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Sephora Flash Your Card Event VIB Rouge, Sephora Collection Disney Minnie Beauty Reflection of Minnie Compact Mirror, and Save $10 on Two Gift Cards Worth $50 or More at Smith’s/Kroger

The Disney Minnie Collection is on sale. See my Disney items to see why I recommend this collection.

This was an open-door Rouge Event. Private, closed-door Rouge Events were canceled after the Points Promotion in August 2015, but they returned in June 2016 to launch new items from the Fall. The last VIB Rouge event took place 09/10/16.

If you’re as disappointed as I am that Sephora canceled the closed-door VIB Rouge events, an employee at my store thinks Sephora is listening to its customers. She said they canceled the events based on feedback and are trying to offer events more often (that ultimately give less per event) for more Rouge clients to partake. Now that some customers are expressing disappointment, they are planning to bring a closed-door event back. Her guess (and she asked me not to quote her) is the event will take place in September. There have never been any closed-door Rouge events in September before, so I’d be curious what promotion the event would be tied to. The points promotion last August included one, but the November VIB sale has not seen an event since 2014.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 6.03.44 PM

Of course that is all speculation at this point, so let’s get back to what we know. The recent VIB Rouge events, including Face Mask Friday and Lip Boldly have been mini events that take place during regular store hours. This Flash Your Card Event held today was the same. It will continue until the stores close this evening. Any Rouge who stopped by the store, received a mini makeover, and purchased at least $25 in product should receive an oversized clutch. I went with no makeup on in preparation for the makeover.

Sephora Flash Your Card Event 6

These events vary from store to store. Some stores try to do a little more with their events while others do the bare minimum. This was my fifth event at Sephora Summerlin (two took place before I started the blog), and all five have been the bare minimum. The first employee I asked about this event had no clue what I was referring to. While the second employee did know, she also said she would grab someone for me and never came back. I saw her talking to another customer about five minutes later, so I decided to walk up to the counter and ask someone else. They asked Gina to help me. Gina was actually the third employee to approach me while I was waiting for the second one to grab somebody. When I told Gina I was there for the event and already told someone about it, she was sure the person would find me an associate. I still had faith she would at that point, too, so neither Gina nor I knew the ball got dropped.

Sephora Flash Your Card Event 8

Gina asked what I wanted, and I told her I wanted to do the Color IQ for face and lips. I’ve never done lips before and am positive the only time I did Color IQ they must have matched a freckle. It was way too dark for my skin tone. She re-did my Color IQ, and I think it is correct this time. My Color IQ is 1Y01, which corresponds with what I’ve recently discovered that my skin is actually warm despite all the pink tones that sneak through. The corresponding foundation she tried on based on that number is very close to my skin color.

Sephora Flash Your Card Event 7

I wanted to try the Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation. She wanted to use some products to prep my skin, but I cannot try more than one new product at a time. If my sensitive skin reacts, I need to know which product is causing the reaction. Although she was reluctant at first, she finally acquiesced and agreed that I know my skin. We used Benefit That Gal primer (one of my favorites) and skipped the moisturizer. That was for the best since I washed my face and did my full routine right before heading into the store. It did not occur to me while I was there, but she never told me which shade she used. This product is not listed in my Color IQ, so I cannot figure it out that way either.

Sephora Flash Your Card Event 5

I am stocked on foundation at the moment and prefer to wear foundation for a day before I make a purchase decision. That meant I was not ready to purchase it right then and there. The finish looked great, but I was not 100% sure of the color match in the bright lights. Wearing the foundation all day helps me see if the shade oxidizes, how long it wears, what it looks like after time passes, and much more. Now, that I’ve had this on for hours and have seen it in natural light, I am a fan. It feels great, looks airbrushed (as promised) and is very close to my skin color. In the harsh store lighting, I was not liking the way it looked on my neck, but it looks fine outside. Considering she never used a setting powder, I am also impressed this product did not melt off my face. Then again, it is not very hot outside.

