Influenster Sally Hansen Badge Winner

Influenster gives free trial products of everything from beauty products to household items. To qualify for programs, you fill out quick product surveys. Once you’ve qualified, they mail the products. Try them and tell people what you think in person and on social media. Complete a short exit survey and review the product(s) on Influenster. The more active you are the more programs you qualify for. Everything received from Influenster is free, so they never collect payments for products. If you are unfamiliar with Influenster, you can read my overview.

Influenster Sally Hansen Badge Win

Every time you complete certain tasks (each campaign asks for different things), you receive a badge. Badge winners are usually entered into a drawing to eligible to win a prize. When I earned my Sally Hansen badge for the Airbrushed Legs campaign, I automatically won a prize. The prize is usually valuable when only a small number of people win. For this campaign, the gift was not valuable, but everyone won!

Influenster Sally Hansen Badge Win 2

I do not know if everyone got the same prize, but I would guess that the only variation is in the color.

Influenster Sally Hansen Badge Win 3

I collect nail polish, so I am happy with my gift. The 0.4oz Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 445 Violet Voltage is a beautiful violet shade. It is full-size and retails for $2.79 at (when it is not on sale, as it is now).

Influenster Sally Hansen Badge Win 4

I love purple, so I am extremely pleased with this. Granted, I love all colors when it comes to nail polish, so they could not have sent me an off-color. Even the oddest color can make a great accent to a design. This is a polish I am already familiar with, so I know it is good. When I was younger, I purchased from the Hard as Nails line often. They really help in preventing brittle nails from breaking and do not chip too fast when using a base and top coat. Those polishes are long gone, so this is the only Hard as Nails item in my current collection. Compare this to my other purple polishes.

Sally Hansen Violet Voltage

If you love trying new things, and who does not love free things, sign up for Influenster and get started. Already signed up? I’d love to read what prize you received for getting this badge if you completed this campaign. See all Influenster articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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