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Lush Unicorn Horn and Rainbow Fun

Today, I am taking a little break from deal reviews to share a fun haul. While there are deals at Lush on occasion, they tend to disappear fast. They do not offer promo codes or free shipping, so I have never shopped there online. If you have a local store and want to take advantage of the sales, they run out of inventory even faster in store than they do online. I asked about the buy one, get one sale in January. This is the sale the releases on the 26th of December. The rep told me they sold out within a few hours of opening on the 26th. Maybe, I can make plans to shop in person the day after Christmas next year if I want to avoid the online shipping fees.

Lush Rainbow Fun and Unicorn Horn

As much as I love the idea of hand-made cosmetics and truly enjoy most of the items I’ve tried, I generally need to feel like I am getting a deal. That makes my Lush trips infrequent. After attending a Sephora event on 01/29/16 (my Lush is right across from Sephora), I dropped by to check things out with my four-year-old. Sometimes, you have to abandon your deal shopping and have a little fun. My son was so patient and well-behaved in Sephora that I wanted to treat him to a little something special. Both of my boys have adopted their aversion to beauty products from their Dad. Kids pay attention when they hear people blasting beauty products. Even though I boast about them, they relate more to their Dad.

My plan going into the store was to find some fun items he could not resist. Making beauty fun really is what it is all about, even for people who avoid it. The sales rep caught on that Connor was the shopper. She showed him some things she thought he would like. We do not take baths. As relaxing as they sound, I just cannot handle the idea of soaking in dirty bath water. Apparently, a lot of people feel the same way, because she suggested I clean the tub and shower before the bath. Then, you’re not sitting in dirty water. On the few occasions I have taken a bath, I always did it the other way around. After soaking in the tub, I showered to get clean. Her way actually makes more sense to me. Nevertheless, I told her we needed to avoid the products only for baths for now, but I will build up my tolerance and eventually purchase some bath items.

Lush Rainbow Fun

They have some multi-use products which can work in the bath or shower. She showed him items that fit into that group and he nixed some and accepted others. The first one he accepted was Rainbow Fun, which retails for $9.95. He was sold when she asked him if he wanted to create a dinosaur. While I do not see him using this product any time soon to make a dinosaur, it is certainly possible. This is a soft Play-Doh like soap in seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple. They each have a slightly different smell, but I think they all smell great. My older son really likes red (well it is more of an orange-red). Connor likes orange. These are extremely messy. If you buy them, be prepared to wash the colors off the tub after each use.

My older son seems to use a full color each shower, because he probably plays more than he cleanses. The rounds are a little thicker than Play-Doh, but they do move. I wonder what creations he comes up with, because his mess is always everywhere. These are probably less messy in an actual mess, because I imagine the tub of water would prevent the dies in the soaps from sitting on bare tub too long. My younger son, who is smaller and probably plays less, uses one per every two showers. If one were to use this only as a soap and/or shampoo, I could even see getting 3 or more uses out of each one. That means this product will last 7-21 showers depending on how you use it. As a bubble bath, it would need one per bath. If you really wanted a long bath or shower with fantastic creations using all colors, it may even be possible to use this all at once.

You could always cut the colors into halves, thirds, or quarters, if you wanted to play with multiple colors at the same time without using too much product. So far, my boys only work with one color at a time, but I could use a toothpick or plastic knife to cut them if they want me to. The Mandarin Oil released from the product does a good job of leaving their skin soft. They still moisturize afterward, but my older son is known to skip moisturizing after a shower at times. Thus, I love any product that adds moisture to his skin. These are a lot of fun for them. Due to the cost (which is actually not too bad but still a lot more than the drugstore products they usually use), the lack of promotions, and mess, I will not buy these often. Every now and then, I will repurchase these to give them a little treat.

Lush Unicorn Horn

The other item he wanted was the Unicorn Horn, which retails for $7.95. This is actually something I’ve wanted to try for a while, so I am glad he got it. I will be using this at least once. There is still a chance I may sneak a color from the product above and mold something. It is a bubble bath, but the sales associate assured me it would work as a soap. My older son is the only one who has tried this so far. He likes it, but he prefers non lather soaps. I will have to try it myself and have my younger son try it to see how well it works as a soap. If I do get brave and use it as a bubble bath, the sales associate suggested I break it into thirds. Using it all at once would make a killer bubble bath.

She actually broke a third off and used two pitchers of water and transferred them back and forth to create the bubbles. I do not even own any pitchers, so I would have to buy some or use large pots to try this as a bubble bath. It uses essential oils: Lavender, ylang ylang, and neroli. That means it should add some nice moisture to the skin as a soap or bubble bath in addition to the fun it adds.

After he agreed to the Unicorn Horn, he was ready for lunch. Next time we go into Lush, I’d like to explore more of the products. If there is a sale online, I may consider paying for shipping if I cannot get into my local store. My goal with this trip was to make beauty fun for my boys, and I think it was a success.

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