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Get Free Samples Volume Ten

Nothing beats completely free offers. Sometimes, there really is no catch to obtaining free items. You just have to know where to look and how to find them. Welcome to the tenth installment of items I’ve received for free. Past free sample articles feature different freebies. The offers at times come in emails. Sometimes, you will see them on a blog or the direct brand’s website. Other times, you can find free offers on social media or even through snail mail. My Free Samples Page provides more information on sample opportunities. Offers can at times come by phone, but I never answer numbers I do not recognize. I will miss out on any that come that way.

All of today’s freebies came from users in my Beautytalk thread. A lot of freebie offers pop up, but less than half materialize into actual freebies. Others are likely phishing for personal information, so I exercise some discretion when filling them out. I only post freebies I know work, so if you see a link, I have received that freebie or a different one from the sender. If any offers are still available at posting time, I will always link them below. No link means the offer expired. I hold each article for a while to wait for multiple items to arrive. My front page always lists free samples I am aware of. If the offer is still available, I post it to the front as soon as it arrives.

The first offer was from Clé de Peau. For agreeing to receive emails, they gifted a free full-size concealer brush and a 0.01oz concealer sample in Beige.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 7.08.43 PM

The concealer looks thick, but it also looks dark. Rather than opening it just to swatch, I’d prefer to find someone to give it to. Even though I never value foils, this is a $70 concealer. It seems like a shame to open it and waste it. A friend of mine did post a swatch of hers. Our skin color is similar, so it would probably look about the same on me.

Cle de peau 3

She mentioned receiving a case for the brush. Unless I tossed mine by accident, I do not think I received one. I have to admit that even though the concealer is a foil, the packaging is nicer than the average foil. That is not surprising from this brand.

Cle de peau

I think the brush is wonderful so far (I’ve only used it once). It has been a long time since I applied concealer with a brush. Depending on where I am applying the concealer, I use a beauty Blender or my fingers. This made a great lid brush to pack on eyeshadow color though. The bristles are compact but not too stiff. They pick up color nicely without being rough.

Cle de peau 2

Charlotte Tilbury has been on a roll with freebies lately. If you’re not already signed up to receive her emails, I highly suggest you get on that. She had two freebies in Volume Nine, so this is her third in a short period.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

She launched the Magic Foundation, after the very popular Magic Cream. Everyone who signed up for this freebie received 2-3 0.05oz foils in shades close to their skin tone. Fingers crossed one of these will be a match.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation 2

The Nivea Men Creme came right before my husband was leaving on a business trip. He took this with him to prevent packing anything more bulky.

Nivea Men Creme

It goes on the: face, hands, and body. He did not like the scent, so he finished this on his hands. I prefer to keep scents I dislike away from my hands, because the scents on my face settle in. Scents on my hands never really do.

Nivea Men Creme 2

I like when samples come with coupons. Even though we will not use these, he could have.

Nivea Men Creme 3

My biggest complaint with buying drugstore foundations is it is hard to find your perfect shade, and most drugstores do not take returns on opened products. When I saw this freebie gave me a chance to sample a formula and find my match, I thought this was clever. More drugstore foundations should do this.

Covergirl + Olay

Drugstore samples usually come with coupons, too, which I love. I am stocked on foundation. Even if I love this, I will not need to buy a new one until after the coupons expire, but it is still nice to see them.

Covergirl + Olay 2

I used Olay products for years before I started experimenting with higher end brands, so I love seeing Olay in this foundation. It is a great brand.

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