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Kate Somerville Rewards Redemption For EradiKate and a Free Gentle Daily Face Wash

Kate Somerville makes a few products I love. All products on her site ship free, so I never have to worry about ordering only one thing at a time. Most of her gifts come with a purchase of $100 or more. Thankfully, the items I love from her line are all more affordable than that, so I am unlikely to ever take advantage of those offers. She occasionally offers a nice gift with any purchase using either a general code or a unique one through a targeted email offer. This order looks remarkably similar to one I placed in August of 2015, where the gift with purchase was a general code. The item I purchased, the full-size gift with purchase, and one of the samples are the same. I did receive two new samples and a deluxe banner offer that make this slightly different.

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The timing for this order was wonderful. At the beginning of July, I received an email that some of my rewards points would be expiring. I had not used my beloved EradiKate in a while, because I felt it was not working as well as it used to. As mush as it pains me to let rewards points go, I accepted it. Then, I received an offer for a free 5oz Gentle Daily Wash. It is a unique offer I’ve already redeemed, so the code will not work again. There is a good chance you have or will receive a similar offer if you have not shopped here in a while. That is the same offer that pushed me into an order last year. Once I decided to try my EradiKate again after an over 1 month break to see if my skin still loved it, I noticed it dried out.

This acne clearing medication has two major components (I really have no idea how many ingredients it has). The first layer that mostly sits on top is alcohol, so it dries out over time. Below the alcohol, is the sulfur. That is the product that does the heavy lifting. Without the alcohol, the sulfur dries out and becomes almost clay like. Getting it out of the bottle becomes nearly impossible, and getting it to stick on your face is even harder. I scraped enough out for the evening. The next morning I woke up to smaller pimples. My skin just needed a break, and the product was working again. Like all acne medications, it prints an expiration date on the bottom, but it has completely rubbed off.

The bottle arrived in late August 2015 and was not opened until September 2015. It is probably still good, but useless unless I can reach the sulfur. A Google search suggested adding alcohol to reactivate that. Though I did that, I am unsure if I am brave enough to try it (yet). Placing an order was the way to go. Thanks to super fast shipping the order was here two days later. I guess this means I have more time to decide whether I want to use the reactivated one. My acne is open, so I was unable to use the old or new one its first night here.

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If you’ve never shopped here before, make sure you sign up for emails and join the rewards program. You will get a welcome offer for 10% off and an Exfoliate mini, which is a regular offer on my Kate Somerville page if yours does not arrive in a timely manner. She also sends frequent offers that are only good for a day or two at a time. I do not update that often, so I cannot share all of those surprise offers with you. Earning points on the rewards program is harder now, but it is still possible to redeem a free cleanser at 300 points or $10 off at 400 points if you shop during point promotions or order a lot from the brand. Getting the better gift cards is much harder, because points expire a year from when you earn them.

Kate Somerville

The full-size, 1oz EradiKate® Acne Treatment retails for $24. After rediscovering how much I love this, it is likely I will not come close to running out again. A single bottle lasted more than 10 months before drying out when I did not use it everyday. It could run out faster with more frequent use and could dry out slower with less frequent use. Nothing else I’ve tried dries pimples as quickly. My son always tells me I smell like fire when I use this, because it does smell smoky.

The 5oz Gentle Daily Wash is actually an ounce bigger than the full-size product. Getting a gift with purchase that is bigger than the one you buy definitely feels like a win. This has a $44 value according to the email offer, but the 4oz size is $8.50 an ounce. Most products get cheaper as the sizes get bigger. If I keep it at the same price per ounce, I value this at $42.50. That is a great deal considering I paid $13 for everything and still got other items. My son is getting older, and I like that I can give this to him once he finishes the CeraVe I bought him. That thing is so big and his face is still small, so it may take him a while to finish it. I will eventually try this as well.

The samples I requested and received were the 0.07oz KateCeuticals® Restor8 Replenishing Serum, a 0.07oz CytoCell® P299 Oil Free Anti Wrinkle Serum, and a 0.07oz CytoCell® Dermal Energizing Treatment. I usually order new samples to try more items, but I did not realize until after placing the order that I already have one of these. Oh well, if I dislike the first sample, I can always gift this new one.

While I was browsing, I got a pop-up offer for a free 0.3oz Nourish Mist with any purchase. Banner offers are always a nice surprise (on any site, although most do not have them). They’re designed to encourage an immediate purchase. If you scroll away from the offer, it disappears. These offers are more likely to pop up if you’re browsing products for a long time or about to click off the site. This freebie was actually half of the July gift with a $120 purchase that ran out of stock the same day I placed this order. The other half of the July gift with purchase was a 0.16oz Nourish Moisturizer. They either had extra mists or ran out of the gift, because too many people activated banner offers for the free mist. I have not found a mist I love enough to repurchase yet. The Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herb and Rosewater is the closest thing I’ve found so far, but I’ve only purchased it once.

The last time I ordered this I redeemed 800 points for a $25 gift card. After applying $24 to the purchase, I had $1 left. That was when the rewards program sent official e-gift cards, so you could apply one card across multiple orders. Now, they immediately deduct the amount you select to redeem from your current order. Although it is less convenient, it worked in my favor this time. I was able to redeem 400 points for a $10 gift card and apply it immediately. If I received another gift card, I would not have been able to redeem both. Kate Somerville does not collect sales tax for my state, so my grand total after gift cards was $13.

Exfolikate_June2016_ 728x90

Remember to check all offers before placing an order and look around the site for a while before exiting to see if any banner offers are available. See all Kate Somerville articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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