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Brand Challenge: AHAVA

Mixing and matching brands to find the products that work best for an individual is ideal. Even the best brands have duds, and most brands do not carry every product within a beauty routine. I created this brand challenge series to use as many products as possible from one brand to see how the products work together, and to find which products in the line are a little stronger. Of course, that will also call out the items that do not work as well. These are my opinions and go along with my product needs, so your ratings could be totally different. In order to qualify for this series, I need a minimum of seven different products from a single brand that I can use at one time. Anything less than that, and it does not feel like a brand challenge. Since I am really loyal to the brands I love, it will be extremely easy to use way more than seven for some brands.

I wanted to start this series with a skincare line, because everyone uses skincare. The first brand on my spreadsheet (yes, I keep a spreadsheet with a list of every unopened beauty product I own) with at least seven items is Ahava. While I will not always go in alphabetical order, because Yves Saint Laurent needs love, too, it was the easiest way to kick this off. This is a brand I enjoy, even though signature scent of the main dead sea products and not my favorite. It does fade fast, and the products deliver. This is a wonderful line for dry skin, and I have extremely dry skin. Of course, there are items in the line for other skin types, but any skin type can appreciate the boost in moisture this line packs into most products.

Ahava Brand Challenge

There are ten items in this challenge. Three of the ten are technically items I do not use together, so at any given time I only used up to seven items a day. That is the minimum number I was looking for with this challenge, so this is the perfect brand to start with. My Ahava Purifying Mud Mask was already opened when I started this challenge, but the other nine items were brand new. Of those nine items, I was already familiar with the Ahava Mineral Hand Cream and the Ahava Mineral Body Lotion. Those are items I’ve used and repurchased many times. I especially like purchasing the hand creams when they do limited edition sizes, because the price per ounce is a great deal. These items also frequent sales, gifts with purchase, and mini kits (which I also like buying).

I have sensitive skin, so I only introduced one new product a day. Seven products were new, so it took seven days before I officially started all of them. One product was technically gone the first time I used it, so there was no continuation. There were times I alternated other products in place of Ahava, especially when I was testing products for other brands. It is important to note that I did not use these products without interruption as I typically try to do when I am trying new products. On mask days, I made sure to use seven Ahava products for the full effect. If I had ten different types of products instead of seven, I would have used all ten.

I actually purchased a Starter Kit for $20, because I really wanted to try the Hibiscus & Fig Wash. The 3oz size that comes in the set retails for $10 by itself. It also includes a 1.3oz hand cream, which I already know and love. That also retails for $10, so this set costs the same to purchase the two items I really wanted separately and get two other samples for free. This also includes a 0.51oz moisturizer and a 0.9oz mud mask, which also retail for $10 each. As long as you want to try two of the four items in this set, the $40 value set is totally worth it.

I am actually going to start with an important disclaimer. Many of these products come in travel sizes. If you fall in love with any of them, check the price per ounce on the travel sizes before purchasing the full sizes. In some cases, purchasing the travel sizes will give you a better overall price than purchasing the full-size. Unless you are dead set on ordering full-sizes for better packaging, the Essential Day Moisturizer will give you 2.04oz in four tubes for $40. That is better than paying $42 for the 1.7oz jar. Some people do not even like jars, so the tube is even better. The travel size is $19.61 an ounce, and the full-size is $24.71 an ounce. A travel size sale arrives on the 29th of this month, so some prices will get even better. Until it starts, I cannot say how much better though.

The Ahava Mineral Hand Cream is still a FabuFind. Although I am unsure water from the dead sea is the reason this is so moisturizing, I know my hands always feel instantly soothed when I use this. It penetrates deeply to moisturize from within. The scent is not my favorite, but it fades quickly. This is a moderately thick cream does not leave behind a greasy feeling, and it makes my hands soft (which is not their usual state). A small amount is enough to take me from one hand wash to the next. I generally like to slather on products, but I love when I can use a cream that does not need a lot.

The Ahava Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash Hibiscus & Fig was the main thing I wanted to try from this line and part of the reason I really wanted to start with Ahava. A friend of mine raved about how wonderful this product is, and I’ve wanted to put it to the test for some time. She’s right. This is a creamy wash that leaves my skin more moisturized than the other wash. I actually alternated washes each shower and found myself looking forward to days when I used this one. It has a beautiful scent that is somewhat floral but not at all overpowering. The fig probably softens the smell of the hibiscus, but they blend together so amazingly well. I think these scents compliment each other beautifully. This also has a great lather and rinses clean. Spoiler alert, this will achieve FabuFind status once I finish it. If I do not finish it in August, which I probably won’t thanks to alternating it with other products, I may name this to my Core Collection.

