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Sephora 2016 Free Birthday Gifts and the Rouge Qualification Free Gift

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The 2016 Sephora Birthday Gifts and Rouge Qualification gifts have officially been announced. Remember to check all birthday offers if your big day is approaching. People with birthdays late in the year can sometimes get the gift for the new year (if they choose). That is because gift redemption is a four-week period that includes the two weeks before your birthday and the two weeks after. You will usually see a pop up banner online or get an email notifying of when your gift is available. Click through either link, and you will be fruitful.

Photo credit to iamgimli from Reddit.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.06.28 PM

The official Sephora promotional picture released 01/01/16 showcasing the birthday gifts from Fresh and Marc Jacobs.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.05.13 PM

If your redemption period is coming soon, decide on whether you want the NARS 2015 gift, the Peter Thomas Roth 2015 gift, or one of the new gifts for 2016.

Fresh is the Peter Thomas Roth equivalent of the 2015 gift. I like that Sephora includes a skin care lover gift and a makeup lover gift each year. The Fresh gift includes: a mini Rose Face Mask and a mini Soy Face Cleanser.

The Marc Jacobs Gift includes: a 0.01oz Highliner Gel Crayon in Blacquer and a 0.03oz Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. For the past two years, the Rouge bonus has been eyeliner. This year eyeliner is in the regular set. Sephora has been diluting the Rouge perks since 2015 started, so it comes as no surprise that Rouge clients are not getting a bonus item in the 2016 set.

Sephora Marc Jacobs Birthday Gift

I selected the Marc Jacobs set for my 2016 birthday gift.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.24.00 AM.png

The Rouge Renewal gift is a 0.14oz NARS blush in Goulue. It is valued at $26.25. This is a Rouge exclusive color (available to others in the past). The full 0.16oz size is available to Rouge clients for $30. I am trying not to renew my Rouge status until as late into 2016 as possible. Click here to add the gift online. If you are closer to renewing and have questions about redemption, I go over that in my Rouge Qualification article.

If you’re adding your birthday gift online, did not get an email, and do not see a pop-up, click here for the Fresh Gift and here for the Marc Jacobs Gift. My instructions on how to get access to your BI rewards in this Rouge Renewal article apply here as well. You can also call customer service if for any reason your gift is not listed in your BI rewards.

If you’re picking up your gift in store, give the cashier your email address or rewards card, and s/he can verify you’re eligible. Some stores will stock the 2016 birthday gift before the new year starts and others may not stock it until after the year starts. Make sure anyone picking this up on your behalf knows your email address.

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7 thoughts on “Sephora 2016 Free Birthday Gifts and the Rouge Qualification Free Gift Leave a comment

  1. Thanks for this! I think it’s Outlaw if it’s one of those two (I agree it looks like it is) – because I’m sitting here looking at Sin and comparing it to this photo and my Sin looks much cooler (mauver/purpler). This pic looks more Marsala-toned like Outlaw or even Oasis. This is a great post thanks for the info!

  2. I am hoping for Outlaw, because I missed all the Pantone Marsala stuff this year. Collecting it from other companies has been a goal. Getting it for free is the best way to collect it.

  3. The NARS blush looks lovely! I’ve never cared for the Marc Jacobs lipsticks. I’m not a fan of the formula. Great post.

  4. I agree on the NARS blush. Cabaret is one of my favorite lipsticks of all time, because it is one of the few dark shades that wears beautifully. It is not patchy at all and does not accentuate lip lines. There are formulas I prefer more, but I adore that particular MJ lipstick.

  5. I wish my birthday was earlier in the year — I really loved the NARS duo from 2015 and could definitely use a second set, while I really need 0 black eyeliners (although I probably will like the lipstick). Maybe I’ll have to go with the Fresh duo instead.

  6. I am glad I have time to decide. The Fresh Rose mask is incredible, but I love lipsticks and surprisingly do not own Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Cannot agree more on the black eyeliner. Why does everyone think we all want 500 black eyeliners!

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