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Birchbox Man Final Point Redemption

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There was a 20% off code, WELCOMEOFFER20, still working on my husband’s account. He only purchased from the store one other time, so he has not redeemed many codes. Birchbox deactivated the others, because I could not get any to work. My husband told me he wanted to cancel his subscription in July but forgot. When he told me he wanted to cancel after August, I decided not to let him forget again. As soon as I confirmed he did his final reviews for the last 50 points he will ever do on the account, I logged into his account and canceled for him! The problem is after I canceled, the 20% off code stopped working. It made me wonder if the codes are only for subscribers. COMEBACK15OFF for 15% off still works, but he was getting 20% before I canceled his subscription.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.29.00 PM

I felt bad, because he may have remembered to cancel this time. It is possible he was waiting to place his final order utilizing his points before he canceled. If that’s the case, he was smart. He was gracious when he noticed I canceled his account and said he was fine with only getting 15% off. I did an online chat to ask if the code only works for subscriptions. This is something I wanted to clarify for my husband and myself, because keeping my subscription (I was thinking of canceling after August but had a change of heart) to get better codes is possibly worth it for limited edition boxes I will still purchase. She was unable to answer if that was the case, but she offered to refund 20% if I placed the order without any promo code and emailed the confirmation to her. That order went through 08/02/16.

Birchbox Man Points Haul

As promised, Birchbox credited the order for the 20% I would have saved. It also reversed the points it awarded on the amount I spent but got credited back. He still got points on the difference between what he initially paid and the credit. With the points expiring in six months and no other means of earning points, it is likely they will expire before he redeems them anyway. Since I messed up his discount percentage (or at least I thought I did), I volunteered to place the order for him. I explain why I figured out this was not my fault at the bottom.

My husband and I are different when it comes to items we buy. I typically buy items I’ve sampled and ended up loving or limited edition boxes, so I can sample more things. Basically, I love to sample things and find my latest and greatest in the samples. He rarely buys items he’s sampled. That is probably why he did not enjoy his subscription boxes as much as I do. Although, he stuck with this subscription for 13 months. I think he enjoyed it more than he admits. Instead of using the points to buy the items he likes, he researches full-sized items he’s never tried but KNOWS he will like and purchases those. Four of the five items in this order are brand new to him and the fifth is the item he added on to get him over the points minimum cash out with the 20% discount.

The 2.5oz Byrd Hairdo Matte Pomade retails for $22. I love to tease him when it comes to hair products. He has very short hair, but he loves to really take care of it. Although he swears he loves certain products, he seems to tire of them quickly. There are always at least a handful of open hair products all over the house. As someone who hates having multiples of the same product open, unless it makes sense like lip balm and lotions, I do not understand finding five half-used containers. This will likely join the parade, even though he claims he likes it.

The Boka Classic Brush in Tangerine retails for $5. This is the only item he has not tried yet. He is really good about opening everything almost as soon as he receives it, even if he has five of the same item open. I almost exclusively use our Philips Sonicare, but I admit this toothbrush with charcoal bristles to bust the bacteria that can lead to bad breath intrigues me. All of the toothbrushes have flavor names, so I wonder if they have a taste or if the names refer to the handle color. If I remember, I will ask him when he finally opens this.

The Boka Floss retails for $4.50. This floss expands between your teeth, and he loves it. That sounds awful to me, so I do not know if I will be brave enough to try it. I hate floss that gets stuck in my teeth. My skin feels like it is crawling as I dislodge it. It seems like this would get stuck in my teeth, but he insists it gets him a better clean. I adore the Oral B Pro Glide Floss, because it glides through my teeth and never gets stuck.

The Herbivore Botanicals Bamboo Charcoal Bar Soap retails for $12. He constantly switches back and forth between bar soaps and liquid cleansers. This ebony bar of soap comes infused with bamboo charcoal, which works as a gentle, natural cleanser, purging skin of impurities. It seems like a lot of the items he’s selecting lately have charcoal in them. Until recently, he scoffed at my charcoal treatment masks, but we started masking together. His skin needs more work than mine, so I now mask twice a week with him.

The Marvis Whitening Toothpaste retails for $13.50. This is a toothpaste he’s purchased a few times, although he does not usually purchase the whitening version. I really like this toothpaste, but I can never use it for long. My teeth are sensitive, especially to cold, so I need a fluoride toothpaste.

I offered to place this order for him, because I felt bad about costing him the promo code. He will not deal with what he considers a “hassle.” To him, it is better to accept the 15% code that still works than to bother contacting Birchbox to see why the 20% code stopped working. Well, I am so used to ordering the mystery sample pack for women, that I accidentally added it to his order.

The samples he (I) received were a 0.24oz Paula’s Choice RESIST Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum and an LA Fresh travel-lite Makeup Remover Wipe. I love that serum so much, so it was a happy mistake. It really was a mistake, but I know I will catch grief for some time. The funny thing about the wipe is I packed a different sample of this for a trip we took the day this package arrived. Getting it here replaced the one I used. There is no listing for the LA Fresh wipes, so I am guessing Birchbox stopped carrying them.

Now, as promised, I will explain how I know canceling his subscription did not mess up the code as I originally thought. I was waiting for my August Birchbox to arrive before I placed my point order. It arrived later than usual, so this order arrived before my subscription did. Once I reviewed my final items, I went to place my order. The order was pre-loaded into my cart (as I often do). By the time I went to place it, I knew I needed to remove the female sample pack for the male sample pack.

WELCOMEOFFER20 was still working in my account as well. I did not cancel my account, so the only change I made was a female to male sample pack, to make up for this blunder. After the change, the code STOPPED working. My guess is Birchbox forgot to deactivate this code when it deactivated the others. I check all codes in my historical offers, so I of course found it. If you loaded it before it got deactivated, it stayed beautifully in your account. When you make a change, it refreshes the cart and the code stops working. My husband waited until the last-minute to add the toothpaste, so that probably invalidated the code instead of the cancellation. His account was already canceled when I added the toothpaste, so I just assumed that was the reason.

Thanks to points, the discount code that Birchbox honored after it stopped working, and a free sample pack, he paid around $5 for this order. Men’s products are a lot cheaper than women’s, which is great for them (until it comes to getting great value from samples). If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers and all available offers. When you’re ready to spend your rewards points, remember to add your free two piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus Shop. And, try to add the gender you actually want. I only linked the male version (I think, because now I second guess myself), so you do not make my mistake.

Birchbox Man

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