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BzzAgent BIC® XTRA-Fun #2 Pencils with Stripes

BzzAgent is an international network of consumers who take part in word-of-mouth campaigns for a variety of products and services. It is a membership program that gives subscribers free products to try. After trying the free products, members review and share their experiences with the campaigns to qualify for future campaigns. Short surveys will appear in your profile. Complete them to see if there are any new campaigns available. When you complete surveys, you can accept free MyPoints offers. There are over 1 million BzzAgents in the US, Canada and the UK.

Bzz Agent L'Oreal Root Cover Up 2

I accepted this Bic #2 Pencil Xtra-Fun Stripes campaign on June 28th thinking these would make great Back-to-School items for my boys who are going into Kindergarten and Fourth Grade. Today is their first day of school.

Bzz Agent L'Oreal Root Cover Up 3

I like that they gave me two packages, because I have two boys. They loved that they each got their own box.

Bzz Agent Bic Xtra-Fun

Boxes usually include a product card to go over some important details of the campaign. This one did not but they’re pencils. I think I know what to do with them. It does include coupons for more pencils, and I always like seeing coupons. If I like the item, the coupon gives me extra incentive to purchase more.

Bzz Agent Bic Xtra-Fun 2

These pencils are very cute, and both of my boys like the stripes. It adds character to an otherwise normal pencil. The lead is two-toned, but you can barely see the difference when writing. I like that these are splinter resistant. Even though I do not know anyone who received a splinter from a classic pencil, it must be a thing if they advertise this. My boys cannot take these to school, because their school requires Ticonderoga pencils. As cute as these pencils are, they do not compare to Ticonderoga pencils, so I get why the school prefers them. These are soft lead pencils, so sharp, precise writing is difficult. Even with fresh sharpening, these give bolder, dull print. Those who prefer that look will love these pencils. We will use these at home, but I will only purchase these if my boys find them more pleasant for homework. Looking down at the stripes should be more fun than a boring pencil.

BzzAgent Bic Campaign 3

Campaigns that include my boys are probably the most fun for me, because they love when something I write about actually relates to them. At $4.99 for 10 pencils, these are more expensive whilst giving inferior writing to Ticonderoga pencils. On that note, Ticonderoga pencils are a lot cheaper online than they are in person. I paid $8.59 for a 30 pack of pencils and $4.99 for a 12 pack in store and see they are $5.79 and $2.79 online. It really bugs me that the price difference is so huge sometimes. Why?

Once you’ve tried the product, you have tasks to complete. Completing the tasks helps you qualify for future programs. These are the tasks I will complete for this campaign. The tasks on this list are right on par with my recent mission.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.08.30 PM

Read more about BzzAgent to see if joining is something you want to do. Take a look at other sites I trust for free samples. See all BzzAgent articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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