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21 thoughts on “How Do I Get The Best Deal at Ulta? Leave a comment

  1. WOW! Quite thorough, indeed….thanks for taking the time to put it all in one place! Will have to bookmark this for future reference. =)

  2. Thank you. I never knew I could stack 5x offers. I have 2 offers expiring today, 1 for all and 1 for bareminerals so I think I will head there today to try one of their new nude lipsticks and earn about 200 points. WOW. 10x points instead of 5x. Thank you for all the details. I will have to read this multiple times to understand it all.

  3. You’re welcome. It would not be 10x points though. Each 5x offer has a base point built in. You cannot multiply the base, so you have to remove a base from the subsequent offer. I also assume you’re Platinum since the 5x points offer on everything was a Platinum exclusive. That adds a 0.25 bonus that does not multiply either. Your total is 5x for the everything offer + 4x for bareMinerals (5x-1 to remove the duplicate base) + the 0.25 Platinum bonus giving you a total of 9.25x points on bareMinerals and 5.25x on anything else (which is the 5x everything plus the 0.25 Platinum bonus).

  4. Thank you. 9.25 is still incredible.

    BTW, the Ulta associate told me they cap points at 5000. Is that accurate? I have 4600 points so I am sure that is why she brought it up.

  5. I do not have the willpower to save 4000, so I cannot personally confirm. Someone confirmed today she has over 5000 points, so there is no earning cap. Another member confirmed that you can only redeem 4000 per order online. It is possible you can only redeem 5000 per purchase in store. Even if they allow 5000, you would not get maximum value on the 1000 from 4000 to 5000. I’d suggest redeeming 4000 and saving the other 1000 until you build back up to over 2000.

  6. I wasn’t aware of the 10X platinum day at the end of August. Is that a guaranteed thing? This is my birth month and I am wondering if I should hold out for that multiplier or take advantage of the 3X multiplier currently going.

  7. Promotions can always change, but this promotion has been available since the national launch of the revised UltaMate Rewards program in 2014. In 2014, it did not have exclusions. There were exclusions in 2015, but anything excluded last year got 5x points. It is possible 2016 will see another reduction, but I seriously doubt it will disappear altogether. I’d personally wait for the event (and make sure you do not miss it as it is only for 24 hours). If the items you want are not included in 10x points, there is a good chance they will be available at 5x points.

  8. When you are logged into your account, you should get a pop-up at the bottom right of your screen. Click on that pop-up, and it will give you a referral link to share. Anyone who uses your referral link will get a $10 coupon. You will only get $10 coupons for the first 10 people who use your link. I’ve received all of mine this year, so I do not receive them any more. Those who use my referral link should still get their $10 coupons though. In other words, there is no limit to how many people can use your referral link, but there is a limit to how many times you get credit for it.

  9. By the way, the UltaMate Rewards credit card has an in-store only option as well as the MasterCard. It’s on the picture you posted, but you also posted in the text implying that it’s not available, which isn’t true. I believe the MasterCard is for those with superior creditworthiness as I only have the plain Ulta store card and my credit is so-so. Those with better credit may actually get a choice between the Store card and the MasterCard. Obviously the store card doesn’t have the 500 welcome bonus points (by the chart you posted), but you do still get an extra point per dollar spent on the card, which is typically rewarded once a month after your statement has been issued.

  10. I was only referring to the new credit card. The store credit card had already existed to my knowledge, but I am not 100% sure as I do not have either card. If the words are unclear, I can edit them a little bit. When it comes to store credit cards, I generally avoid them. The perks are limited, and I prefer to have credit cards with more spending power than a single store. This is also why I’ve avoided the Nordstrom card (even though I realize you can use a debit card there and places like Target). It can hurt your credit score to have too many cards open, and I already have a decent number. If I ever close one of my current cards, I may consider the Ulta MasterCard. The initial hit from closing an older card and opening a newer card is what stops me, because it will decrease my overall length of credit history.

  11. This article was entirely too long with repeat information. As it is with make-up — less is more

  12. Less is more is not my style. I will never be a picture heavy blog. Substance is in the details. There are a million picture heavy blogs, and I avoid them. I like to anticipate questions before they’re asked and try to answer them within my writing. As some people only read sections that interest them, I have to write things that may seem repetitive to those who read the whole article. If you do not like details, you will not enjoy my blog. Less makeup is not always more either. When I am going full glam, I like a lot of makeup. To each her own.

  13. New reader here! Did you receive notification of this deal at Ulta: Online Only FREE 12 Piece Hair Sampler with any $50 haircare purchase? I see it when I search for gift with purchase online and it says it’s valid today but it doesn’t show up in my cart when I add eligible items.

  14. I can locate it but it is not the type of gift you add to cart, it’s just supposed to appear when you add enough to qualify. Even when I do ‘find items in offer’ and add to cart that way it doesn’t show up. Strange!

  15. There is definitely a problem with this promotion. For one, it is a big one and it is rather low on the list for best sellers on the GWP page. It would be higher if there was not. Two, you cannot scroll past the first page despite 35 pages of products listed. If you try to move to a different screen and move your screen quickly, it will say, “this promotion does not exist. My guess is one of two things happened here. The promotion was removed, which would explain the broken email link and why it is now impossible to add online or they are having technical difficulties. If you really want the gift and were going to place the order anyway, I would suggest calling. Maybe Ulta could place the order over the phone.

  16. Thanks for your help! But, still no go LOL. They just told me it was out of stock which I don’t think is the case since like you said it won’t even let you scroll to page 2.

  17. It would also be a lot higher up on the best sellers list in the GWP section if it sold out. The fact that is so low proves there was a problem. Clearly some people got it or it would have been on the very bottom, but very few people got it. This is not sold out. Hopefully, the glitch or problem gets fixed and you can still get it down the road. Fingers crossed.

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