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Lush Refresher Shower Jelly

My boys enjoyed their last Lush Haul so much they asked to go back to the store and scope out some new items. I really enjoyed it, too. Rainbow Fun and Unicorn Horn (which was out of stock today) are items I would also use again. The sales associate showed them the shower jelly when I asked for something that was fun for kids. She set them up with a demonstration. Visiting a Lush store is fun, because they urge you to play with the testers. While my younger son is a little more hesitant to play and lets the employees lead the demonstrations, my older son takes over. He wants to entertain.

Lush Refresher

They both agreed on the Refresher Shower Jelly, which is a tangy lemon. This is the one I preferred of the two they played with, so I am glad they selected it. Whoosh was the other one, and it was pretty nice itself. It has a lovely citrus scent. The 8.4oz jelly retails for $11.95. In typical Lush fashion, there were no discounts or deals. If there were, I know my Lush collection would be a lot bigger. When I envisioned this product, I imagined it turning to mush almost the moment the water hits it. While that does not happen, it does disintegrate faster than regular soap if you play with it in the water.

I can see them using too much of this and wasting it, but I will try to cut it into pieces before they shower to limit the amount that literally gets flushed down the drown. My older son did not want to leave when it was time to go, because he really enjoyed the jello like consistency of the product. He called it jiggly. They are likely going to have a lot of fun with this, and I plan of having them try it straight from the tub and refrigerated to see which they prefer. I will try it both ways as well and report back on how it goes.

What are your favorite Lush items (that do not involve baths)? Are there any great for kids we should try?

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