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The Real Deal That is Egyptian Magic, The Secret Magical Cream

By Kimberly

If you’ve never used Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream, I assume you are reading this to see if it is as magical as they claim. Spoiler Alert. It’s even better. Why do some tout this magical moisturizer as the best thing ever while others call it a greasy mess? The truth is they’re both right, kind of. While it claims it is a cream, it quickly gains an oil like consistency as you warm it up. Part of its appeal is the very thing that turns some people off. There are only six ingredients in the formula: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, and Propolis Extract. These six simple agreements do not bring any new anti-aging ingredients to the table, but they also exclude potentially harmful ones many would like to avoid.

Egyptian Magic 2

It is an all natural healing skin cream. This moisturizer is a super multi-tasker. That’s right. You can use this almost anywhere: face, hands, feet, body, hair, and much more. The product website lists the 20 best uses, and most seem practical. I am going to break down the suggestions.

#1. Amazing moisturizer. Some actually use this for anti-aging, because it creates soft, smooth skin.

#2. Healing Burns. It can reduce the burning sensation from a minor sunburn. If you are allergic to aloe vera or do not have any handy, this is an excellent substitute.

#3. Treating Cuts and Scrapes. There is no actual medicine in the formula, so I would only use this for a cut or a scrape if I did not have any antibacterial ointment available.

#4. Fading scars. Preventing the area around the scar from becoming too dry has been known to lighten newer scars. That means this could really help.

#5. Eczema & Psoriasis Relief. This is my favorite use, so I will speak from personal experience. Again, there is no medication in this formula. However, it relieves eczema patches better than any prescription I’ve tried. Rough eczema patches usually disappear after 3-4 applications of this. It usually takes closer to seven for the best script I’ve tried.

#6. Hair Conditioner. It claims to replenish the natural oils in hair to tame frizz and condition split ends. Those are two treatments I would love to test.

#7. Lip Balm. The consistency of this product would melt nicely into lips. I will have to try this one day to see how it tastes. If it does not taste bad and actually works, I would love to use this.

#8. After shave. Thanks to the lack alcohol or chemicals, this can moisturize without burning or drying skin out. Those are too big irritants post shave. It works wonders on my legs after shaving.

#9. After Sun Lotion. This coincides with #2, but I can see applying it after sun even if your skin does not burn. Being in the sun and heat can zap moisture from skin.

#10. Vaginal Moisturizer and Lubricant. I admit this one surprised me. Although it does warm up and become closer to an oil, it is still thicker and a different consistency than any lubricant I’ve ever seen.

#11. Hand and Cuticle cream. I put this on before applying moisturizing gloves. The combination leaves my hands very soft. On hands alone, it does leave them very greasy, but it also leaves them very moisturized. Within 30 minutes, the product sinks into the skin. It makes an incredible cuticle cream, and I almost always rub excess product into my cuticles. They’re much softer when I do.

#12. Makeup remover. Most oil based products work incredibly well as a makeup remover, so I imagine this would do the trick quite nicely. If you’re going to use this as a two-in-one (makeup remover/moisturizer), I still suggest cleansing your face first.

#13. Eye Cream. My under eyes get really dry. This would probably be a wonderful night-time eye cream.

#14. Massage Balm. I actually massage this onto my younger son when he gets eczema flare ups. It glides across the skin as well as a massage oil.

#15. Tattoo Aftercare. I can see this one, too. When I got my tattoo, artists still suggested the use of petroleum jelly. It seems like a lot of artists have abandoned that philosophy now. Egyptian Magic allows the skin underneath to breathe, but petroleum jelly does not.

#16. Diaper Rash. Although this resides far from the baby aisle, all six ingredients are usually baby safe. I am allergic to bees, but I have no problem using this product. If your baby has a bee allergy, consult his/her Doctor before trying this. It moisturizes and soothes the baby’s sensitive skin.

#17. During and After Pregnancy. Keeping skin soft and supple can reduce the chance or stretch marks or help diminish the appearance once they are there. Breastfeeding Moms usually get cracked nipples at some point. Since this is safe to use as a lip balm, it is safe to apply to nipples.

#18. Makeup Primer. Those used to an oil based primer or wanting a dewy look could benefit from using this as a makeup primer. Using it to set eyebrows and mixing it to highlight also seem like practical uses.

#19. Hydrating Face Mask. This is one I really want to try. I think most of the product absorbs within 30 minutes, so it is the perfect time to wipe off any excess.

#20. Cracked Heels and Elbows. This is my second favorite use for this product. When I purchased a dud of a foot cream that was too expensive to just toss, my heels started cracking. I mixed a little of this with the foot cream or applied before with the foot cream, and my heels started improving. It is a little to greasy to apply after the foot cream. Even when I finished the sub-par cream, I kept using this for every treatment. My feet love it.