I’ve written about my love for Ahava Mineral Body Lotion. This is a medium density lotion, but it moisturizes extremely well. The scent is not my favorite, but it luckily fades. It smells like the hand cream, so I feel this unique scent is the signature Ahava scent. I can use this on my hands when they are not as dry, but this is not as rich as the hand cream.

This Ahava Mineral Body Lotion Sea Kissed reminds me of the Dead Sea Body lotion I already know and love, but this is better. It has all the moisturizing properties and a similar consistency, but it also smells incredible. Sea kissed is a great way to describe the scent, because it smells like the fresh scent that surrounds the ocean. I use a lot of body lotion, and this 0.2oz sample was not even enough to cover my whole body for a single treatment. As mush as I loved it, I need a bigger sample before I can consider this for FabuFind status. For now, I will just say that I loved it. My skin that did not get treated with this felt the same since I used the regular lotion. Like the main lotion, this fades over time.

The Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer Normal to Dry Skin has a lighter version of the signature dead sea scent, but this one fades very fast. This is a moderately thick cream that penetrates deeply to intensely moisturize. I preferred this to the more expensive Beauty Before Age Day Cream, because it is not as heavy but feels as comfortable. My skin feels very soft when I use this.

I expected the Ahava Deadsea Water Mineral Shower Gel to have the signature scent many of the dead sea items have. It does not, and I am happy about that. This has a very light, refreshing scent. The scent reminds me of rain water. It lathers nicely and rinses clean. My skin does not feel tight or dry after using this, even on my back where I do not always moisturize the parts I cannot easily reach. If I did not absolutely fall in love with the other body wash, I would have said this was amazing. Since the price per ounce on the one I like better is cheaper, I would not purchase this. I would happily use any samples of this I receive or any that come in sets.

The Ahava Dea Sea Crystal Osmoter Facial Serum feels more like an oil than a serum. I alternated this serum with another one from a different brand (that is expiring so it cannot wait). That serum is also an illuminating serum, and I feel that one does a slightly better job than this one. It’s true that this boosts illumination over skipping serum altogether, but it does not seem to illuminate as much as other illuminating serums. My skin does feel very hydrated and does feel like it absorbs the serum. The dropper is great, because I am able to distribute the perfect amount for my skin, which I discovered is 3-4 drops. When I use less than 3, I do not notice much difference. If I use more than four, it takes too long to absorb into my skin. Products that follow also do not seem to penetrate as well with more than four.

At first, I was nervous that the products would not absorb at all, because applying something this thick near the beginning of my skincare routine is not something I’d normally do. That was also when I was using too much serum, so it takes some trial and error to find how much is right for you. My skin has not noticed any long-term changes. After continued use (edited in later), I can say that I am not a fan of these thick serums unless I apply them later in my routine. Whether it’s true or not, I just feel like other products have a hard time penetrating them. If I received these sample again, I would apply it after my moisturizer, as I would an oil. Then, I could move this up to loves or down to not for me accordingly.

The Ahava Beauty Before Age Uplift Night Cream is very rich. It is a thick, moisturizing cream, which I love in my night creams. There was enough in this 0.1oz foil for two uses. This has a strong fragrance, but I find it slightly more pleasant than the signature fragrance of the items in the dead sea line. I also think the fragrance in the night cream is not as strong as the day cream. The sample was too small for me to notice any real benefits, but I know my skin likes it and absorbs the moisture in the cream. My skin feels extremely soft and comfortable with this.

The Ahava Beauty Before Age Uplift Day Cream is very rich. It is a thick, moisturizing cream, so I think this would make a great winter treatment when my skin thirsts for a really thick cream. I use a lot of face cream per use, because I always work it into my neck and decollete (unless I happen to have a separate neck cream open at the time). This 0.1oz sample was not enough for two uses. It gave me enough coverage for everywhere I apply it the first time, but I was only able to apply it directly to my face the second time. There is a strong fragrance in this, but I find it slightly more pleasant than the signature fragrance of the items in the dead sea line. The sample was too small for me to notice any real benefits, but I know my skin likes it and absorbs the moisture in the cream. My skin feels extremely soft and comfortable with this.

The Ahava Purifying Mud Mask is probably my least favorite of the group. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just do not think it does much for my skin type. If you have oily skin, you may love this. It uses a unique blend of purifying Dead Sea Mud, minerals and natural extracts to deeply cleanse and detoxify pores. Excess oils get absorbed, but it does replenish oils with jojoba. This is a brown shade, like most mud masks, but it is very light brown. Think of this as dirt colored instead of mud colored. It does not seem to do a lot for my skin, but it never dries my skin out as some mud masks do. You only leave this on for two minutes, so it is still pretty soft when you remove it. Technically, you’re not supposed to let other clay masks harden on your skin either, but this one definitely will not unless you leave it on way too long.

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