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A 25% discount at is almost unheard of. They do a few 20% off events each year, which usually correspond with Ulta or Sephora sales. Why do they all have to go on sale at once! I received an email (with a unique link) offering 25% off, because it had been a while since my last shopping trip. I actually have ordered from recently, including my January 2016 purchase (which explains why I have cash back on this order). The two sites share a cart and a rewards system, so it is possible to purchase from one side and not the other. It has been a while since I purchased from the side.

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When I placed this order, there was no mention about the Blind Barber being backordered. I did not even notice it was missing from the shipping confirmation until the box arrived without it. Then, I noticed it was not listed on the packing slip or the email. Only then did I discover the backorder. My husband never orders things far in advance, so I would have ordered this from Dermstore (as I have in the past) had I known. Once I noticed the change in the order form showing the product on backorder, I emailed them to find out how long it will be before I can expect this item. Thankfully, my husband has samples (of other products) he can make do with until this arrives (if it is really only backordered by 1-2 weeks as claims). I placed this order on 04/15/16.

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I love searching through the clearance section when I am trying to spend rewards dollars and do not have anything specific in mind to buy. does make the clearance section difficult to find on the site, so I bookmark it. The site could be a little more user-friendly. Thanks to my $13.81 in rewards dollars (all from, I was able to order these items for $27.76 with tax. That net total will also yield more rewards dollars for next quarter. The rewards dollars do count toward the $35 shipping minimum. Bliss sets are actually a favorite of mine to collect, because I like or love most of the items but find them a little expensive when I purchase them separately. By getting them in a set, I save. When they’re on sale in the set, it makes them a steal. Plus, there was a hidden easter egg. It came with a gift with purchase that was not advertised in the GWP section. April 2016 2

I received three free samples with this order. The samples are: a 0.33oz Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner, a 0.05oz Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum, and my mystery sample is a 0.1oz Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. April 2016 3

The bliss Crown Jewels set is on clearance for $29.25. This set originally retailed for $45, which is already a great deal considering the $65 value. It includes: a 6.7oz Lemon+Sage Body Butter™, a 2oz Fabulous Foaming Face Wash™, a 0.5oz Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask™, and a 4oz The Lovehandler™. Considering the lotion is full-size and retails for $29, I essentially got the other items for $0.25. The Love Handler is almost half-size, so it is a very generous sample. April 2016

The 0.5oz bliss Energizing Vitamin C Day Cream was a mystery GWP that added to my cart once I added the bliss set. No banner offers popped up (and I checked a few days before I placed this order, so I was happy to receive something as a bonus. There was also a card with a discount code for $10 off a $45 purchase. If I only spend $45, that is a 22.2% discount and may combine with a promo link (they do not always combine) because the code has a different field. I already tested this with two available promos, and it is combining with both. April 2016 4

The Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade arrived on Saturday, April 29th, so 15 days after I placed the order. While my husband did have enough samples of other products to hold him over, he was happy to see this. He loves a product that holds nicely without leaving him with overly stiff hair. This is the best thing he’s found (so far). Blind Barber

If you shopped or from January 1st through March 31st (the first quarter), you should have rewards dollars available. Make sure you spend them by 04/30/16, because they will expire. Remember to check all and/or offers before placing an online order. You can only use one promo link per order, but banner offers (they pop-up at times when you’re browsing on the site), and promo codes (uncommon) usually combine with one another. There are some exceptions. See other articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal at or my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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