of course review after it arrives). As you can see, I order a lot more than nail polish from Julep.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.19.26 AM

I went to the event alone. Well, technically I brought my boys until my husband could get them after work. He arrived a minute before the event started, so they did not have to attend. The event was held in Brio at Town Square from 6pm-8pm. My husband and boys left the private room as the event was starting and dined separately in the restaurant. They left after eating without saying goodbye, so I never saw them again after the event started.

Julep Event 082916 9

While I was waiting in line to check in, I chatted with a lovely lady behind me. There was also a nice lady in front of me, who was there with a young makeup lover. It surprised me that only about 35 (this is an estimate, because I did not count) women came out.

Julep Event 082916 3

At check-in, I gave them my name and email address, and they gave me a button, a name tag, and a coupon for 20% off Julep products at Ulta. I found the lady who was behind me in line and decided to sit with her. She was super friendly, so I had a feeling we would hit it off. There was another super friendly lady who sat with us, and I had a great time with them. It is so nice to surround yourself with the company of like-minded people who love beauty products as much as I do. They were actually so much fun that I forgot to take more pictures.

Julep Event 082916

All of the tables in the room had booklets on them to go over Julep Best Sellers, which I will touch upon later. They were eventually filled with appetizers, which is one of the photos I forgot while I was enjoying my table mates. This was also where Julep exceeded my first expectation. The invite said there would be drinks and appetizers. I fully expected to go home hungry, because I pictured a couple of appetizers to share between a lot of people. It turned out that they ordered multiple appetizers, and delivered them to each table. We enjoyed: Tomato Caprese, Roasted Garlic, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Bruleed Parmesan Creme, Burrata & Ciabatta, and a  Bruschetta Sampler. There was also something with white beans, but I cannot find that on the menu. Everything was delicious and filling. I did not go home hungry, and there were plenty of leftovers on our table.

Julep Event 082916 7

There was a table in the middle of the room to sample nail polishes. The bowl at the edge of the table was for someone to win the Whole Shebang for September. I’ve actually purchased the Whole Shebang a few times, and have never been disappointed. It usually retails for $75, but it has a value from $200-$400 depending on the month. This is a very valuable gift. Sadly, I did not win, but I was happy for the person who did. She looked so excited.

Julep Event 082916 6

I purposely went without nail polish, so I could swatch some new nail polishes. It turned out that the even polishes I got to swatch are from the October 2016 launch, so I almost feel like this event helped me get some exclusive scoop. The new polishes for October are: Skylla, Krystle, Xena, Jean, Lolo, Gladys, and Katya.

Julep Event 082916 12

On my left hand (above), Lolo is on my pinky finger, Gladys is on my ring finger, Jean is on my middle finger, Xena is on my pointer finger, and Katya is on my thumb.

Julep Event 082916 13

On my right hand (above), Skylla is on my thumb and Krystle is on my pointer finger. Of course, I love them all, so I will have a hard time deciding. It helps that I have time to compare them to other polishes in my stash.

Julep revealed the October on 09/20/16. Xena was not in it, so she could come in a future month. Désirée and Ebony were not at the event but are releases for October. Every box gets a free Désirée.

Julep Event 082916 5

There was a display for new kits that are exclusive to Ulta. I love shopping at Ulta, and I love that Julep products are there now. Of course, I will compare prices and shop from which retailer gives me the best deal, as I always do. Anyone who used one of their 20% off Julep products at Ulta coupons and purchased from their smart phones during the event received an instant gift with purchase. Since I had 2 Julep orders and an Ulta order arriving at the event I decided to pass. My table mate did make a purchase and shared what was inside. She got three full-sized nail polishes, including Nancy, which I love. Her gift bag also had a Bare Cleansing Oil sample and a Green Tea Konjac Sponge. If I had not just ordered that sponge, I probably would have purchased something. That gift value (not including the bag or sample) is $56.

Julep Event 082916 10

Ulta and Julep really put together some great sets for the Julep launch at Ulta. As a lover of most things Julep, I see a couple I would not mind purchasing.

