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Birchbox Man Points Haul

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My husband subscribed to Birchbox Man in July 2015 and received his first box in August. His January 2016 box arrived on Christmas Eve, and he is really good at trying all of his products quickly. By the day after Christmas, he had tried everything and submitted his reviews. He faithfully reviewed all of his products from every box, so he had 500 points. That also officially pushed him over into Aces status. I have a hard time banking that many points, because I get shopping urges around 200. The men also received a $10 off a $35 purchase unique promo code in their December 2015 box. It was time to place his first order.

I obviously suggested he spend all $50 in one shopping trip, because Birchbox rounds up. Whether he spent $40.01 or $50, they would collect 500 points. That pretty much negated the $10 off $35 coupon, because there are constant 20% off promotion codes in the second half of the month. In order to use all $50 in points and a promo code, his subtotal would have to go over $50. Using a 20% off coupon saves more than a $10 off coupon the moment your purchase exceeds $50. To maximize the 20% offer code, he needed to spend a minimum of $62. It is difficult to get right at the number that makes your purchase cost nothing, but it is always better to go a little over and pay something than a little under wasting points.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 9.36.51 AM

I tested a few of the recycling 20% off codes, and the first two were not working. TAKEOFF20 was working though. This article is publishing in the first half of the month, so this code may not work if you try it from the 1st-15th. It should start working again from the 15th or 16th through the 31st though. If you’ve used it before, you cannot use it again. There is a list of codes you can check though. Add two piece sample packs from the bonus shop with a $35 minimum purchase. Any item added directly into the cart combines with a promo code. Be sure to check all offers, because Birchbox occasionally includes other items that do not need a promo code.

Birchbox Man Points Haul 2

His 2 piece free sample pack included: a 0.25oz Billy Jealousy Slush Fund Styling Mud and a 1oz English Laundry Three in One Shampoo Conditioner and Body Wash. They are worth $1.33 and $2.38, respectively. It is not the highest value sample pack. Both are items he will try though, so I hope he finds something he likes.

Birchbox Man Points Haul

He originally received Plant Get It On Body Wash in his September Box. Although he did not initially think he liked it, he noticed his dry skin was less itchy on days he used this. I’ve tried to talk him into applying a moisturizer after showering, but he only does that when his skin is really bothering him. Hopefully, this helps him.

We were both excited to see Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade in the shop. He is really particular with his hair products and this one I originally purchased from Dermstore, and it is his favorite so far.

The Lucky Tiger Face Scrub is actually something he’s never tried. I accidentally dropped his much more expensive scrub in a bathtub full of water a few months ago. It got a little water in it, so he refused to use it again. That stung a little, because it was almost full. It stung a little more, because he never replaced it. After spending so long talking him into taking better care of his skin, I messed up. He does not have OCD officially diagnosed (as I do), but if he thinks there is any chance mold will grow into a product, he will not even try it. Seeing him select a scrub made me happy. Hopefully, this works out.

He selected the Bombas Men Solid Color Ankle Socks to get over the $62 floor I set. As it turns out, he really likes them. Like Tom’s does with shoes, Bombas donates a pair of socks to a person in need for every pair purchase. That was all he needed to know to fall completely in love.

Thanks to points, a promo code, and a free sample pack, he paid $4.40 for this order worth $71.71. The order total above lists it at $78, because it charges a flat $10 fee for every 2 piece sample pack. I only recommend adding it with a $35 purchase, which takes the $10 off. You can buy it outright if you spend less than $35, but I would be really annoyed if I paid $10 for $3.71 in product. Men’s products are a lot cheaper than women’s, which is great for them (until it comes to getting great value from samples). If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers and all available offers. When you’re ready to spend your rewards points, remember to add your free two piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus Shop. All 500 points were a result of his subscription.

Birchbox Man

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