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Nail Polish Swatches Beiges and Nudes

My nail polish collection is large. Polishes kept in good condition (away from heat or light) can last a long time, longer than the two years many people quote. A good thinner (I use Seche Vite) can also revive them. I have tossed polishes when thinner cannot save them or they have obviously gone bad, but it is rare. When I started collecting polishes again, I tossed all polishes older than the summer of 2013. To avoid ordering duplicates, I created a spreadsheet. Swatching them with these spoons I purchased from Amazon will help me compare the colors, finishes, and overall quality. All polishes only have one coat, because I wanted to spot the difference between my sheer and opaque polishes. We’ve all seen polishes that look dark in the bottle only to need 3-4 coats for opaqueness. No polishes have base or top coats either, because that can change the way the polish looks.

This will cover beiges and nudes. These polishes look beige or nude in the bottle or have beige or a shade of nude in the polish name. They are not necessarily labeled beige or nude by the polish manufacturer and do not always look beige or nude once they’re swatched. Every time I get a new beige or nude polish, I will edit this to add the new one in. Of course, the polish will also be featured in the article reviewing the purchase. If you’d like to see any of my other nail polish colors, I also have articles for Corals & Oranges, Yellows & Golds, Browns & Blacks, Blues, Greens, Pinks, Coppers and Bronzes, Reds, Sheers & Whites, Salmon & Wines, Purples, Grays & Silvers, and Nail Treatments, Base Coats, & Top Coats.

I photographed the beiges and nudes in order from lightest to darkest and used a flash. The flash is wonderful at picking up detail and finish. The individual pictures below use natural daylight for a more exact color. When I add new polishes, I will not take group pictures again, but I will place the new individual picture in order of where it lies within the shade meaning every article will have the lightest shade first and the darkest last.

Nail Polish Swatches Nudes and Beiges

Julep Alexandra is a blonde creme. It is a beige-yellow. The finish is semi matte and smooth.

Julep Alexandra

Formula X Invincible is a pink-beige. The finish is semi matte and smooth.

Formula X Invincible

JinSoon Nostalgia is a pink-beige. It has slightly less pink than Invincible. The finish is semi matte and smooth.

JinSoon Nostalgia

Ruffian Sahara is a sandy beige with a slight shimmer. The finish is semi glossy and smooth.

Ruffian Sahara

Urban Decay Naked Sidecar is a glittery beige. The finish is semi glossy and mostly smooth. A top coat can smooth it out.

Urban Decay Sidecar

Julep Noelle is a sandy beach silk. It has a micro glitter for the silky effect. The finish is semi glossy and smooth.

Julep Noelle

Julep Lorenzana is a shiitake cream. It does resemble the beige of a shiitake mushroom, but it has a touch of purple. The finish is semi matte and smooth.

Julep Lorenzana

Julep Kay is a warm taupe with gold micro shimmer. The finish is semi glossy and smooth.

Julep Kay

Formula X Evocative is a darker nude. In the right light, it does not look this dark. The finish is semi matte and smooth.

Formula X Evocative

Julep Alaina is a driftwood taupe crème. I love these earth tones with a hint of purple. The finish is semi matte and smooth.

Julep Alaina

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