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Essentielle Beauty Product Test Volume Three

After two previous product tests for Megan at Essentielle Beauty, she asked me to do a third. In the first test, I sampled Raspberry Cream and Lavender Balm. The second test included: Chocolate Face Cream, Peppermint Face Cream, and Gingerbread Face Cream. This test includes a Peppermint Balm and a Super Oils Cream, which consists of: jojoba, hazelnut, rosehip, macadamia, and kukui. If you’re thinking her products seem good enough to eat, I assure you most of them smell good enough to eat as well. The Apple Pie Face Cream she sent me with an order really smells like Apple Pie. Megan’s products are hand-made.

Eseentielle Beauty Product Test Three

This package of samples arrived 01/02/16, but I was finishing a product that expired at the end of January. I started this on 02/03/16. Today marks my 30th day using it. There was about 2.5 weeks of overlap where I used the Super Oils Cream in the morning and her Apple Pie Cream at night. My skin felt wonderfully hydrated during that overlap. This cream, although a bit thinner than the Apple Pie cream, packs some serious ingredients for moisturizing. She warns that rosehip can irritate some skin. Although my skin is sensitive, this cream did the opposite of irritating. It soothed my skin.

Essentielle Beauty Creams

My skin has experienced some ups and downs this winter. It is the first winter in many years where I’ve actually had periods with little to no flaking. The period these creams overlapped was another glorious flake free time. Sadly, my skin has seen more breakouts this year than previous years, but I attribute that more to stress than products. When I started using this cream, my skin was actually more broken out than it is now.

My one and only complaint with the Super Oils cream is sunscreen does not penetrate it very well. It could be that the oils are a little thicker than the sunscreen I am using. I had to spend some serious time in the sun recently and my sunscreen seemed to just sit on top. As such, I will not use this cream again on a day where I spend serious time outdoors. Other than that, I absolutely love it. Silky smooth and hydrated skin in February is welcome any time. This product really agrees with my sensitive skin, too.

I’ve only used the Peppermint Balm on my face once in the past month. There was one time after I ran out of Apple Pie Face Cream where I developed a dry patch in between my eyebrows, and I applied this there. By my next face wash that evening, I already saw improvement and after applying some oil to my face that night, the patch was mostly gone by the morning. Although I still prefer Egyptian Magic for really bad dry patches, Megan’s fresh smelling balms are wonderful for treating dry patches that are not far gone enough to require Egyptian Magic. This one really smells like Peppermint, so she really did a great job of bringing that fragrance to life. She sent me a Rose Balm with an order that smells like a mixture of Rose and Peppermint, but this smells like pure peppermint.

I’ve used the Peppermint Balm on cuticles and elbows. It really softens the skin. When the weather is dry and cold, these two areas need a little more love than regular creams or lotions give. Although balm works great for face or body, I mostly use it on my body anyway. When your skincare routine is working, you should not need much balm for your face. I adopted a new skincare routine for winter that helped my skin a lot, in addition to the products Megan sent me for testing.

For a limited time (end date undetermined), Megan at Essentielle Beauty is offering 20% off everything but boxes with the code EB20. Megan offers great pricing on her samplers (and pretty much everything else she sells).

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  1. Glad you liked these. I can add sunscreen (zinc oxide) to the miracle cream should anyone ever want it. The Kukui and other oils provide light sun protection. Kukui in particular. I’m a sunscreen fanatic, so never enough for me, but there is light protection.

  2. I am fine with light sunscreen if I am only outside long enough to run errands or pick up the boys, but I was going to be out for a while this day. On these days, I apply a full on sunscreen (even if my moisturizer or foundation has its own). As long as I use a lighter cream without oils in it on a day I need sunscreen on top, it is all good. Those days are rare, so out of 30 days in a month, there may be 2 where I need added sunscreen. We are not outdoors long enough most days to worry about it.

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