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Julep December 2015

When it comes to nail polish, I am a huge fan of Julep’s five free formula. These polishes chip less than most, and the polishes themselves are a good deal when you have a Maven membership. They are quality polishes, so I would probably purchase them at $14 each if I did not have my Maven membership. Luckily, I do not have to pay that much. The color selections and polish finishes are more vast than almost any other nail polish line. Every month, they release nine new colors. I have not skipped a box since I first subscribed in May 2014, because I find something I want every month. More often than not, the nail polishes are what draw me in, but I like to try Julep’s beauty products as well.

Julep December 2015

If you’re not already familiar with the Julep Maven program, read my review. My subscription renews after three boxes for $59.97, or $19.99 a box. Paying month to month charges $24.99, so I like paying in advance to save $15 every three months. New Maven subscriptions allow you to swap products in, so I always suggest trying that. You can at times get a higher valued box with swaps. Assuming you really want an item you are swapping out, you can generally get it in the add-on section, so put the more expensive item inside the box. Plus, swaps make the box possibilities almost endless.

Julep December 2015 2

Every box comes with a coupon code. There are usually 2-3 codes, and while I’d love if mine was always the best available, it is not always the case. Candy usually comes in the box as well. The candy cane was a slightly spicy peppermint. This was the first time in a while I actually consumed the candy. It was not my favorite candy cane, but it was not bad.

Of the nine polishes released this month, Omelia caught my eye. She is a sparkling sugarplum stardust. It retails for $14. Compare this to my other purple polishes.

Julep December 2015 5

It’s Whipped in Pucker Up is a violet verve hydrating, liquid-to-matte mousse. It retails for $22. This is the latest interaction to Julep’s lip products. Although Julep is known for nail polish, every lip product I’ve ever tried has been good to amazing with the luxe lips at the lower end and the Plush Pouts at the higher end. Purple lippies are always a yes for me, so I look forward to trying this.

Julep December 2015 3

The swatch is beautiful.

Julep December 2015 4

This wears like a liquid lipstick. It stays on a very long time and leaves a beautiful stain even as it eventually wears off. Lip lines are slightly accentuated (as most liquid lipsticks tend to do). Unlike most liquid lipsticks, this formula is moisturizing. Although it looks like it dries down completely, it never really does. The part that stays wet works to keep the lips feeling moisturized with surprisingly little rub off. This purple shade looks more fuchsia on the lips, which is one of my favorite lip shades. I loved the color on even more than I did in the bottle or the swatch.

Julep Mousse and Tarte Blissful

The Love Your Bare Face cleansing oil retails for $28. I recently started double cleansing, so I wanted to try more cleansing oils. Getting two beauty products (when swaps allow it) is ideal, because it increases the overall value of the box. The body cleansing oil, which retails for $38 was also available. That would have made my overall value $10 higher, but it would have given me two of one product and zero of the other.

The first time I used this cleaning oil, I made the mistake of applying it to wet skin. On wet skin, it does not remove makeup or cleanse as well as it should. It removes everything quickly and easily on dry skin though. I apply this on dry skin and work it in for seconds. When I wash my face with my regular cleanser afterward, there is no trace of makeup at all. This is a great product for anyone with dry skin like mine. Even though I like to double cleanse, my skin still feels softer after using this with my face wash.

I usually skip add-ons unless I find three items I want. At three, you get a free bonus. You get nothing at one or two other than a discount, which I can usually find with promo codes or other methods anyway. There were not three items I wanted to add-on, so I skipped add-ons altogether.

The total box value is $64. I only paid $19.99. My personal value is also $64, because I will use everything in it.

Julep Beauty Box Subscription

If you want to join Julep, visit my Julep Maven page to see all start-up offers. Visit my regular Julep page to see more offers for shopping. All polishes above are swatched once. They get darker with more swatches. See all Julep Subscription articlesTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out every way I can think of to save money at Julep. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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