Sephora Flash Your Card Event 4

She suggested I download the Sephora app and use a picture to determine my lip Color IQ. Although I did see this as a semi brush off, I also understand her point that the app allows me to see what the colors will look like on. I am searching for my prefect orange, a shade I love but have not been able to pull off yet. It would have been nice to know my Lip Color IQ from her, especially since she got me the proper Color IQ for my foundation when another employee failed miserably. Gina was no-nonsense though. While I could tell she knew her stuff, she would not let my indecision on what to buy (since I was not interested in getting the foundation yet) run. When I tried to ask her what I should buy, she would redirect my questions back to me. It was clear she wanted me to pick my own items, so it would have been easier if I had any clue on what I wanted. All I knew is that I did not really need anything.

Disney Minnie Compact 9

After touring the store for at least 20 minutes, I found myself back in the Disney Minnie Beauty section. This is a section I’ve become familiar with, because my beauty and Disney obsessions have combined. I purchased the Eye Shadow Palette in store and the Hand Held Mirror online. This time, I added the Sephora Collection Disney Minnie Beauty Reflection of Minnie Compact Mirror. It retails for $26.

Disney Minnie Compact 10

Like the Hand Held Mirror, this compact is very heavy. It’s metal.

Disney Minnie Compact

While it is very beautiful, the weight makes it less than practical to carry this around even though it comes with a beautiful pouch (that you have to insert the mirror in at an angle to get it to fit).

Disney Minnie Compact 2

The mirror fans out like a butterfly and is double-sided.

Disney Minnie Compact 12

Like the Hand Held Mirror, xoxo, Minnie is printed on it.

Disney Minnie Compact 13

The back has the beautiful bow spread across both sides with Sephora engraved into the top side. It is sleek and smooth on the bottom.

Disney Minnie Compact 14

If you are carful when you open up, you can proper the mirror up, so it stands open.

Disney Minnie Compact 15

This could really come in handy on the go (if you forget about the weight and carry it with you), because it will free up both hands.

Disney Minnie Compact 4

I’m actually really glad I purchased the compact, because it completes the set I started when I purchased the Hand Held Mirror.

Disney Minnie Compact 7

They look beautiful together, inside and out. They fit perfectly with the #BeautyTogether theme Sephora strives for.

Sephora Flash Your Card Event

With the purchase of the mirror, I received the oversized clutch Sephora advertised with this event.

Disney Minnie Compact 6

They are not joking when they call this oversized either. The Hand Held Mirror is almost as long as my lap top and this is bigger than it. My guess is this would either hold a lap top or come very close, depending on the size.

Sephora Flash Your Card Event 2

Before heading over to the store, I stopped by my local Smith’s. They have a promotion where you save $10 off two gift cards worth $50 or more. Load the offer to your Smith’s or Kroger account online, and it will remove $10 at the register. This is no longer listed in my cart (because I redeemed it), but I did not see the expiration date. If it is not available when you load offers, it may have expired. It excludes $10 gift cards. I picked up two $25 gift cards for $40. The item with tax was less than $30, so I still have almost $20 left on the second gift card.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.58.10 PM

Friday is also the Free Friday Download where you receive a free item if you load it to your card and pick it up on time. The offer is for a free Lindt Lindor Stick in milk chocolate or caramel. Those flavors were not available, but the cashier still removed the $0.99 charge for the caramel brownie one I selected. I had a square (my boys had the others) and thought this was pretty good, even though the straight milk chocolate is better. This offer expires on 05/22/16.

Sephora Flash Your Card Event 3

Sephora is running a 3x points promo for fragrance purchases that does combine with most promo codes. If you attended the event, I’d love to read your experience. My event only offered the bag and the mini makeover as promised. Other stores may have done more, including snacks and/or samples. I love getting samples, so I really wish my store would offer them (if they can scrounge any up) even when Sephora does not include them. Other stores do.

Beauty Deals 2.0

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