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Sephora + Hakuho-do Brushes Buy One Get One Free and VIBFACIAL

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Sephora and hakuho-do collaborated to create a revolutionary line of brushes from the Sephora Pro team and traditional Japanese craftsmen. These stunning red, black, and white brushes caught my eye immediately. I usually avoid white bristled brushes, because they can look dirty even after they’re cleaned. The craftsman at hakuho-do create stunning works of art. All of the brushes from this collection are synthetic, which helps make them a lot cheaper than traditional hakuho-do brushes that use natural hair. The collaboration makes them more expensive than brushes in the Sephora Pro collection.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 11.12.14 AM

I am unsure these synthetic brushes are as soft as cashmere (see picture of product claims above), but they are very soft and fluffy. The designs of these brushes are different from most you see in either line (Sephora Pro or hakuho-do). That means they attempted to create something new. As I use the brushes I purchased, I will report back on whether I feel the gamble paid off. They are both different from ay brush I own, so I look forward to seeing how it works out.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 11.30.38 AM

These brushes are buy one, get one free. That made the $49 brush free. An announcement was never officially made that these were going on sale, but someone who happened to buy two brushes in store before Christmas was kind enough to let us know. We discovered that the offer works online, too. That is my preferred method of shopping, because I love getting cash back, 3 free samples, and using a promo code. Mrrebates was offering 8% back, so I decided to use them. I always use the Pay to Shop Program with the best available offer. ShopatHome does have a 110% guarantee, but the promo code I used for this order was not listed on their site. When using an unlisted promo code, it is risky to use the 110% guarantee that goes into manual review. This processed at 8% of the sub-total, too. Even though I only paid $54, I received cash back on the $103 giving me $8.24 back! Mrrebates seems to process off the subtotal more than any other pay to shop program, because it is not the first time they’ve given me cash back on the pre-discounted amount.

Sephora + Hakuhodo BOGO 9

I did not initially order when she first posted the deal, and the brush I wanted was out-of-stock online the next morning. Stores were still reporting stock, but I decided to take my chances and see if they would re-stock online before driving over to the store and missing the online perks I love. They have restocked a few times, and all five brushes are in-stock now. This was not publicized, so I have no idea when it will end. If you’re thinking of getting any of these brushes, I suggest getting them now to prevent them from going out-of-stock again or waiting until after the buy one, get one free deal passes.

Sephora + Hakuhodo BOGO 10

All three of the samples I ordered were in stock, so I received a 0.034oz Dr. Brandt™ Do Not Age Beauty Sleep Serum (that is not listed in my order history, but it is what I ordered), a 0.06oz Fresh Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask, and a 0.03oz CLEAN Shower Fresh. These samples are all new to me, so I hope they’re as good as I think they are. The cologne is for my husband.

Dr Brandt VIB

The discount applies automatically and does not require a promo code. That means you can use a promo code with it. I keep a listing of Sephora Promo Codes if you want to look over the options. If you’re shopping the sale on sale (get 20% off all items in the sales section through 01/01/16) using EXTRA20 or EXTRAROUGE, I suggest placing a separate order for these brushes. Those codes will not add extra and discount to these brushes, but using that code will prevent you from using a code thatcan stack with these brushes.

Dr Brandt VIB 2

VIB and Rouge clients can use code VIBFACIAL for a three-piece sample set from Amore Pacific, Caudalie, or Dr. Brandt. I selected Dr. Brandt, because I’ve wanted to try Needles No More since its introduction. This is a one time use promo code, so choose your brand wisely.

Dr Brandt VIB 3

Both the entire sample set and the Needles No More come wrapped inside of a sealed package. I am not sure why I love this so much, but I do. Knowing I am the first to open something always seems a little more comforting.

Dr Brandt VIB 4

The Dr Brandt set includes a 0.085oz Needles No More™, a 0.35oz Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt™ Time Reversing Cream, and a 0.35oz Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt™ Dream Night Cream. These are all items I want to try and will pair nicely with the serum foil I ordered.

Sephora + Hakuhodo BOGO

These brushes are beautifully wrapped in very sturdy red boxes. They spared no expense on presentation.

Sephora + Hakuhodo BOGO 2

When you open the box, you see the beautifully wrapped brush with a picture above to place it back inside the proper box.

Sephora + Hakuhodo BOGO 3

The Sephora + hakuho-do Wedge Sloping Powder Brush, the Kusabi, is a large angled powder brush with a brand-new shape developed by the Sephora Pro team for the self-application of powder, bronzer, or for neck shading.

Sephora + Hakuhodo BOGO 4

I appreciate the pro tips and will add any tips of my own (if I have any) once I try it.

Sephora + Hakuhodo BOGO 5

The cardboard cutout describing the brush is better if tossed should you want the sleek box design. Again, there is a picture inside, so you will know which brush goes in each box. Without the picture, it really would not have mattered, because either brush fits in the box.

Sephora + Hakuhodo BOGO 6

The Sephora +hakuho-do Large Teardrop Pointed Powder Brush, the Otsubu, is a large pointed powder brush to apply powder, contour, or bronzer.

Sephora + Hakuhodo BOGO 7

I appreciate the pro tip here as well and will add my own (if I have any) once I try it.

Sephora + Hakuhodo BOGO 8

Between the sale on sale and this amazing brush offer, it is a great time to shop Sephora. Remember to order the brushes separately from anything on sale to maximize your deal and use a promo code. If you do not have free shipping and are not ordering the main $54 brush I ordered here, add something from the full-price shop to get you over the shipping minimum. You can add something from the sales section, but you are forgoing the option to get a 20% discount on the item if you use a promo code for a free product. Another option if you do not care about any promotions for products is to buy a cheaper duo of brushes and use the sale code if you add sales items to get you over the $50 minimum. The (extra) discount will only come off the sales items, but you will get the second brush free no matter which promo code you use.

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