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Nature Made Kid’s First Multi Gummy and Where Did The Target Free Samples Go?

When Target was still sending free samples, I received a free full-size Nature Made Kid’s First Multivitamin Daily Nutritional Support Gummies. I randomly check the free sample link, because there is never any notice when a new sample pops up. They go really quickly, too, so you have to get lucky and check it at the right time to get something. A couple of days before this published I noticed that the link no longer works. There is not a new link either. If Target updates the link for free samples, I will update it here, on my Target Page, and on my Free Samples Page. It is completely possible Target eliminated the free sample section, but I will leave the link up until I confirm it will not return. Since Walmart redesigned its link, I have not found any free samples at the bottom of that page either. Hopefully, the samples did not dry up, because I love getting free samples from two large companies I trust.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.38.36 PM

My younger son likes most gummy vitamins, although he surprisingly does not like the Nature Made Kid’s First Fiber Gummy I mistakenly purchased two of in store last month. It is harder with my older son, because he had never tried a vitamin he liked, including all varieties of Flintstones vitamins. I cannot stand the taste of vitamins and take one that is completely coated and tasteless (also from Nature Made). When I was younger, I actually liked the Flintstones vitamins, so my older son is very picky. Thankfully, he loved the sample of the Nature Made Kid’s First Multivitamin Daily Nutritional Support Gummies, and my younger son loved it, too. Having one vitamin they both like makes me happy, because I’ve struggled for years trying to find it. This is a vitamin we will purchase many times in the future, so I am very grateful for the sample.

Target July 2016 Order

I purchased this on 07/22/16 when the vitamins were 15% off. They were buy two, get a $5 Target gift card when I purchased the wrong ones. Now, the offer is buy one, get one 50% off through 08/13/16. It seems these vitamins have deals a lot, so there will probably be another deal available if you happen upon this article after the expiration date of the current offer. This purchase is another example of a sample that worked out and resulted in a purchase, so I really hope Target did not drop the free sample section.

To get over the shipping minimum and to save a bit, I split toothbrush heads across my recent order and this one. My boys both use the Sonicare toothbrushes, but my older son needs larger heads. (which closes 09/30/16) carries the smaller heads, but Target does not. I got the smaller ones there, and I got the Sonicare Kids Brush Head Ages 7-10. They are $1 less at Target online. Even though I would have gotten the $1 back at when I received my 5% cash back, I chose to save the $1 up front and get free shipping at Target. Cash back at officially ends on 08/13/16, but this order would have made it in before the deadline.

Drugstore pricing has a lot of variation. Pricing differences are more common from different stores than within Target stores, but it exists across all levels. In store pricing is usually more expensive than online pricing. The vitamins cost the same in store, but the toothbrush heads are actually $1 more expensive at the store near me.

The clearance section is always worth checking out, but I did not find anything good this time. There is also an online clearance section. If you’re considering an online purchase to redeem your coupon, remember to check all offers before placing an order. See all Target articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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