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Fourth of July Deals Featuring the Ole Henriksen $100 Gift Bag With a $50 Purchase And Peter Thomas Roth Travel Mania Sale

Independence Day is one of the biggest sale days of the year. For some retailers, it can even rival Black Friday. American companies are proud to offer discounts and large Gift With Purchases that rival the best deals you’ll find all year. It makes perfect sense to me, because this time of year makes me proud to buy American brands. They capitalize on our pride, big time. Other countries have their own special days, like Boxing Day in Canada. Speaking of our friendly neighbors, many American deals cross the border. I would like to make a speech that rivals Bill Paxton’s in Independence Day, but I will skip ahead to the deals.

My two favorite Fourth of July sales that repeat every year are from Ole Henriksen and Peter Thomas Roth, so they will be the focus with some honorable mentions.

Ole Henriksen

-At Ole Henriksen, use code 100GIFT for a free $100 Value Surprise Gift Bag with a $50 Purchase. Reminder that the picture is an example of items you may receive and bags may vary. Shipping is also free at $50, so you can get $150 worth of product or $50. This GWP is the best they’ll have all year (although they usually run a matching promotion around Black Friday). Expires 07/04/16.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.23.04 PM

Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC

At Peter Thomas Roth, the Travel Mania Sale is on. Get travel sized favorites from $3-$10 each. Some of the better items sold out before the sale officially started, because items started posting a little early. There are still plenty of items left to get a fabulous deal and spend enough to cover the $50 shipping minimum. Some of these items have very deep discounts, but even the ones that are naturally cheap have a nice percentage off. The Travel size Un-wrinkle Eye has a $75 value, but is on sale for $7. This is a steal at almost 91% cheaper than the value! Expires 07/05/16.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.45.44 PM

Beauty Deals 2.0

Someone at Sephora was probably hoarding old sales merchandise and Favorites sets in his/her office. These sections blew up recently with so many amazing deals. Many of these items have not been listed on the site in a long time and magically reappeared. Buy items with caution, because the 2014 Sun Safety Kit, which keeps coming in stock has mostly expired sunscreens.

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Ulta is running a promotion for 20% off for Platinum members. This is the first time they ever offered it at the end of June, and while it does end before July 4th, I have to mention it here. These are unique codes, so check your emails for them. If you’re Platinum and did not receive one, contact customer service. Someone reported being told they were only given on select Platinum accounts. When she gave a negative review on the follow-up survey for the call, a supervisor called her back and said it should have been given to all Platinum members. If you’re planning on placing an order, make sure you check my Ulta page for more promotions.

Ulta Liter Sale 7

Anyone with a coupon can receive either the Benefit BrowVo! Conditioning Primer or the Benefit Ka-Brow! Cream-Gel Color with Brush. It does not require a purchase and is available while supplies last. My catalog arrived after the article published, but someone else confirmed she was able to pick up a sample with a screenshot from her phone. Hopefully, everyone gets helpful team members, so even people who did not receive a catalog can choose an item. The Ulta Liter Sale started shortly after I published this, so details for that are in a separate article.

AHAVA Logo 120x60

At Ahava, get up to 50% off Skin and Body Favorites from the Dead Sea in the Fourth of July Sale. Expires 07/04/16.

At Crabtree & Evelyn, they are having their Friends and Family Sale for 30% off. Expires 07/05/16. The free shipping minimum reduced to $25 through 07/03/16.

At Paula’s Choice4th of July Special– Free Shipping on Everything. Get deluxe samples of Resist C15 Super Booster and Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster with a $65 purchase. Expires 07/07/16.

C.O. Bigelow

At C.O. Bigelow, use code USA20 for 20% Off C.O. Bigelow Brand Products. Expires 07/04/16.

There are so many sales outside of these as well. I have updated and will continue to update more on their respective retailer pages over the next few days. If you’re not already signed up for emails at a retailer you want to shop, now would be a great time to do that. Why wait until Black Friday when many retailers offer the same promotions or better ones for Fourth of July. These are just the ones that popped out to me, because they are incredible deals or much bigger discounts that what is normally offered. I always love when it is free shipping time at Paula’s Choice, because although I love the brand, many items are so cheap that you do not get anywhere near the normal $50 shipping minimum. This brand is not offered many other places either, so it is not possible to throw other brands in to get over the shipping minimum.

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