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PEOPLEshop Limited Edition The Voice Gift Box

I got an email on 07/05/16 stating there is a 25% sale. A lot of cute items are on sale. The box below is still out of stock, but a smaller version of the box, which has the sunglasses, the lip pencil, and the nail polish are still in stock. It is considered the “Best of” the original box. My favorite part of the original box and the best value is the sunglasses. This one is $16.99. Code PS10 gives another 10% off. There may be a better discount code available. I do not have any affiliation, so I do not have access to a better code. The 20NOW code I used in January is expired.

I had never even heard of PEOPLEshop before even though I know a lot of magazines sell items. A BTer (member of Sephora’s Beauty Forum) told me about this Limited Edition The Voice Gift Box for $19.99. It has a $150 value. At first, I almost passed, because I do not drink coffee, rarely wear jewelry, already own Myriam, purchased replacement konjac sponges the day before she shared this deal, and already have a few LAQA pencils meaning the unspecified color that arrives in the box could be one I already own. As I looked over the contents of the box, it hit me that it would make a great gift for the Mother-in-Law. Her birthday is just around the corner, too. The glasses alone are worth the cost of the box as long as they work with your face shape, so I decided to get one for myself as well. Who cannot use another pair of glasses?

The BTer mentioned coupon code 20NOW gave an extra 20% off. She purchased two boxes and got free shipping, because the site calculates the $39 shipping minimum before it applies the code. I followed her lead getting one for my Mother-in-Law and one for myself. My mother-in-law always gets me thoughtful birthday gifts. She wears jewelry, drinks coffee, and loves red. Although I will definitely not keep all the pieces inside my box, I think there is a good chance she will keep all of them. When she opened the box, she seemed excited for all the items but the sponge. Once I give her a liquid face cleanser, I think she will love the sponge though. It is my favorite facial sponge ever.

After placing two boxes in my cart on 01/31/16 and applying the discount code, the $5.95 shipping charge dropped off. It did not appear again until AFTER I placed the order. That is right. All through the verification screens, it never appeared.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 6.04.17 PM

The only time I ever pay for shipping is when I have to order something that I cannot get anywhere else (like the time I replaced an out of print book my son lost belonging to his teacher). If it is a product I do not need, I have passed on incredible deals that charge for shipping (although I am trying to flexible on this). In other words, I never would have ordered this if the shipping charge showed through the review process. To make matters worse, it seems like the shipping charge did not magically reappear for anyone else on the forum who took advantage of the deal. I emailed them right after I ordered asking them to honor the review screen showing shipping was free or to cancel the order.

The Voice Limited Edition Gift Box

Midday on 02/01/16, no one had responded to the email yet, so I decided to call. I was on hold for over 30 minutes (and I wondered how many people had my problem and how many were calling for other issues). The lady I spoke with agreed to refund shipping but said it could take 7-10 days. My refund did process a few days later, and someone responded to the email also stating the shipping would be refunded. It all worked out.

The Voice Limited Edition Gift Box 2

There are seven items from six brands inside the box. The product card gives a brief description of each item.

The Voice Limited Edition Gift Box 3

There is a facial cleansing sponge, a nail polish, a lipstick, earrings, a notebook, a coffee cup, and a pair of sunglasses. The contents compliment each other well to fit the box theme.

The Voice Limited Edition Gift Box 4

The Thermal Mug is worth $14. It is really cute. I almost wish I drank coffee, so I could keep it. If my husband does not find it too feminine, I will give it to him.

The Julep Nail Polish is Myriam is worth $14. I already own this nail polish (and a lot more from Julep), so I am not keeping this. It is a lovely shade, so whoever I trade it with or gift it to should enjoy it. Compare this to my other red polishes.

Julep Myriam

The LAQA & Co. Cheeky Lip Pencil in Cheeky Brag is worth $22. This is my fourth time receiving the pencil in this color. I also own the coral, so I was hoping for the red shade some people received in their boxes. Getting the same color a fourth time instead of a new color or the coral I only own one of had to happen I guess. Although the other three were all sample sizes and this is full-size, I am not keeping this. I would not want to open a second and use makeup too slowly to need a backup.

Birchbox Candidly Nicole 7

Below, I used this on my cheeks and lips. This pink really is a striking color that I thoroughly enjoy, so I think whoever receives this will be happy with it. Dry patches accentuate when I wear it on my lips. The color is long-lasting and moisturizing though. As pretty as it looks on my lips, I prefer it on my cheeks. It created a beautiful blush color (while it lasted). Like most blushes (on me), it faded in a few hours.

LAQA pink

The Quay Breath of Life Sunglasses are worth $50. They look decent on, and I did not have any sunglasses with this cat eye style. My favorite thing about these sunglasses is the case. It is smooth, so I can use it to clean the lenses. It cinches at the top, so the case stays sealed. I can throw these in my purse without worrying about the case being too bulky or the glasses getting damaged.

The Voice Limited Edition Gift Box 5

I have not worn them out yet (but will add a picture once I do).

The Julep Konjac Sponge is worth $12. This is a product I already know and love. My husband claimed the sponge I ordered in my February Julep box, and my boys claimed the sponges I ordered from the Secret Store in February. It actually worked out nicely that I got one in this box, because it replaces the backup I tried to order. My current sponge will probably be done soon.

The Poppin Notebook is worth $8. My computer actually crashed this morning, so I will probably be using this more than I originally planned. There are times I log into my computer or phone to take quick notes. I will just grab this now.

The BaubleBar Earjackets are worth $30. These are really cute. It is like two pairs of earrings in one, because there are two pieces that attach or detach. Both pieces are triangles. The larger triangle dangles, and the smaller triangle rests on the earlobe. You can wear the piece that rests on the earlobe by itself, but you want to combine them for a polished look if you want the dangling triangle.

The Voice Limited Edition Gift Box 6

I used them together in the picture below. The last time I wore earrings was for a formal event on 09/13/14, so the backs of my holes closed. It took me a minute to poke them back through (using the earrings). This reminds me I should not go too long without wearing earrings again, because my holes close quickly.

Baublebar Earrings

Even though I am only keeping four of the seven pieces (because I already own two and have no use for the third), I am happy with this purchase. My Mother-in-Law is keeping all seven pieces, so this box is perfect for her. If they release any more boxes, I would definitely consider picking up more. This box is sold-out.

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