Julep Event 082916 8

My second expectation of the event was also shattered. I expected Jane to come in, give a 5-10 minute speech, take photos with guests, and leave. Jane did give a speech. It was a beautiful, empowering speech about not striving for perfection, which does not exist. She mentioned going for what makes you happy and to challenge conventional beauty. We were also gifted with some information about how she started Julep and transitioned to Julep from practicing law. Her mission was to do something that made her happy, and Julep makes her happy. The speech alone would have been enough to make me fall in love with Jane, but Jane walked around the room and talked with all of us.

Julep Event 082916 4

Jane told us business stories, personal stories, asked questions about us. We all got one-on-one time with her, and for at least a minute, every woman in the room had to feel like they were alone chatting with Jane. She has that ability to draw you in. Her charm is overwhelmingly clear. My table mate was surprised when Jane told us the story about how the Starbucks owner prepared her for investors declining her. He told her that for every 5 people who say yes, you get 95 who say no. How could 95 people say no to someone as charming as Jane. I could not agree more with my table mate, and I told Jane she should have painted their nails. When their polish is still chip-free a week later, they’d invest. Jane laughed and was super gracious. After she chatted with us for what felt like a good 10 minutes, she took photos with each of us.

Julep Event 082916 11

The lighting was not the best, so my picture is a little dark and grainy. Jane still looks beautiful. If I ever meet her again, I hope to get a nicer picture. After circling the room and chatting with everybody, I was surprised when Jane came back to our table and chatted even longer this time. It really seemed like she wanted to get to know us. She told us more stories about her life. We listened to how she balances work and family life, which is a huge challenge for anyone. I love that Jane makes so much time for her kids and still manages to make time for her job, and her customers. She told us how she loved watching When Harry Met Sally, but told us one issue she had with the movie. When Harry says,”You take someone to the airport, it’s clearly the beginning of the relationship. That’s why I have never taken anyone to the airport at the beginning of a relationship. Because eventually things move on and you don’t take someone to the airport and I never wanted anyone to say to me, How come you never take me to the airport anymore?”

Julep Event 082916 2

Jane says she wants to take her customers “to the airport” for as long as she possibly can. She understands her business will probably reach the point where she no longer has time to meet with her customers. While she has time, she wants to meet them and get to know them. I could not agree with her more. It meant so much that she not only held this event, but she actually took a personal interest in all of us. Before the event, I went in loving a lot of Julep products. Now, I love Jane and everything Julep stands for. The event and the effort Jane made during the event made it clear that everything about this company is something I want to be a part of. This is an incredible woman with a wonderful company who sells amazing products. I wish her nothing but the best, and I am happy to go along for the ride.

Julep Catalog 14

Since part of this event was to go over Best Sellers, I’d like to show why I love the products so much. Of all the items listed in the best sellers book, there are only 3 that I have not tried yet. Two of the three are items I already own but have not gotten to yet, so I will not mention those three below.

Julep Catalog

Jane actually read these first two pages during her speech, and I cannot express this as eloquently as she did. Brave pretty is the movement to do things your way. I appreciate this slogan so much more after listening to her explain the meaning.

Julep Catalog 2

It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse opens the best sellers catalog. This is a beautiful and fantastically comfortable product. I love the violet shade, Pucker Up. This wears like a liquid lipstick.

Julep Catalog 3

It stays on a very long time and leaves a beautiful stain even as it eventually wears off. Lip lines are slightly accentuated (as most liquid lipsticks tend to do). Unlike most liquid lipsticks, this formula is moisturizing. Although it looks like it dries down completely, it never really does. The part that stays wet works to keep the lips feeling moisturized with surprisingly little rub off. See the full review.

Julep Mousse and Tarte Blissful

If I had to choose my absolute favorite Julep product outside of nail polish, I would probably select It’s Balm. I love these so much that I had to collect all 12 in the collection. Then, I discovered, Julep put out a limited edition version for Christmas. Thankfully, I was able to grab that as well, so I have all 13 of these.

