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Sephora VIB Rouge Event Lip Boldly and Color IQ

This was an open-door Rouge Event. Private, closed-door Rouge Events were canceled after the Points Promotion in August 2015, but they returned in June 2016 to launch new items from the Fall. The last VIB Rouge event took place 09/10/16.

Sephora has another VIB Rouge exclusive event. Some have reported that their store opened the event to non-Rouge members, but my store verified membership before I could partake. Like the earlier Face Mask Friday, Lip Boldly is also on Friday (January 29th). Hey, that’s today. I decided to write about the event after attending to see if it is worth your while. No appointments are necessary, so you can just head on over if this appeals to you. Events can vary from store to store, so there is no guarantee yours will be like mine. My store, Sephora Summerlin, usually does the bare minimum when it comes to events, so there is a good chance this event is better at other stores. The Face Mask Friday event launched for the first time a month before the annual November VIB event got canceled, so I hope this event does not mean we are not getting an event to kick off Chic week at the beginning of April (especially since this was not an exclusive event). It did not go over well when Sephora canceled the Fall event, so I look forward to seeing how they handle the spring sale.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.31.56 PM

This event provides Color IQ matching at the beauty studio and a Perfect Lips Mini Makeover from a Beauty Advisor, but getting the Color IQ is not necessary. I’ve never been matched to Color IQ at Sephora, so I decided to partake in both. The idea of sharing lipstick with anyone makes me cringe a little, but I went in with a somewhat open mind. Anyone who spends $25 will also get a Breakups to Makeup Pouch. It is actually a GWP bag I’ve wanted, but I never took advantage of any before. Now, I finally have the bag. My beauty bags (probably about 100 or so) feel complete (for now).

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.32.18 PM

There was no advertisement for the event and it took the sales associate I asked about the event a second to realize what I was referring to. I think this is because they do not advertise Rouge events that happen during store hours. Rouge clients know about the events, because they get invited ahead of time. By not advertising it, they do not have to explain it to everyone else and explain why they’re excluded. After she realized what I was asking about, she verified that I was Rouge.

Sephora Lip Boldly Event

Andrea took me over the mirrors (where they apply the makeup), and grabbed what she needed to start the consultation. I love that there was no wait. This was between 10:45 and 11am.

Sephora Lip Boldly Event 2

After confirming I had no makeup on (which I purposely left off for the Color IQ), Andrea put the little Color IQ machine on the left side of my cheek. From what I’ve read, Color IQ is pretty inconsistent, so I never saw the point. Turns out, it is very off. My first official color IQ match is 5Yo7, which is a medium warm tone. While there is definitely some debate as to whether my skin is warm or cool, it is definitely not medium. Medium shades look horrendously dark on me. At times, I can pull off shades that are in between light and medium, but even those are usually too dark. For reference, the shade that fits me almost perfectly (in winter) is 1R04 on the color IQ (which is a cool, light shade).

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.58.47 PM

You can either type your color IQ into the Sephora system (under my account; my information) online to get recommendations or type in your foundation shade and it will match your foundation to a color IQ.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.00.40 PM

Considering my foundation shade (which is a near perfect match to my skin) is 1R04, there is no way I would ever consider purchasing a 5Y07 shade. After purchasing Lancome Renergie Lifting Porcelaine 20C, I typed that into the system to see what other formulas have similar colors. It gave me some ideas and as this shade is still a wonderful (winter) match. I definitely do not recommend using the color IQ in store to match shades. Unless it matched a freckle (which I do have), there is no way I can pull off any 5Y07 shades. If you must use color IQ, because you are unable to get in store to swatch, get the color IQ by using a foundation that matches you and using that number to pick a different one.

Sephora Lip Boldly Event 3

Sephora always announces events at the last-minute. I received the email for this event on the 27th, which was less than 48 hours before the event started. My four-year-old son is with me on Fridays (he goes to preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays), and I did not want to arrange a babysitter. That meant he had to come with me. At least I had a shopping companion for the #BeautyTogether hash tag Sephora wants us to use. The problem is I forgot to take a picture of us together. He did ask that I take a picture of his new Batman toy. We got his haircut just before arriving at Sephora and the salon ingeniously sells toys near the register.

Sephora Lip Boldly Event 10

After the Color IQ was complete, which took less than 30 seconds, Andrea started my Lip Boldly Consultation. She showed me a screen of color choices where I picked the color family I want to try. Of course, I picked the bold family, because that was the point of the event, right. Within the bold family, there were about a dozen choices for me to sample. There was one I’ve wanted to try for a long time, Kat Von D Coven. This is a shade I’ve almost purchased a few times but never did for some reason. Turns out, that was for the best.

Sephora Lip Boldly Event 4

While the color was fun, it fell into my lines and bunched up a bit more than I like. It did not look anywhere near as bad as Homegirl. She used Bite Beauty Opal to soften the color a bit, so I assume it looks darker without Opal as a base. I own Opal, so I know it was not to blame for how this fell into my lines. Either way, I knew this was not a lip color I needed to purchase. I needed to purchase something though, because I wanted the bag. Pardon my skin. After a recent breakout that is mostly gone, I am still experiencing some hyper pigmentation I was unable to cover to keep my face bare for the Color IQ.

Sephora Lip Boldly Event 5

I took a chance and asked if they had any Give Me Some Nude Lip Sets. Of course, I teetered on whether I wanted this the entire time it was online and never even pulled the trigger when it briefly returned. It sold out again online and though they did not have any on the floor, it was worth asking. The employee who ultimately rang me up went to the back and found one back there. If you want to see swatches and the full review on the lip set, I published it separately. For this article, I will only mention that it costs $28, so it was enough to meet the $25 minimum for the bag. There is no selection. Everyone gets the same Contents: My Life Bag.

Sephora Lip Boldly Event 6

It does seem a little strange to walk out of a bold lip event where I sampled a bold lip with a set of nudes. Andrea was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. She even sanitized the lip products as well as I’ve ever seen. That made me feel a little better, although I was still a little freaked out. These bags always looked really small to me. The bag is taller than I expected, but the width is about what I expected. As you can see by the five lip products I laid in the bag, they all fit easily with a ton of room above. This could probably fit touch up items carried throughout the day (as long as your eyeliner is not large). While a large eyeliner may fit diagonally, using a large eyeliner diagonally would limit space for the other items.

Sephora Lip Boldly Event 9

Apparently, Sephora introduced a new Lip Color IQ and that is what was intended for this event. The email was not clear on that, and when I asked for the Color IQ, Andrea immediately grabbed the one that measures face color. Maybe, I will do the lip color IQ at some point. After being so disappointed by the face option, I am not in a hurry. This event lasts all day, so there is still time to head down there if you’re a Rouge member who has not attended yet. You do not need an appointment. It is definitely a low-key event, but it is worth the trip if you want the bag.

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  1. Oh wow….I feel much better about not being able to attend. Someone on Sephora’s fb was complaining that they only got an $18 sephora lipstick in the bag, so the $25 buy-in was ridiculous. I was like “really??? that’s an $18 savings!”

  2. the colour iq is so hit or miss!!! i usually get matched wayyy lighter than i am! at least the bag – and that set 🙂 made it all worth it!

  3. Considering the bags come in flat, sealed plastic and behind the register, I am unsure how a lipstick (especially a full-sized lipstick) made it into her bag. Shenanigans. I wanted the bag, so the event was worth it for me. If you do not want the bag, it is not worth it.

  4. I pictured myself walking around with super dark foundation following the Color IQ number. Yes, it is not the first time I decided after a favorites set sold out online that I needed it. It is nice that they still had some in stock.

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