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The Most Anticipated Releases of Early Winter 2016

Beauty Products are constantly reinvented to bring us the latest and greatest. Innovations can miss, but there are times when they advance a product. Of all the ones recently released, these are the ones I anticipate most. Some bring new features or formulations to products we already know and love, others are brand-new takes on products, and most are new colors to welcome the upcoming season. While I do love seeing new colors and find some season appropriate, I do not let the season dictate the colors I wear all the time. That means, I am fine waiting until the next season to purchase an item. It not only gives me a chance to see it on others, but I can sometimes get a better deal on items that are not brand new releases. At some point, I will pick these up (as long as first reviews are favorable) or I can swatch or test them myself.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.37.43 PM

When it comes to brows, I believe the popular theory that Anastasia Beverly Hills is the greatest innovator. This Brow Definer looks incredible. It is a retractable pencil that took to years to perfect. The triangular tip works three different ways to outline and fill brows. If you use the thin side, it utilizes the sharpest point to create fine, hair-like strokes (like a traditional brow pencil). You can use the medium side to create thicker hair-like strokes (also like a traditional pencil). Where it differs is on the wide side. The broad strokes created on the wide side are similar to what you’d see when using a brow powder and brush.

The innovative design could revolutionize brows. Of course, it could just be another pencil that creates harsh lines you need to blend out. There is a spoolie, which helps with that endeavor. I wonder if the formula inside the pencil is different from other pencils offered in the Anastasia line.

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I’ve been so impressed with Make Up For Ever lately, but the eyeshadows have particularly impressed me. It was not long ago that I completely overlooked this brand. First, I fell in love with the Studio Case, then I fell for The Artist Palette- Volume One The Nudes. The Artist Palette- Volume Three Florals looks incredible. Though it enters at $44 instead of the $42 its sister palettes sell for, I know it is worth way more than $44 buying these shades individually. At 0.05oz, the shades are slightly smaller than the 0.07oz full size counterparts that retail for $21 each.

This palette brings the color I crave without too much vibrance as showcased in The Artist Palette- Volume Two Artistic. I almost purchased that one, but I think this one is more my speed. Of course, I still have not bought the 15 Artist Shadow Palette, which looks equally amazing. There are a lot of unique shades in each palette, so I could pick all of them up without too much risk of overlap.

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I have not yet purchased a Clinique Cheek Pop, although they look amazing. Those cute little flower containers get me every time. Why are they so cute? Resisting the new Lid Pop shades made me a little harder for me. The description calls these sheer and vibrant, which makes me think of Burberry shadows (love). If they are half as silky as they look, I need to try one or more.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.34.55 AM

I first came across the Dior Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens Illuminating Powder in Glowing Pink on Temptalia (click for her review and swatches). This beautiful, light-pink highlighter is unlike anything I have in my collection (from recollection as my project to get swatches of all my items is still in the works). It looks incredible on Christine, and I can only hope it looks that great on me.

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When it comes to prestige cosmetics, there is not usually much price fluctuation. This Laura Mercier Paris After the Rain Eye Colour Collection retails for $49 at Macy’s. It retails for $55 everywhere else, including Laura Mercier direct. A part of me is saying buy it now and save the $6. Surely, Macy’s will eventually raise the price to match the $55, right? That is not always the case, because Macy’s does occasionally keep lower price points than competitors for a while longer. Eventually prestige prices will line up, so I will be watching this price to see how long it remains $6 less than everyone else. Now that I’ve discussed the deal, let’s get into why I want this.

I love that this palette has a 1 to 1 ratio of matte to chrome shades. As much as I love chrome shades, they need matte shades to pull them in a bit for day time looks. Most palettes do not offer enough matte shades. The Multi Chrome Pearl Topper intensifies the matte colours if you’re going for a bold look. The shades also coördinate well, so the matte shades are very close to the toppers. All of the colors look incredible, too.

These are just a few things I have my eyes on, and I may add to this list as new items pop up. If you purchased any of the items on my list, please let me know what you think. Are they worth purchasing now, complete passes, or should I wait to get a better deal? For someone who still has so many unused eyeshadows, I should probably limit myself on all these new ones I desire. See all future releases. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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