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Target $3 off a $15 Purchase From the April 2016 Beauty Box

When you purchase a Target Beauty Box, you get a coupon for $3 off a $15 beauty purchase. They usually expire within a month of receiving the box. The ones received in the 04/04/16 beauty boxes expire today, 05/14/16, so this is your official reminder to use them if you have not already. While the intent is to use the coupon to get a discount off the item(s) you enjoyed from the box, you can usually use it on anything in the beauty department. There are not many exclusions other than beauty items purchased from the baby or personal care departments. Target releases most of the Beauty Boxes on the first Monday of the month, so the next one will be right around the corner. I actually purchased one of the items I received in the 01/04/16 Target Beauty Box with this coupon.

Target $3 off $15

My husband loved the Marlowe Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion from the January 2016 Target Beauty Box, so I decided to pick one up for him. This retails for $9.99. The willow bark helps reduce inflammation and soothes irritated skin. He likes that it is not greasy but leaves his hands soft. It even keeps his hand moisturized across multiple hand washings. I’ve tried it and think it is wonderful, but I reapply this lotion (and all lotions) after each wash.

I already own a Wet Brush in purple and pink, but I decided to pick one up in black. This retails for $8.99. Now, I have one for every place I need one, but I still kind of want the blue one to complete my collection. Everything this brush claims is true. It glides effortlessly through wet or dry hair for healthy detangling and eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling, and ripping. Using this instead of a comb cuts my brushing time in half. This also reduces frizz regular brushes instigate.

Target $3 off $15 2

Drugstore pricing has a lot of variation. Pricing differences are more common from store to store than within Target stores, but it exists across all levels. In store pricing is usually more expensive than online pricing. Both of these items were the same price online, and yes, I usually check when I get back home. I like to know if something I regularly purchase in store is cheaper online.

The clearance section is always worth checking out, but I did not find anything good this time. If you’re considering an online purchase to redeem your coupon, remember to check all offers before placing an order. See all Target articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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