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Radical Skincare Youth Infusion Serum Review

Radical Skincare launched a new review program. They sent me an email on 12/21/15 to join. I admit the email asking for a five-star review turned me off. It reminded me of service shops at the car dealership that always ask for perfect reviews. Once I had to call about an hour before closing, because despite taking the first appointment that morning I received no update all day. I had to wait over 30 minutes when I arrived even though they told me when I called that it was ready. Someone took it for a car wash without letting my service advisor know, and my advisor put the wrong key with my service ticket. He handed me the incorrect key and insisted it was mine when I told him it was not. That car was not nicer than mine either, so I declined the key. If it was nicer, I told him I would have taken it (in jest of course).

He finally located my key on a different service ticket. My car arrived still dripping. Apparently, they did not fully dry it, because they rushed to wash it after losing it. Then a different service advisor talked to his customer at her car, which prevented me from driving forward or backward (no one was in the car behind me) for over 5 minutes. This lady who had nothing but time on her hands arrived almost 30 minutes after I did to add insult to injury. She and her advisor saw that I was trying to leave, but neither made any effort to move any faster. After all of that, my advisor still asked for a perfect review. Seriously! Even my most beloved brands have misses, so I cannot promise before I try anything that it will get five stars. That said, I took it the same way as I take the dealership’s request for five stars. I am not giving it if it does not earn it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 9.10.56 PM

I responded to the email address listed in my invite the day I received it, and she responded the same day. There were two options. One was to get a one month supply for myself. The second was to get 4 friends to join me on 5 reviews, and I would get a full-sized serum worth $170 after my friends and I completed the task. That means that I would be responsible for making sure 4 other people adhered to the testing schedule and wrote their reviews on time. No thanks. I told her I do not like being responsible for other people. When I sent Birchbox gifts to all of my sisters this year, getting the pictures from some of them was a hassle. If you followed that series, you know one refused to even do that. Never again.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 9.23.02 PM

No matter which option I chose, the review deadline was 01/15/16. Reviewing serums before they’ve had at least four weeks to work their magic is a mistake, so I almost declined. With Christmas and New Year’s looming, I had no idea how long it would take to ship this. To get the word of the program out, I decided to accept the product despite the deadline. My intention going in was to give an honest review (five stars or not) and mention the exact time frame I used it. To give it as long as possible to work, I planned on submitting my review the day before the deadline (to give it time to post). That strategy was risky, because my review could be held or declined for any reason. Submitting it earlier would have been safer, but it would have given the product less time to work.


The 0.27oz Radical Skincare Youth Infusion Serum arrived late in the day on December 26th. I was actually impressed with how quickly it arrived. Although her contact email, my response, her response, and my decision email all wrapped on the day they began, December 21st, my choice wrapped late in the day and Christmas had to slow down the mail. That meant I had 18 days from when it arrived until I had to review it. The second half of the 26th and the first half of the 14th make the 18th day.

Radical 2

This is slightly thicker (still thinner than a moisturizer) and more opaque than most serums. I really like that, because it added a bit more moisture to my skin. My skin is already very dry in most places and winter made it worse. I will take extra moisture anywhere I can get it. The added moisture does come with a bit of stickiness. That is no issue at all in the evening, but I like to give my skin a few extra minutes to dry before applying a primer for makeup in the morning.


Other than the first and last day, I used this morning and night as directed. I ceased my regular serums during the trial, so this is the only serum I’ve used since it arrived. Until I finish it, I will continue using only this to give it a full and proper review. The picture above is right after applying it to my face before patting it in. My skin is broken out a little, but I do not think it is a result of this product.

The good thing about the 0.27oz sample is I’ve used it 36 times and there is probably still enough left to finish the month and test it a full 4 weeks. So far, I really like it. My skin has had ups and downs lately, but I do not think the ups or downs are directly related to this.

The three major claims are this hydrates (check), rejuvenates (check), and lifts (jury is still out). If it does lift over time, I will happily bump it up to 5 stars. For what I’ve seen so far with hydration and radiance, I think four stars is extremely fair. Given the price of the serum, I will only consider purchasing it if it earns that extra star by the time this sample is gone.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.01.04 AM

My rating would have been five stars if I could have reviewed this after finishing it. I will never be able to edit the 4 star review I left at Sephora though. This is a beautiful serum that adds moisture to my skin and prepares it for the products that come after. It helps everything else absorb deeper into my skin.

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