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FabuFinds: Product Spotlight December 2015

Every month, I review my empty products. Some products are not worth thinking about once the month is over. Others are wonderful and seem like they’re made for me. Those are FabuFinds, and I generally devote a little more time to discussing them. They are items I have repurchased and will continue to repurchase even at full price if I could not find a good promo code.

To eventually spotlight all of my FabuFinds, I will never repeat items already mentioned in a past article. That does not mean they lost their magic. It is also possible an item not spotlighted in a past Empties article may get promoted as I try it more and fall deeper in love. Other times, it is because I had a lot of FabuFinds in a previous month and had to condense the article. There were five products I consider FabuFinds in my December Empties that I have not discussed yet.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.10.16 PM

I had never used a toner I absolutely loved until I tried Lancome Tonique Confort. This moisturizing toner is dense, so it was different from any other toner I’d tried. It still does everything you expect an American toner to do, including removing anything left (my cotton pad did not always come up clean alerting me to which cleansers were working and which were not. This is a hydrating toner, and my skin always felt refreshed and moisturized immediately after use. The thick texture also leaves my skin feeling very soft, almost like the added thickness is coming from an actual moisturizer. When I use this and immediately follow-up with my skin care routine, my skin feels more moisturized than any other toner I’ve tried so far. If you have really dry skin, ditch toners with alcohol. It is possible to find a moisturizing toner that purifies leaving silky, soft skin behind.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.18.43 PM

My skin burns easily, but I am thankful I found Ole Henriksen Protect the Truth SPF to combat sunburns. When I wear this (even when I do not reapply as often as I should), my skin never burns. It is oil free and a bit thicker than my earlier love. This is still not too thick, so it does not clog my pores. Some thick sunscreens give me breakouts (even on the dry parts of my skin). I do not break out with this, and I love the way it feels on my skin. It always applies matte and without a white cast, so I can wear it with nothing on top without the dreaded shiny face or geisha effect. This was hiding in my husband’s hiking backpack, so it expired before I could finish it. I think this sample has been in the Sephora Sun Safety Kit many times. That releases every May, and I look forward to seeing if this returns.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.26.16 PM

I’ve loved a lot of soaps in my life time. That clean smell comes in so many wonderful scents. When I get soap in a subscription box, I always have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I hate low value samples, but I love when I love them. This Not Soap, Radio The Stuff That Cupid Dips His Arrows In (because sometimes fate needs an assist) body wash is one of the best samples I received in 2015 in my February 2015 Birchbox. In a year where I sampled so many amazing things, this is seriously among the top of everything I sampled and barely missed being named in my Top 10. If I had a top 20, this would be in it. I love the incredibly cute names Not Soap, Radio assigns to its products.

There is no better way to describe this scent than romance in a bottle. It says it has pheromone activation and while I think that is in jest, it could be true. The blackberry and fresh vanilla cream smell perfect together. This quote is on the website for this product: “infused with: powerfully blended Ginseng extracts to kick up pheromones – the natural chemical scents that the body produces to attract others. Chinese Emperors believed Ginseng had the power to increase sex drive and vitality, energy level and sexual confidence.”

While I cannot say for sure my husband was more attracted to me when I used this, I can say my nose was more attracted to my skin. You know what I mean. When you smell good, you repeatedly check to see how long the amazing scent lasts. This lasts a decent amount of time for a soap. Yes, I said soap. It may claim it’s not soap, but it lathers and cleanses better than most. Most soaps lose their incredible smell after applying a moisturizer (even if it is unscented). I could still smell this for hours. It is amazing, and I will be saving Birchbox points for more of this (once I’ve used some of my insane soap stash).

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.00.24 PM

Another Birchbox find that barely missed the Top 10 for the year was Davines Minu Shampoo. I was lucky to receive this on my third account in June 2015. There is a chance I could get this on my main account. While samples never repeat within an account (unless you hand-pick them to repeat), you can get them multiple times across different accounts. Whether I receive this again as a sample or not, I will be buying this once I’ve used up some of my insane shampoo stash. This is the best shampoo I’ve used to date. Before this, I thought I had to use Wen forever to get shiny, soft hair with little frizz. Now, I know a real, lathering shampoo can do it. It takes a lot less time than Wen and gives me the squeaky clean feeling I love.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.51.14 PM

If you’re ever curious what difference conditioner makes in your hair, I challenge you to skip conditioner or use a different one for just one wash. This Davines Minu Conditioner was a foil packet in the same June 2015 Birchbox I received the shampoo in. Because it was a foil, I was only able to get two uses from it. As wonderful as my hair looked when I used the shampoo with a different conditioner, it looked amazing when I used it with this conditioner. They pair together incredibly well, and they both smell great. I love clean smelling hair.

Some people complain about receiving foils from Birchbox, but I love them. Reviewing them gets me the same 10 points I get for a deluxe review, and they’re always a bonus. Foils never take the place of a deluxe sample and are always additions to a particular deluxe sample. Admittedly, I am not feeling the conditioner tub on the full-size, so I do not know what I think of the packaging.

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