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Review Directory InstaNatural Eyelash Enhancing Serum

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InstaNatural Eyelash Serum

In my original article, I went over how Review Directory found me and offered three product tests. I got to pick the three on the list that appealed to me. My first two were combo products. That means I’ve tested a total of five so far. The original article went over the first combo. My second combo is reviewed in the article two. With the first two product tests, I was given a promo code and links to place my orders directly with Amazon. This single product shipped separately. It did not include any tracking, so I did not know when or how it would arrive.

InstaNatural Eyelash Serum 2

The InstaNatural Eyelash Enhancing Serum arrived late in the day on 12/10/15, so I used it for the first time that evening. I apply a thin layer just above the lash line on my top lashes only. There is enough on the brush that I only need to dip it in the serum once per eye. Last night marked my third week of using it. I’ve used another eyelash serum where you apply it morning and night, but I only applied this at night after I washed my face. There was one night in the three-week period where I fell asleep without washing my face, so I applied it that morning instead. In other words, I’ve applied this exactly 21 times as of this review.

InstaNatural Eyelash Serum 3

The brush on this is much nicer than the one I am used to with SmartLash. Although SmartLash also worked, I have not been able to finish one on my eyelashes and have to move it over to my brows. The thick brush on that one in hard to squeeze through the small top. It eventually frays making it difficult to stick it back in the tube. Before I know it, the entire brush head falls off from the force of jamming the frayed bristles into the jar. This brush has a thin tip. That makes application on the lash line a lot easier, but it also makes it a lot easier to put back into the container. Thanks to the slightly wider opening, it is a smoother process overall. I predict this brush will last throughout the whole process, so I hope to finally finish a tube on my lashes.

InstaNatural Eyelash Serum 4

Every eyelash serum review needs before and after pictures. I have pictures of my bare lashes with absolutely no makeup, but they’re blurry. To give a better idea of what they look like when I started this, I present a picture of me wearing an extremely creased cream, orchid shadow on my eyelids. There is absolutely nothing on my eyelashes though.

Julep Eyeshadow 101 Orchid Shimmer

Here is a better shot of the eyelashes I started with. The tips are very blonde, so they are difficult to spot.

Julep Eyeshadow 101 Orchid Shimmer 2

In the first 7-10 days of using this, I did not notice much difference. From 10-14 days, I could have sworn my eyelashes were getting smaller. I know that does not make any sense. How on earth can an eyelash serum cause lashes to shrink! After panicking a little, I decided to do a closer examination before discontinuing the product. It turns out that my lashes were developing a curl. It initially made them look shorter.

My lashes are pretty straight and have a hard time holding a curl. They are thin. Anyone with thin hair knows what I mean. When you try to curl your hair, the curling iron slides right off. Although the eyelash curler does not slide right off, my lashes fall within minutes of curling almost every time. I am unsure why as it seems heavier lashes would fall faster than thin ones, but I have not found a solution yet. If I was not such a klutz, I would heat my eyelash curler. Alas, I am a klutz, so I cannot risk burning the delicate skin on my lids. A heated lash curler is not for me. There is a curling mascara just right for me, and I will eventually find it.

after lashes 2

I have no clue why my lashes were suddenly developing a little curl, but the eyelash serum is the only thing that made sense. My eye serum and cream have not changed. My theory is because they’re thin, the added length is causing a little bend, resembling a curl. Frankly, I do not care how it works, because I love it. My after picture was taken yesterday during the day time, so it was after 20 applications.

After lashes

Of course, I added the same orchid cream shadow to my lids for the after picture. Why? I hate when there is a major difference between the before and after pictures and swear someone reviewing this has mascara on in the after picture. To make it easier to see the changes to the lashes, I wanted everything on and around my eyes to look the same.

I see even more difference in curl now that I am 3 weeks in than I did around the halfway point. Even though the curl is more prominent than before, I think my lashes look slightly longer. There are claims that this can darken lashes and make them thicker. While I have not noticed either of those improvements yet, the tube is huge, so there is more time for those things to happen. This product is twice the size of most eyelash serums. After 21 uses, there is barely a dent in the bottle. It has a lot of life still in it, and I look forward to seeing what changes are yet to come. If I notice any, I will report back.

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  1. It will be interesting to see the pics at 6 weeks of use. I’m lucky I have lashes that curl well. My sisters lashes are much like yours and difficult to curl, this could help!

  2. Review Directory always requires three week reviews (when I also write the corresponding article), but I continue to edit the articles past the deadline. I can definitely edit in additional pictures as I keep using this. The curl really confuses me, because it is not advertised as a benefit of the serum. It has to be coming from the serum though, because I have not changed anything else.

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