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TopCashBack Summer Treats Cash Back Giveaway

Another Pay-to-Shop Program I was using got acquired by its bigger sister company, ebates. That left an opening for me to join a new one. There are many reasons to join multiple Pay-to-Shop Programs, but Getting the Best Deal is the main one. A reader referred me to TopCashBack. After looking at it, I decided that was the one I would add to my lineup. It joins ebates, Mrrebates, MyPoints, ShopatHome, and Swagbucks. Two of those are untraditional, so I really only have four I use for shopping. I look forward to learning the ins and outs and will add more tips to its page as I learn more about the program.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 4.02.25 PM

TopCashBack has something the others do not, games. I love deals, and I love games. Playing games whilst getting a great deal is perfect for me. The games are not constant, but I will play them when I can. The Summer Treats Cash Back Giveaway (“Sweepstakes”) Sponsored by Macy’s. Sign-up for an account to start playing, and whether you win anything in the giveaway or not, you always win when you get cash back for online purchases.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 5.25.02 PM

There is a Summer Treats banner at the bottom of every page (unless your browser does not cooperate, which happens no matter which setting I select on Safari). Review your prize board and clues from this banner. Make sure you’re logged into your account to activate the game. Thankfully, I can play on Firefox. Click the banner and open the clue. It will show you pictures from a retailer. Once you figure out which retailer the clue is referring to, visit the retailer’s TopCashBack page (an example of a retailer’s page is above). Catch the hummingbird as it flies by, and you will get an entry into the Mega Prize Draw for $500 and possibly collect a game piece (sometimes you only get the entry; other times you get the entry and the game piece) toward an instant win. Sharing your progress on Facebook or Twitter gains extra entires into the drawing.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 3.58.01 PM

There are new clues everyday. I collected a bikini today. If I collect two more before the game wraps, I win $5 in cash. The smaller prizes ($0.25 or $0.50) need as little as one item to receive the prize. Playing the game is fun, so anything I win will just be an added bonus.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 3.59.34 PM

I collected a SeaShell the day before yesterday, which was my first day discovering the game. Apparently, I forgot to play on the 25th, but I will not let that happen again. It started on 06/22/16 and runs through 07/06/16. Those who started the game on time and play everyday have a great chance of winning something. Others who are getting a later start can still win, but it will be a little harder. All of the instant win prizes and the requirements to get them are pictured above. Instant winners can get up to $100 (if they collect 4 sets of flip-flops). Of course, it only takes one entry to win the Mega Prize, but playing as often as possible will increase your odds of winning that as well.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 5.20.28 PM

The Mega Prize for $500 will be awarded when the game concludes. A winner, selected at random, will receive $500 in his/her TopCashback account. His/her name will also be listed on the Winner’s Page.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 5.18.29 PM

I won $0.25 on 07/01/16. This is the starfish, which only requires once piece to win. It was really hard to guess the retailer, which was Lonely Planet. The prize, albeit a small one, makes me happy.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.02.04 PM

According to the winner’s page, they play a lot of games. I think I am going to like it here. Win, lose, or draw, it is always a lot of fun to play the game. If you have not already joined, they are offering a free folding chair to anyone who joins through tomorrow. This is the Pay-to-Shop program I used for my recent Ulta order, so I have officially started using it.

Featured Stores I found the daily clue answers I was missing on Facebook. The hummingbird will appear on a featured retailer’s page any day throughout the promotion. There is only one new featured retailer a day. If you get stumped on a clue, view Facebook or Twitter for the answer. Random, surprise birds will appear on retailers that are not featured, but if and when they appear will be different for everyone. Do not fret if someone finds a random bird on a page that was not a daily clue, and you are unable to find one there. These random birds will not appear on the Clue Progress Board and are rare, so I would not spend too much time looking for them. Just focus on the featured stores and consider random birds a sweet bonus.

06/22/2016- Macy’s

06/23/2016 Walmart

06/24/2016- Zulily

06/25/2016- Sandals

06/26/2016- Target

06/27/2016- Office Depot and Office Max


06/29/2016- Carter’s

06/30/2016- Kmart

07/01/2016- Lonely Planet

07/02/2016- J. C. Penney

07/03/2016- Best Buy

07/04/16- Orbitz

07/05/16- Crayola

07/06/16- Macy’s (there is a second hummingbird though).

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.42.51 AM

My final Prizeboard shows that I only had one instant win for $0.25. Although I did collect all of the clues (thanks to the ability to collect them any day), I only received an entry into the drawing most days. There were only five days where I got a game piece in addition to the entry. This was a lot of fun even though I did not win the grand prize. There was a pool of $3500, and I got a tiny piece of it. It seems like most people will get nothing but a good time.

See all TopCashBack articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (13 and 8) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 13-year-old to apply it.

7 thoughts on “TopCashBack Summer Treats Cash Back Giveaway Leave a comment

  1. Yes, you were. As soon as I earn $10 cash back through shopping, you should get your referral amount. There was no sign-up bonus available when I joined as it turns out, so it would make winning in this game even better. Are you playing?


  2. yes – playing 🙂 i should update you where i found things – today i found it with the clue from one of the office stores (maybe office depot? i used the clue and realized it was an office store. then i randomly clicked on a store and i found a second ice cream – so earned a dollar woohoo… lol


  3. i think you should earn $10 – that’s what it said in the referral – $10 for signing up and $10 to the one referring you…. I hope you get it


  4. I am about to play today’s game right now. Awesome that you’ve already won something. I am definitely not getting a sign-up bonus. There are only select periods when they are available. The person who responded to my inquiry said there was one not too long before I signed up and another not too long after. He confirmed there were no promotions available when I signed up.


  5. (spoiler alert if you are to play today) todays clue – i didnt recognize a store necessarily – but could tell it was a hotel – so in the search bar i typed hotel – and clicked the first option which was – and i found the hummingbird – got my first flipflop – i wasnt going to go thru all the hotel options – i was going to ask you if you recognized which clue/store it was.


  6. I had not played yet today, but I did play yesterday after we corresponded. It only gave me an entry with no actual collection piece. Fingers crossed I collect a game piece today.


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