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Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture BeautyTalk Giveaway Winner

Beautytalk hosted a giveaway on 03/07/16. Ten winners were selected at random to receive four full-size products from Madam C J Walker Beauty, a new line introduced this spring to Sephora. Entrants only had to comment on why they wanted to try the line with the #MadamCJWalkerGiveaway hashtag before midnight. My entry (notcreative is my username) mentioned that I need assistance from product to help my curls. They are big on the under side of my hair but the top side only looks wavy without product to hold them in place. It seems like winners’ hair types range from wavy to very curly, so I think what one typed in their entry had less to do with winning than pure luck. I was selected as one of the ten winners on 03/11/16.

I returned the affidavit on 03/16/16, and the products arrived at my house via UPS on 04/08/16. Beautytalk is the online community forum on the Sephora website. Contests are rare (and this was my first time winning), but it is not unusual to receive products: for participating in brand chats, when a new product needs word of mouth buzz, or when Sephora wants to make up for a decline in experience. In other words, hanging out there can result in occasional freebies, but they are not frequent. The members in the community keep me returning more than the opportunity to get something, although I love freebies. Who doesn’t!

Madam CJ Beautytalk Giveaway 4

I received: the 12oz Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru Oils Ultra-Moisturizing Co-Wash ($24), a 6oz Dream Come True Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment ($32), a 1.7oz Scent & Shine Jamaican Black Castor Oil ($26), and 6oz Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru Oils Defining Butter Crème ($26) making the prize package worth $108. Some of the other winners are also sharing their experience.

The Co-Wash (cleansing conditioner) leaked a bit during shipping, so it is possible there is a packaging issue or the shipping was rough. My package shipped twice, because it was returned for some reason on the first shipment. I cleaned the spillage before taking the product photo, but I knew right away that it smells incredible. Great smelling hair products are always a bonus. Although any of these products can stand on their own, I’ve used all four every time I’ve worn my hair curly since they arrived.

Madam BeautyTalk Giveaway 3

I get the best results creating curls when I towel dry my hair gently, comb it out, then scrunch it. The under side is very curly, so I never scrunch it much.

Madam BeautyTalk Giveaway 2

It takes a bit more work to get the top to look curly. The top is very wavy but lacks the out right curls I have on the under side.

Madam BeautyTalk Giveaway

When I apply the products to damp hair, I appreciate that my hair does not get overly hard (as it does with some products from other brands). It stays mostly soft and pliable with a very occasional crunch. Crunchy hair is not my thing. While I liked with the results, I did feel this made my hair look wet long after it dried. It does not bother me, but my hair does looks darker (almost light-brown) and less polished while wet.

Madam CJ

I also tried the products once I allowed my hair to almost completely dry. It is a lot harder to scrunch curls into my hair this way, so it does end with a less curly look. The overall result may actually be better, because my hair looks less frizzy and softer. This also allows my hair to show off its natural dirty-blonde color (I have not added any color or highlights to my hair since January 2015).

Madam CJ2

I usually only wash my hair once every other day and found applying the products to nearly dry hair also makes the next day’s hair look better. It looks wavy instead of curly on the second day, but it brushes out more smoothly and with less frizz. If I am after really curly hair, I will use the products on really damp hair though.

While the overall results on damp hair and nearly dry hair both made me happy, I was not as pleased with each individual product.

Madam CJ

The Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru Oils Ultra-Moisturizing Co-Wash was the weakest item to me. It does not lather at all, so it takes a lot of product. While I know most cleansing conditioners lack lather and still love Wen (which is a lot thicker), this tangled my hair worse than any cleansing conditioner I’ve ever used. My thinking it is a thinner cleansing conditioner, so it is more fluid through the hair allowing it to tangle easily. When my hair gets really tangled, my frizz level raises. Anything that does not tame frizz is nothing I would buy. There is not enough detangler on the planet to make this product any easier on my poor hair. This does actually cleanse well. It does not leave my hair greasy (as some cleansing conditioners do) and makes my hair smell incredibly clean. If someone has hair that does not tangle as easily as mine does, this could be a great product for them.

The Scent & Shine Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a nutrient rich oil that should add moisture to hair and scalp. My scalp is very dry (and I do use a scalp treatment that is not an oil to assist with that), so it over produces oil to compensate. There is no way I would ever add oil to my scalp. It would look way too greasy. I did add this to my hair (as I regularly use oil on my hair to add moisture and reduce frizz). This is the stickiest hair oil I’ve ever tried. Working it into the hair is hard, because it does not glide easily and gathers too much in one place.

The Dream Come True Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment should fortify hair and prevent breakage. I have not noticed less hair falling out when I use this, but I have not tried it with a shampoo that does not tangle my hair as badly as the cleansing conditioner from this line does though. To get a better idea of whether this product actually works, I need to use it with another shampoo. Once I’ve had more time with this and tried it with other shampoos, I will come back and edit my findings.

The Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru Oils Defining Butter Crème is the star of the items I received. It is the only product I would purchase. As promised, it absorbs quickly and gives curls a silky appearance. I’ve used similar products from other brands and think this works in as nicely or better. This smells great, too. My hair does not get crunchy and feels soft. Curls last all day when I use this and have fallen out before the night is over with some other products. I’m glad I got a chance to sample this.

Madam CJ 2

I tried the Butter Creme and Oil with my regular shampoo and conditioner and definitely saw improvement. My hair was less tangled, combed out easier, and looked less frizzy. This time, I applied the products when my hair was slightly damp. The first pictures were with towel dried hair, and the second pictures were with nearly dry hair. Applying the products to slightly damp hair creates less extreme curls than on towel dried hair but more extreme than the mere waves I get with nearly dry hair.

Madam CJ 3

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