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Essentielle Beauty 40% off Cyber Monday Haul

Essentielle Beauty is a company that focuses on Korean and Natural Skin Care. With a Beauty as Ritual motto, it aims to find the best beauty global trends and traditions. Although skincare is the focus, there are items from all beauty categories from skincare to makeup and everything in between. Prices are naturally lower than most competitors and as a small business, every order gets a personal touch. Those who love surprise items can purchase Beauty Boxes to receive full-sized items above and beyond the cost of the box. If you’re just starting out, it is a great way to build your collection for a fraction of the cost.

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Megan, the owner of Essentielle Beauty, offered the promo code FORTY for 40% off everything but boxes. This code was only good for Cyber Monday. The only thing I really needed was an Essence, but I put together a larger order to meet the $50 free shipping minimum. Everything I ordered is new to me, so I have never sampled any of these things and have no clue how they’re going to do.

Essentielle Beauty Cyber Monday

Megan enclosed a handwritten thank you note inside.

Essentielle Beauty Cyber Monday 5

I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve received a handwritten note on a purchase. This is a nice touch.

Essentielle Beauty Cyber Monday 6

The note explained one of the four free items she sent me. Considering the amazing deal I’d already received on this order, I love that she included free samples on top of that. I already know and love the Lavender Balm she sent me, because I sampled it for her in the past. It smells like Christmas and with Christmas coming, I am happy to use this. Megan makes these creams herself and other than the Chocolate, I’ve loved them all. That gives me high hopes for the Rose Balm, and Apple Pie Face Cream. With the change in weather, I need a thicker cream, so I am really looking forward to trying the Apple Pie. So many of her concoctions smell as edible as they sound.

Essentielle Beauty Cyber Monday 7

The last freebie was very kind. Megan knew I was in search of my perfect Essence, so she threw in a sample sized one. This 0.6oz Iope Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning sample even comes with some cotton pads. An Essence is the one beauty product absent in my routine. Though I was planning on adding one when winter officially crossed over, we are close enough to winter weather that I am starting now.

Essentielle Beauty Cyber Monday 3

I actually had a hard time deciding on which Essence I wanted to buy. This is a beauty product I’ve never used, so I had no clue where to start. The Original Raw Chan-mool Patting Essence is the first one that caught my eye. It fights aging and wrinkles, which I can use help with. This oil-free formula has 38 natural ingredients with a gel formulation that locks in moisture. I love that it cane added over makeup, because there are times when my skin is feeling a little dry in the middle of the day. Hopefully, the added moisture boost will work wonders. There is no English anywhere on the box, but I appreciate that Megan provides a description online.

Essentielle Beauty Cyber Monday 2

A friend of mine left a glowing review of Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence. She has incredibly beautiful skin. If she says this stuff is good, and it worked well on her lovely skin, I really wanted to try it. I still wanted the one I initially saw, so I decided to get both. This should: clear, purify, and perfect. A moisturized, glowing complexion is what I desire, so I hope this delivers. The glass bottle on this is beautiful and reminds me of the presentation given by the lovely SKII brand.

Essentielle Beauty Cyber Monday 4

I ordered the Etude House Mugwort Sheet Mask, because of the low-cost. The name sounded cool, too. It made me think immediately of Harry Potter. When I read the product description and saw Megan thought the same thing, I laughed. This specific name has nothing to do with Harry Potter, per se, but it made us both think of him. This is a miracle herb that kills irritations, soothes, and brightens. Those are all things I can use, so I had to get it.

In my quest to use more sheet masks, I decided to try The Face Shop Aloe Mask. The price interested me most, because I would love to find a super affordable mask that I can feel good about repurchasing. Aloe is wonderful post sunburn and although I do not expect any burns this winter, I think Aloe can help dry, peeling winter skin.

I had to order the Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch, because I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. It is way too cute. This should remove dead skin cells and moisturize the lips. The claim that it makes lips more elastic is one I seriously doubt. Nevertheless, trying it was a lot of fun. My lips did feel marginally softer, but not any softer than one application of lip balm provides. There was a slight tingling feeling for hours after I took it off, so there is a slight chance I have a mild allergy.

Etude Mask Lips

I’ve wanted to try this Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask since I first saw it at Sephora. When I saw that it was already a bit cheaper here and I was getting 40% off, I had to get it. It should nourish, give moisture and improve radiance. If it works, I will happily order more. At $4.39, it is around the price range I want for a nice mask. Masks that get up to $6 (the Sephora cost) are ones I usually reserve to purchasing around kits or sales. My perfect mask would cost no more than $4, which this could if I only purchased it on sale.

Essentielle Beauty Cyber Monday 8

I was mostly after skincare with this order, but I had to get at least one makeup item. Lipstick is my favorite makeup item. Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipstick in PK002 is a vibrant, cool pink offering. The blue-pink lipstick is what I prefer on my cool-toned skin.

Essentielle Beauty Cyber Monday 9

The color swatched even more lovely than I imagined it would, but the star is the container. This is so pretty, girly, and pink.

Essentielle Beauty Cyber Monday 10

The formula of this lipstick does not pair well with dry lips. It highlighted all of my dry patches and accentuated lip lines. This is a somewhat moisturizing formula, so it does not last a long time.

Sephora Blush Palette Top Blush

I used my first konjac sponge this year thanks to Julep, and I absolutely love everything about it. The Face Shop Konjac Cleansing Puff. My Julep one expires at the end of this month, so I will be trying this new one soon. It is white, unlike my charcoal Julep one, but it feels very soft.

If you’re interested in exploring Korean brands, Essentielle Beauty has two amazing deals through the end of the year. Get 35% off All Korean CC and BB cushions, and get a Korean Mystery Box ($130 minimum value) for $55. You can email Megan at before ordering if you have any questions or concerns. Megan kindly offered me a discount code of KIMBERLY (yes, that’s my name, but she picked it). It will give 28% off anything other than boxes and is valid through the end of the year. See all Essentielle Beauty articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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