Egyptian Magic 6

When you open Egyptian Magic, you may notice it resembles petroleum jelly. The pale yellow color (thanks to the honey) of Egyptian Magic is actually a bit darker than the cream color of petroleum jelly. It is a lot thicker than petroleum jelly, too. If your product jiggles like petroleum jelly you do not have the real deal (read below for more details on that). Petroleum jelly locks moisture into the skin. That means it will prevent anything underneath from escaping, but it does not actually add any moisture. Egyptian Magic is thick, so it takes a while to absorb. Once it does, it adds incredible moisture to the skin.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.09.10 PM

Egyptian Magic in the 4oz jar usually retails from $37 to $39 from authorized retailers, like Walmart (Amazon price may vary). If you find a much cheaper price, you are probably not buying the real product. This is a popular product, so there are fakes. Sadly, the fakes are difficult to spot from the outside. Thankfully, counterfeit versions never try hard enough to duplicate what the product looks like inside. If your product does not look like the picture I provided above or the one of a near empty jar below, do not use it. Fake products are not regulated and the ingredients inside could harm. The super shiny appearance of the balm-like product disappears a bit once you get past the top layer, but it will never look matte as a lot of the fakes do.

Egyptian Magic 4

To reduce the chances of getting a fake, buy from an authorized retailer, like Walmart or Amazon, through this link which is sold directly from Egyptian Magic (as Amazon links sold by other retailers may not be authorized). There are so many fakes that I wonder how many reviewers are actually reviewing the counterfeit product. That may explain why some people give it a low rating. Others may not like the original for some reason, but I always wonder how they’re using it. If they are only slathering this on their face and find it too greasy, did they try it anywhere else before writing it off. I’ve never tried it on my face, so I cannot even review it that way. When my boys (who are too young for acne) get eczema patches on their faces, I apply it on them. It works wonders.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.09.20 PM

Whether you buy from a reputable retailer or not, Egyptian Magic offers some tips to spot the difference between real and fake jars. They all come wrapped in a shrink band (as you see here). If yours does not have one, there is a good chance it is fake. The imprinted branding is also not usually copied by the counterfeiters. There are no lot numbers or use by dates printed on the newer jars, so be wary of any jars that have either.

Egyptian Magic

Fake jars usually have the same label as the real deal. When Egyptian Magic makes a change to the label, the counterfeiters seem to do the same. Newer changes include updates to copyright information and re-locating the ® symbol. You can always contact them at for more assistance in determining if you’ve inadvertently purchased a counterfeit jar.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.09.35 PM

I’ve read rumors that jars where the red and blue colors on the jar rub off are fakes. This is absolutely not true. Both my original sample jar from Birchbox and full-sized jar from have lost almost all the red and blue ink on the jar. There is no way these are fakes. They were both authorized retailers when I received the products. The jars and the product inside look right. Plus, I see no reason why a fake company would give samples of an item where it could not receive any benefit.

Egyptian Magic 3

I just purchased a new jar of Egyptian Magic from again. The new jar arrived looking exactly the same as the old one did when it arrived. The older jar (which has been open around 10 months) has lost almost all the ink. Why does the ink disappear? There is no actual label, so the ink is printed directly on the plastic jar. This formula starts as a balm like texture that melts into an oil base. That makes application very greasy. When you grab the jar with your greasy hands to reapply the lid, it will break down the ink that is on the flat plastic jar over time. If you want to avoid this, you could wash your hands before applying the lid. I prefer not to wash my hands (unless I am applying to an area like my feet), because I want my hands to receive as much moisture as possible.

Egyptian Magic 5

The trade-off for the added moisture on my hands is I occasionally have to wipe off the ink that rubbed off. As you can see from the nearly empty jar above, I do not always notice it and wipe it off before it accidentally gets placed back into the jar. Hopefully, it is not harmful. Egyptian Magic has to know this happens, so I assume they would not go through the hassle of making a beautiful, safe product only to leave us with dangerous ink they know fades from the outside of the product when hands covered in Egyptian Magic grip the jar.

Egyptian Magic 7

If you still have doubts that the product inside my nearly empty jar is fake (because the ink is rubbing off the jar), here is the bottom with the same marking my new jar has. You can even see where the pale yellow product has stained portions of the jar. It will not stain your skin. I think it only stains the jar, because it mixes with the ink. As long as you buy a legitimate Egyptian Magic, I am confident you will find use for it. While I am always surprised to read some people do not like this product, I know there is no such thing as a one size fits all product (even magical ones). I’d love to read your experience with this product, good or bad.

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