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Ulta Glowing Skin Event Summer 2016 July 3rd through 23rd?

The event will not return until winter 2017. While I was right about an event and the dates, my prediction of the event was wrong. The Liter Sale for Jumbo Size Haircare coincided with the The Glowing Skin Event in January 2016, but it gets its own spotlight now from July 3rd through 23rd. Although I am sure the 21 Days of Beauty this September will have a few skincare steals, we will have to wait until winter is already wreaking havoc on our skin to get more.

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Ulta launched the Glowing Skin Event on January 3rd, 2016. In previous years, the event was held only once a year on a smaller scale, and called Love Your Skin. This more elaborate event is to skincare what the 21 Days of Beauty is to makeup and the Gorgeous Hair Event is to hair. There is a schedule for the events and they all tend to take place very close to when they occurred in the previous year. This event did not exist in 2015, so it is a little harder to pin down the predicted start date. All of the big events run twice a year, so this one will likely repeat as well. Based on other events and when they expire, I am guessing the Summer 2016 Glowing Skin Event run from July 3rd through 23rd. Ulta released a 20% off prestige coupon to Platinum members that expires 07/02/16. It is likely non-Platinum members will receive their prestige offer soon, but all offers will expire by the 2nd. Many of the minor promotions that were already released or will release tomorrow also expire on the 2nd.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.45.02 PM

The event link has not been updated with the summer details and still shows the winter dates. I will keep checking this link and urge you to try it as well. Sometimes the catalogs precede the online details, so it is possible we will get our catalogs first. Once I receive more details, I will update this post. In the meantime, I suggest going over the winter offers to get an idea of what you could see. While every event offers new steals, many repeat. It will be amazing to see the Glowing Skin Sweepstakes (link from last event) repeat, and I will update the link if it does.

If you have questions about any Ulta Coupon, I go over all types. Targeted Offers are exclusive to UltaMate Members, so I do recommend joining. New members get $10 of their first purchase with a referral. Remember to check all Ulta offers before placing an online order, because there are always general or brand specific offers that are not targeted. Deal stacking is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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