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Nerd Block Jr For Boys April 2016 Box Review

This Nerd Block Jr For Boys subscription is for my 9-year-old son, Xander. It costs $13.99 plus shipping ($6) per month and is for boys aged 6-11. All plans auto-renew. You get a discount paying up front for a set number of boxes. Save 10% at 3 months ($12.59 each plus shipping), save 15% at 6 months ($11.89 each plus shipping), and save 20% at 12 months ($11.19 each plus shipping). Each box has at least $40 in value and gives 4-6 toys. We are on the six-month subscription. You pay for all boxes and shipping on all boxes up front. Nerd Block has a variety of subscription offers including: Classic, Arcade, Horror, SciFi, Comic, Jr For Boys, and Jr For Girls. For details on all boxes, visit my Nerd Block Page.

Nerdblock April 2016 7

This box has 5 items. There is no product card, which I generally like to see. It is also difficult to price out items in the box. Many are not easily available for purchase. While I can find similar products or items marked up from the original seller on eBay or Amazon, the actual items are difficult to find. That also makes the value very subjective. If something originally retails for one price but is now only available for purchase through a marked up reseller, valuation can fluctuate.

The Guardians of the Galaxy mystery mini figurines are hard to find. I did find an out of stock listing at Hot Topic for $4.50. They probably retail for somewhere around that. My guess would have been about $4.99 each. He took this upstairs so quickly, I never got to see the character name. This is a cute movie, but I really do not remember any of the characters names.

Nerdblock April 2016

The Pop! Penguins 165 Short Fuse retail for $11.37 at Jet. This does not really look like a Penguin to me, but it is adorable.

Nerdblock April 2016 2

The Rock em Sock em Robots are minis for your fingers. These remind me of the 80s movie Over The Top, which my son watched with his Dad last year. He immediately recognized them and started boxing me. Of course, I used the red one. This is the 35th anniversary of the toy, making it almost as old as I am. Tin Toy Arcade sells a two pack for $2.98.

Nerdblock April 2016 3

The Dunecraft Slick Sand in purple, green, and orange retails for $2.99 each, so this set is worth $8.97. He loved this. Crafting is one of his favorite things to do, and I look forward to seeing how reusable these are. As much as he loves crafting, he loves constant creation, so I hope these do not go bad quickly.

Nerdblock April 2016 4

This 25 pack of Star Wars Temporary Tattoos is available at Amazon for $5.97. My son adores Star Wars and temporary tattoos, so this is a great box item for him.

Nerdblock April 2016 5

There is a teaser for next month inside. This card shows that next month’s box will feature something from Batman, Minions, and Angry Birds.

Nerdblock April 2016 6

This box cost $17.89 ($11.89 plus $6 shipping) and is worth $33.79. His personal value is $33.79, because he is keeping everything. I always use the lowest or most conservative price I find to price the boxes, which usually explains why I come up with a lower than advertised value. It is possible Nerd Block uses the new, inflated prices when valuing these, because most of the items inside their boxes are hard to find elsewhere. Xander was very happy with the box overall, so I’d say it was a successful month. There were no duds in this box, because he seemed equally happy with all five items.

Ready to Subscribe? Remember to check my Nerd Block Page for all information about subscription options. Discount codes (which only apply to month-to-month subscriptions) do pop up at times. If there are any available codes, I will place them there. The discount will only apply to the first block, so you’d only get $1.40 off a 10% offer or $2.10 off a 15% offer. It always saves you more to purchase multiple blocks up front than to wait for a discount code that only saves you money of the first one. Blocks start shipping on the 15th, so you must subscribe before the 15th to get a box from the current month.

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