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Nerd Block Jr Subscription Box Review July 2016

We originally bought this Nerd Block Jr For Boys subscription for my 9-year-old son, Xander. Our boys get to select a six month subscription, plus other gifts for their birthday. My younger son, Connor, just turned 5. Connor loved seeing his brothers boxes so much that he decided he also wanted this one. He is a little below the demographic, but I do not think that’s a big deal. Last year, he selected Citrus Lane for his subscription, and he mostly enjoyed that. Now that he’s older, he’s ready for items meant for bigger boys. It costs $13.99 plus shipping ($6) per month and is for boys aged 6-11. All plans auto-renew, and this actually renewed from when we ordered it for Xander. You get a discount paying up front for a set number of boxes. Save 10% at 3 months ($12.59 each plus shipping), save 15% at 6 months ($11.89 each plus shipping), and save 20% at 12 months ($11.19 each plus shipping). Each box has at least $40 in value and gives 4-6 toys. We are on the six-month subscription. You pay for all boxes and shipping on all boxes up front. Nerd Block has a variety of subscription offers including: Classic, Arcade, Horror, SciFi, Comic, Jr For Boys, and Jr For Girls. For details on all boxes, visit my Nerd Block Page.

Nerd Block Jr July 2016 8

This box has 6 items. Every Nerd Block comes with a Product Card. I like seeing product cards, and this assures me he received everything. It does not help much in the way of pricing out items for box value. Many are not easily available for purchase. While I can find similar products or items marked up from the original seller on eBay or Amazon, the actual items are difficult to find. That also makes the value very subjective. If something originally retails for one price but is now only available for purchase through a marked up reseller, valuation can fluctuate.

Nerd Block Jr July 2016 2

All Nerd Blocks come with a discount code for $10 off at A $10 credit is given with all new subscriptions as well. These work on anything, not just shirts. They are valid for 45 days. There is a puzzle piece on each card. If you collect all 9, you’ll get a $100 ShirtPunch! gift card.

NerdBlock ShirtPunch Offer

Emoji Backpack clips are really in for younger kids. When they came in the McDonald’s Happy Meals earlier this year, my boys wanted to eat there repeatedly. Neither are a huge fan of the food there, so they were there for the toys. A lot of the kids at my son’s school (boys and girls) clipped these to their backpacks. My boys cannot seem to keep straight which emoji belongs to him, so this is one I know they will not confuse. This one is a thicker, more expensive looking version of the ones they received in their Happy Meals. The Winking Stuck Out Tongue Emoji Plush Clip retails for $4.99 at Claire’s. It is on sale for $3.49. Next time we go to the mall, I will take them there to see if these are still on sale. There is no way I want to deal with the $35 shipping minimum to grab a couple of these.

Nerd Block Jr July 2016 4

The Sonic The Hedgehog Drink Cup is perfect for Connor. He is under weight, so he drinks Gatorade as a means for adding extra calories. Gatorade always comes in bottles, so it never made sense to put it in a cup. Connor always gives himself wicked Gatorade mustaches. Until he learns how to drink without sucking in the bottle, this cup will help for his Gatorade intake. It retails for $4.47 plus $3.98 shipping at Amazon. Even though I hate when items cannot come through Prime and the item skyrockets after shipping, $8.45 is still cheaper than the only other place I found this at.

Nerd Block Jr July 2016 3

An issue of Owl Magazine retails for $5.99. This is a Canadian magazine, so that is probably the Canadian pricing, making the US price slightly lower. The Game On Olympic Round-up issue is full of puzzles and fun facts about the Olympics. is a jumpy website, so it is a little difficult to navigate. Although I do not regret my decision to order this box for Connor, I do feel this specific item is not right for him. It is a magazine suggested for boys 9-13, so I tried to talk him into giving this to Xander.

Nerd Block Jr July 2016 5

Walmart sells Super Snow in a one pound package for $17.99. This package is 1oz, so it is worth $1.12. If this works, this stuff could be a lot of fun. I’ve been intrigued by this in the past, so it will be nice to have a mini version to try it out. My boys love products like this.

Nerd Block Jr July 2016 6

The Angry Birds Wind Chime retails for $8.95 at Amazon. This is Prime eligible, so there is no shipping charge for Prime members. Connor adores this, and it is a real WIND CHIME. It makes a ton of noise every SINGLE time it moves. If you know what a wind chime is, you are familiar with the sound this makes. I think this is the first time I hated a subscription box item that my son loves.

Nerd Block Jr July 2016 7

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figure is Rafael, which is Connor’s favorite turtle. My husband took them to see the movie recently, and they both happily chose their favorite colors, red for Connor and orange for Xander. What’s funny is the corresponding turtles match their personalities. Rafael reminds me of Connor, and Michelangelo reminds me of Xander. This is the first time I have not been able to find a price for this anywhere, so I cannot price this. More elaborate versions seem to retail for around $8.99. This has a base and does not look like an action figure. My guess is it has a $4.99 value.

Nerd Block Jr July 2016 9

There is a teaser for next month inside. This card shows that next month’s box will feature something from Sonic the HedgeHog, Nerf, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Two of those three themes were also in this box, so I think Connor will probably like the items from the next box. He liked those themes in this box.

Nerd Block Jr July 2016

This box cost $17.89 ($11.89 plus $6 shipping) and is worth $34.49. His personal value is also $34.49, because he refused to give the magazine to Xander. I always use the lowest or most conservative price I find to price the boxes, which usually explains why I come up with a lower than advertised value. It is possible Nerd Block uses the new, inflated prices when valuing these, because most of the items inside their boxes are hard to find elsewhere. Connor seemed to love everything in the box. Much to my chagrin, he carries the wind chime all over the house. He declined my request to hang them!

Ready to Subscribe? Remember to check my Nerd Block Page for all information about subscription options. Discount codes (which only apply to month-to-month subscriptions) do pop up at times. There was a 10% discount code on the back of the magazine. I do not know how long it is good for, but the code is OWLKIDS. The discount will only apply to the first block, so you’d only get $1.40 off a 10% offer or $2.10 off a 15% offer. It always saves you more to purchase multiple blocks up front than to wait for a discount code that only saves you money of the first one. Blocks start shipping on the 15th, so you must subscribe before the 15th to get a box from the current month.

NERD BLOCK JR: Comic-Con, Delivered Monthly. Join Now. Geek Tested. Nerd Approved.

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