Julep Catalog 4

These lip products wear as comfortably as a balm, but have the beautiful pigmented look of a lipstick. They are very moisturizing. Most of the colors hide dry patches and many do not accentuate lip lines. See the full review.

Julep It's balm Dusty Orchid

Your Lip Addiction is a very comfortable lip oil that imparts a slight stain.

Julep Catalog 5

I got the shade Obsessed. It is very pretty, but it does not last long on my lips. As it fades, it does leave a beautiful, subtle stain. See the full review.

Julep Lip Oil

Eyeshadow 101 is a cream eyeshadow. I never purchase cream eyeshadows, because my lids are so oily that they crease every time even with primer. Placing this inside my October Maven box allowed me to try it without purchasing it at full price.

Julep Catalog 6

It definitely creased on me, and I find it difficult to blend. This is one of my least favorite Julep products, but I think that has a lot to do with my oily lids. Seeing it on the best sellers list makes me think it works for some people. I was able to get this to work without creasing when I used a powder shadow on top using it as a base to make my eyeshadow pop. In the picture below, I have this under my Julep powder shadow on my right eye (picture left). The left eye is just the powder eyeshadow. It makes a huge difference, but I cannot use it as intended. See the full review.

Julep Shadows 3

Another one of my absolute favorites is When Pencil Met Gel. This eyeliner is one of my favorites, because it glides like a dream without skipping. It is long lasting, pigmented, and beautiful. I own at least a dozen different colors (with five more on the way), and I love all but one.

Julep Catalog 7

This is my favorite shade, Bronze Shimmer. I really love darker colors that are not black. See the full review.

Julep Bronze Shimmer

Skip the Brush is a Creme-to-Powder Blush Stick. I really hoped these would work for me, because powder blush disappears on my dry cheeks so quickly. These do not last longer than the powders, but they do look beautiful on. To give this another chance, I ordered a second color. Sadly, that was too close to my skin tone. It is possible I will give this another chance at some point.

Julep Catalog 8

While the peach color is too close to my skin tone, it does impart a lovely glow. It would probably be beautiful on someone with lighter or darker skin. See the full review.

Milk and Julep

The Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil is another product I truly love. With minimal effort (on dry skin), it removes every trace of makeup. I never see any makeup residue afterward. Even when I combine this with my cleanser (hard for someone with dry skin like mine), my skin still feels softer afterward. See the full review.

Julep Catalog 9

The Charcoal Konjac Sponge is also near the very top of my list for Julep products I love. This is so gentle, yet effective. It cleanses extremely well and provides light exfoliation. I love the shape, because it makes cleaning every area of my face extremely easy. See the full review.

Julep Catalog 10

Night Shift is a deep sleep facial mask. It is deeply moisturizing, and my skin drinks it up. I really love a rich mask at night, and this is extremely rich. See my full review.

Julep Catalog 11

Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment helps strengthen nails in two beautiful shades, pink and ivory. I love both, and the one I use depends on how sheer I want my nails to look. The ivory is technically more sheer, but the pink looks slightly more natural. See the mini reviews and swatches.

Julep Catalog 12

I like to see that Julep is winning awards, and I really like to see the Good For You Girlfriend’s Promise. Part of the reason I love these products so much is they work extremely well without the harsh chemicals some products have.

Julep Catalog 13

If Jane or Julep has an event that comes to your city, I suggest going. The event was a lot of fun, and all the people were great. Jane is a superstar, and it is easy to see why she is so successful. She listens to her customers and really enjoys hearing what they have to say. Julep has a customer for life in me. I love most of the products, but I love everything the brand and Jane stand for. Thank you, Mrs. Park, for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us, and I really appreciate that ride to the airport!

Mavens are able to skip any months they do not want to take a subscription, and Mavens get exclusive 20% discounts that combine with other codes. Being a Maven is a great deal saving tip for every Julep lover.

Julep Beauty Box Subscription

If you want to join Julep, visit my Julep Maven page to see all start-up offers. Visit my regular Julep page to see more offers for shopping. All polishes above are swatched once. They get darker with more swatches. See all Julep and Subscription articlesTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out every way I can think of to save money at Julep. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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