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Core Collection June 2016 Deal Discoveries

The Disney Minnie Collection is on sale. See my Disney items to see why I recommend this collection.

There are so many products I fall in love with but will take a while to finish. Instead of waiting until I can mention them in a FabuFinds article (for Emptied Products) or waiting to see if they make the Top 10 of the Year, I want to go over items from my Core Collection. These are items I consider great deals (even at full-price, although I will still try to get them with a deal). If I ever finish them, I will probably replace ones that do not already have back-ups. Sometimes, they are items I’ve had for a while and just tried or items I tried in the past but love more upon rediscovery. Occasionally, I purchase items I love that do not fit into an article other than this one. When I try something from a recent acquisition where I wrote an article, I will always edit a mini review into the original article (love, hate, or anything in between). A single product review in the original article will not always depict how much I love it compared with other items I tried that month. This lists my Deal Discoveries from June 2016 that I am not even close to finishing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.10.31 PM

I had never tried any Sonia Kashuk products before June 2016. At the end of May, my traveling box arrived with some of her brushes. These brushes generally get great reviews and running one on the back of my hand was all I needed to know I wanted to try her brushes. They are so soft. Generally, I avoid brushes with white bristles, because they seem harder to clean. The Blush Brush from the Sonia Kashuk® Holiday Limited Edition The Golden Age 4 Piece Brush Set is the one I selected. This set includes: a Smudge Brush, a Carrying bag, a Blush Brush, and Angled Eyeshadow Brush, and an Eyeshadow Brush. At the time, I opted against taking the Smudge Brush, because I could not think of what I would use it for. Now, I am thinking it would have made a great highlight brush.

Sonia Kashuk Brush

I only used the brush twice and cleaned it once so far. Once I clean it, I can use it again. Both applications went extremely well. The brush is very soft, but it applies pigment beautifully. It is not a shape I usually go for with blush, so I used it for setting powder the second time. That is actually the way I prefer it, but it really works well either way. When I washed the blush pigments out of the brush, it went back to its original shape and color. This gives me a lot of hope that it will last a long time. Now that I’ve seen how great this particular brush is, I am open to trying more. The set above is only $19.99, so I am thinking of grabbing one. Yes, I’d have two blush brushes that way, buy having more than one of a brush I love is one duplicate I do not mind.

Madam C.J. Walker Defining Butter Creme

I won a Sephora giveaway where I received Madam C.J. Walker Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru Oils Defining Butter Crème and a few other products from that brand. That was actually back in April. After using it a few times in April, I was already falling in love. As I continued to use it, I learned the right amount to apply for the look I wanted with trial in error. By June, I felt this was the perfect product for defining curls. It smells incredible and holds my curls in place without the crunchy look. If I wait for my hair to air dry a little and use a somewhat conservative application, it does not weigh my hair down or make it look too frizzy. That also reduces the “wet look,” which I am not overly fond of. The only drawback is my hair does not look as curly when I wear it that way, but this will give it the curly look (if I do not mind the wet look with a little frizz). I do not wear my hair curly often, so I am fine without an overly curly look.

Carol's Daughter Ecstasy Bath & Body Oil

The only item I’ve repurchased on this list is Carol’s Daughter Ecstasy Bath & Body Oil. I purchased this bottle in December of 2014, but I just opened it in June 2016. When I used it before, I always preferred the way it worked in summer. It does moisturize very well, but it leaves my skin with a glow for hours. Showing off the glow requires showing some skin, which is a lot harder to do in winter. My skin also prefers a thick cream in winter, and this while possibly thicker, feels lighter. After a couple of hours, the glow will wear off, and it will have the same matte appearance most moisturizers have. That does not mean I feel any less moisturized. Her Ecstasy scent is my favorite, because it smells so incredibly good. I’ve tried so many items from her ecstasy line, including the dry oil spray linked above. It is technically a different product, but I love that, too. Sadly, this one is not listed on her site. A lot of her products go in and out, so I am hoping the oil returns at some point. This is my last bottle, so I will not have any more if it does not come back. Thankfully, I still have a lot left in this bottle and can get the dry oil spray if this never returns.

Pixi by Petra Eyeshadow Palette

I received the Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Apricot Glow in the recent Target Beauty Box. This was my first experience with eyeshadows from this brand. My overall experience with this brand is not very extensive, although it has items I want to try. Peach shades are on trend, so I loved receiving these colors. They were easy to work with, even though they got a little muddy as I blended. These shades still look beautiful when they’re over blended together. There was zero creasing, and they still looked crisp and beautiful when I removed them. When drugstore brands perform really well, I rate them even higher than more expensive products. We expect to get what we pay for, but I’ve used more expensive shadows that do not perform as well as these did.

Benefit Gimme Brow

I’ve technically been using Benefit Gimme Brow (the old version) since September of 2015 after receiving it as a sample in a Birchbox. That sample is still around, because a little goes a long way. In March 2016, I did purchase (for the first time, so it was not a repurchase) the old version. It is still unopened. The reason I put it on this list is because I received the new version in my June 2016 Birchbox. Seeing that they re-did a product I really love makes me a little nervous to try the new one. The color does look like it could be a better match to my hair color, which would be an improvement. This is the perfect product for the quick application of natural looking brows. It makes them look much fuller without looking drawn on. I cannot wait to try the new one to see how much they changed the formula. My hope is color was the only change.

Disney Minnie Compact 2

I actually purchased the Sephora Collection Disney Minnie Beauty Reflection of Minnie Compact Mirror in May, but it sat in the box for over a month and a half. My old purse compact broke, but it took me a while to decide whether I was brave enough to put this in my purse. On the one hand, it seemed a lot more durable than the one that broke. At the same time, it is a lot more beautiful. This is also a limited edition item, so I cannot replace it if it breaks (once they sell out). Thankfully, they are still in stock, so I finally threw this in my purse. Even if it does break, it makes me smile when I use it. It is such a beautiful compact that it serves me better in my purse than in my closet. I’m glad I was finally brave enough to fully unbox it.

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