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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Ends Today- Don’t Forget To Use Those Free $10 Gift Cards

Today is the last day to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This is an annual event that takes place every July. If you have not already shopped the sale, it would be a great day to look around. Many items will go up in price tomorrow. There over 80 GWP offers in the beauty department, including five (mystery) beauty samples with any beauty purchase instead of three you pick out. Expect some of these gifts to disappear in the morning. Every department has items in the sale, so venture out of Beauty and take a look at other departments. This is also a great time to redeem the $10 gift card if you received a free one for becoming a Nordstrom Rewards member before the event. Those gift cards have no purchase minimum, so they redeem them on anything. They expire today though, so use them or lose them.

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I’ve had two recent gift card purchases I did not get credit for on my Pay-to-Shop programs, so I prefer to use gift cards in person or spend very little over the gift card amount when shopping online. My plan was to use this order to redeem my gift card and place a separate order if anything I wanted popped up. There was nothing I felt I really needed. Everything I considered before had a justifiable reason to pass. Unless I feel like the order is something I should not pass on, I’ve gotten better at passing. So, Nordstrom did not make any money off me (they do not keep the sales tax they collect) this anniversary sale, but they’ve made plenty off me in the past and will make more in the future, especially if they continue doing the Beauty Trend Shows

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I used the gift card they sent me, and it says I am getting points on my Nordstrom Rewards Account. There is no place (I am aware of yet) to check this inside my account. There is a message stating I will get a monthly statement via email. This purchase was from the 29th, so they either have not sent the July statements yet or it takes a while to receive credit from a purchase. As soon as I get the statement, I will edit this: to report back on whether I got rewards, how and when the statement comes, and to show what the statement looks like.

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My husband fell in love with this Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve years ago. I use a lot of hand cream, because I reapply after every wash. After getting tired of me emptying his hand salves too quickly, he started hiding them from me in his briefcase. He downsized to a smaller Tumi briefcase when his previous Tumi started breaking (after about 10 years). That smaller briefcase prevented him from carrying around the 5oz size of this salve. When I saw this 2.5oz size on sale for $10 ($15 after the sale), I had to get it for him. This non-greasy, deeply moisturizing hand salve will fit in his smaller briefcase. His hands can enjoy his favorite hand cream once again, and he can safely hide it from me. If he ever leaves it out, I will sneak it though. I love this stuff, too.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The five mystery samples I received were: a 0.05oz Alford & Hoff #2, a 0.034oz Elizabeth Arden Prevage Serum, a 0.033oz Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture, a 0.03oz Trish McEvoy Beta Hydroxy Pads Daily Exfoliator, and a single use Clinique beyond perfecting powder foundation + concealer in 9 neutral comes with an adorably cute, baby sponge. The Prevage Serum does not mention it is the eye serum, but the promo picture attached to the cardboard shows wrinkle reduction in the eye area. I’ve sampled the eye serum of this in the past and though I love it, I hope it is the facial serum. It would be new to me. The Prevage line looks awesome, so I would like to try as many items from the line as possible. If it is the eye serum, I will know when I see it. There is a chance I will not keep the Clinique sample. When I tried the liquid version of this product in the same shade, it was way too dark. My husband dislikes the top note of the cologne, but he really likes the base note. I have not tried the other two samples yet, but I really want to. This was a decent collection of mystery samples.

It is always a great time to shop Nordstrom with free shipping and exemplary service, but the anniversary sale is an excellent time to shop. Before placing an online order, remember to check all offers. See all Nordstrom articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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