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Nerd Block Jr For Boys Aged 6-11 January 2016 Box Review

My oldest son turned nine last month. Like his little brother who received a six-month subscription to Citrus Lane and other gifts for his fourth birthday, I offered Xander a chance to have a six-month subscription in addition to regular gifts. He poured over box options (thanks to wonderful blogs and Youtube videos), and settled on Nerd Block Jr for boys. We missed the cutoff (the 15th) to start the box in his birth month. Better late than never, so we subscribed in time for January. Nerd Block Jr For Boys is for ages 6-11, so I think he chose wisely.

The Nerd Block Jr For Boys subscriptions are $13.99 plus shipping ($6) per month. All plans auto-renew. You get a discount paying up front for a set number of boxes. Save 10% at 3 months ($12.59 each plus shipping), save 15% at 6 months ($11.89 each plus shipping), and save 20% at 12 months ($11.19 each plus shipping). Each box has at least $40 in value and gives 4-6 toys. We are on the six-month subscription. You pay for all boxes and shipping on all boxes up front. Nerd Block has a variety of subscription offers including: Classic, Arcade, Horror, SciFi, Comic, Jr For Boys, and Jr For Girls. For details on all boxes, visit my Nerd Block Page.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016

His first box has six items, so he is off to a great start. Granted, four of the six items are very small.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016 11

There is no product card, which I generally like to see. It is also difficult to price out items in the box. Many are not easily available for purchase. While I can find similar products or items marked up from the original seller on eBay or Amazon, the actual items are difficult to find. That also makes the value very subjective. If something originally retails for one price but is now only available for purchase through a marked up reseller, valuation can fluctuate.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016 9

The Multicolor Edition Munny World Do It yourself is a 2.5 inch Foomi soft vinyl toy. This retails for $9.99 at Kidrobot. His Munny is red, which is my favorite color. That may explain why I find this so adorable. He used the enclosed stickers to decorate it to his liking.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016 10

The Hotwheels Red Showdown Dodge Challenger Drift Car Mopar HW Speed Graphics does not look like it’s for sale anywhere other than eBay where the price varies from $1.45 to $2.50. I know most of these cars retail for $0.99, so that is probably what this went for. Since I cannot find it ever priced at that amount, I will list this on the low-end at $1.45 Sadly, I through the packaging away before I noticed if it is from 2015 or 2016. If I ever figure it out after looking at the car, I will come back and edit this.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016 6

The Mr. Clever book by Roger Hargreaves retails for $3.99. Finding this at Wal-Mart surprised me, because it is a really old book. He read it to my younger son almost as soon as they wrapped opening the items, because one of the kind tasks his school assigned this week is to read to someone. Can I take a moment to say I love that schools are assigning kind tasks for kids! Well done, school. The mail arrived after he already did his homework, so this was not even used to complete his daily reading requirement.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016 4

The Despicable Me Jumbo Playing cards retail from $5.19 to $7.95 on Amazon and eBay. I found an old Party City listing showing these retailed for $1 before being discontinued. This is why I never buy from resellers (and why I do not link to them) unless I absolutely have to. Yes, there are times I’ve had to (like the time my son lost his teacher’s out-of-print book and a couple of other scenarios). That is a huge markup and makes it hard to price this. They cannot be purchased for $1 now, so I am taking the low-end of $5.19.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016 7

These are actually really cute and durable, so I do not know why they retailed for $1. The material is thicker and the graphics are nice. They are not the thin dollar store cards you may expect. As you can see from my son’s hand, they are also large. It is no surprise these were discontinued at the $1 price.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016 8

My son is really into Minecraft, so getting the Minecraft Mystery Mini Figure is perfect. These retail for $4.99 at Jinx, a store I’ve purchased many Minecraft and other toys from. He was ecstatic when he saw it was Diamond Steve. I’ve purchased Diamond Steve in large and medium. Now, he has a mini. It completes his Diamond Steve family. The moment he opened Diamond Steve, he said he already knew where he planned to display him.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016 3

I found an old blog post stating these individual Transformers Collectible Figurines & 3D Puzzle Piece Collector Cards Series 1 pieces retailed for $2.99. His mystery pack was Optimus Prime, which made him happy. If any of these lingered, I cannot find any trace of them for sale. Even eBay and Amazon are only selling the five packs. That means I am rolling with the price I found. My son never showed me a puzzle piece, so he either threw it away by accident when he disposed of the bag or took it away too fast for me to photograph. If it was the former, I will make sure he opens future items with more care to prevent accidentally disposing of something valuable. I will come back and add a picture of the card if he did not mistakenly toss it.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016 5

There is a teaser for next month inside. This card shows that next month’s box will feature something from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Bonus points if you are singing the song in your head now. No judgement. I did it, too.

NerdBlock jr Jaunary 2016 2

We actually found a Blog post that gave us a start-up offer code, but there was no place to enter the code and the screen specifically states codes are not accepted on multi-month subscriptions. The blog did not mention that the start-up code is only valid on month-to-month subscriptions. The 10% off code would have removed $1.40 from the first box, but I would be locked into a $13.99 per month subscription. I would rather buy all the promised boxes (6) up front and get a discount on all of them (instead of just the first one). Plus, by purchasing six at once, I saved 15% on each. It would be nice if the codes stacked with the multi-month discounts, but I completely understand why they do not.

This box cost $17.89 ($11.89 plus $6 shipping) and is worth $28.60. That is also his personal value, because he wants to keep all the items. Based on the $40 minimum value promise, Nerd Block must use current market value to price the items. He was so excited when the box arrived, because he loves surprises. His excitement did not waver when he saw the items, so I say this box was a success. I am happy with the items and value but more importantly, my son is. The car was his favorite item, and his least favorite is the book. Considering he actually loves reading, I’d say it is a pretty good box when he rates the book lowest.

Ready to Subscribe? Remember to check my Nerd Block Page for all information about subscription options. Discount codes (which only apply to month-to-month subscriptions) do pop up at times. If there are any available codes, I will place them there. The discount will only apply to the first block, so you’d only get $1.40 off a 10% offer or $2.10 off a 15% offer. It always saves you more to purchase multiple blocks up front than to wait for a discount code that only saves you money of the first one. Blocks start shipping on the 15th, so you must subscribe before the 15th to get a box from the current month.

NERD BLOCK JR: Comic-Con, Delivered Monthly. Join Now. Geek Tested. Nerd Approved.

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