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Happy Birthday from Sephora

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My older son informed me about two months ago that he no longer wants to use baby products. It was really overdue. We opened a Sephora account for him. I knew we would start with drugstore items, but I wanted him to have access to better skincare as needed. Hopefully, we have a few years before he needs mid range things for his skin. In case we do not, his account is ready. Having his own account not only allows him to spend any of the points he earns on his own, but it also qualifies him for a birthday gift. Ulta also offers free birthday gifts, but they only offer feminine gifts. If they ever offer gender neutral or masculine gifts, I will open him an Ulta account as well. Remember to check all birthday offers if your big bag is coming.

About 2 weeks before his birthday, we received an email to come pick up his gift. He also must have just made the cutoff for the $15 off $50 gift card promotion for Beauty Insiders, because he received a $15 gift card. We just purchased a new facial soap from Target and were able to find the out of stock cleanser he requested (that works on face and body at Wal-Mart). I did not write an article on Wal-Mart purchase, but we purchased the same one he sampled.

Sephora Birthday Gift PTR

I almost always decline bags when I shop in store, so I forgot that Sephora usually makes the wrapping special. If you were gifting something, you could easily leave it in the bag with the tissue.

Sephora Birthday Gift PTR 2

He did not need facial cleanser, body cleanser, body creams, and face lotion. Those are the only four items he regularly uses, so we all decided he would not redeem his gift card this year. To bypass the $50 free shipping minimum, I sent my husband into a Sephora store to grab his gift. Forgoing ordering on my Rouge account (where I get free shipping) is the only drawback to him having his own account. If his order does not surpass $50, we will have to pick his items up in person. I will not pay for shipping.

Sephora Birthday Gift PTR 3

His gifts from Sephora and Peter Thomas Roth are: a 2oz Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel and a 1oz Cucumber Gel Mask. It is a really nice touch that they’re housed in a box that goes over all the ingredients and directions.

Sephora Birthday Gift PTR 4

These are both products I’ve never tried before, so I cannot promise him I will not test them out myself. It is only fair, because he secretly tries my things and his Dad’s things in his goal to avoid “baby products.” Most of the items I’ve tried from this brand have impressed me, so these could be very nice.

Sephora Birthday Gift PTR 5

This is a really nice gift, and I am kind of excited for him. These are his first official mid range items. I am sure he will have a lot more in the future, because I have an incredible stash I will let him experiment with once I see he can tolerate it (sensitive skin) and not waste too much product. He uses way more than I do, and I use a lot. If you are having a birthday soon, you can choose this gift from Sephora or the feminine one I linked above. The 2016 gifts have already been announced, so you can pick up the new gift soon.

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