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Amazon Cyber Weekend Purchases

Other than my Sephora Black Friday order, which I actually placed on Thanksgiving, I sat out of Black Friday Deals. I’ve only braved Black Friday crowds to shop in person one time, and I did not enjoy it. A lot of online retailers place items on sale over the weekend or on Cyber Monday. Those appeal to me a lot more, because I save on gas, do not have the bear the cold, the crowds, and in some cases can get cash back on orders. Getting cash back on Amazon is tricky, so I did not get anything for this order unfortunately.

I am about to embark on a nail swatching endeavor. My nail polish collection is too large, and I am not painting as much as I should. Hopefully, getting organized will inspire me to paint more often, and I can get inspired by polishes. Added bonus if I stop buying inadvertent duplicates, because it is a lot easier to whip out a fan than trying to sort through all the polishes in a 347 piece collection. I completed that project on 03/17/16, but I add new polishes to the respective articles when they arrive. Every polish I own is now cataloged on this site.

I placed this in my cart weeks ago and was waiting until December when I’d have more time to complete this project. The price never fluctuated, everything I needed for $19.98 seemed like a good deal anyway. This was a fun order, because the rhyming brands Tonymoly and GOGOONLY make me smile.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 12.56.12 PM

A friend sent me a link to this 4 pack of GOGOONLY 50 Clear Tips Fan-shaped Nail Art Display Chart Acrylic False Tips Practice Tool. My collection, which will be 351 once my nail polishes orders arrive, needs 8 sets of 50. There are 4 sets of 50 per box, so I only needed two.


They come with large rings, but I read some people trade them out for binder clips. The rings are perfect for my colors with more polishes, and I use the screws for colors with less polishes. I buy at least one new polish a month (thanks to my Julep subscription), so I will need to constantly shuffle these to keep the colors in order.


The spoon itself feels less sturdy than I imagined. These always feel nicer at nail salons. It is possible I started with a cheaper version than what they use.


I love sheet masks, but I am usually way to cheap to buy them. They are a beauty essential I skimp on. When someone on Beautytalk alerted me to this deal for Tonymoly I’m Real Skin Care Facial Mask Sheet Package for $13.60, I had to get it. It gave me 11 different masks making each mask $1.24. That is cheap enough for me. The funny thing is the unit price of regular masks I’ve purchased have been higher than that, but I still buy them. These are $3.75 each at Sephora, which is still a little much for me. There are so many cheap masks on Amazon that you can fall down the rabbit hole. It still could happen.

There are a few different sellers of this deal, which fluctuates a few cents based on which seller you select. My seller, Mega Beauty, has its order for these fulfilled by Amazon Prime. The 11 Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet in this set are: Clear Skin Rice, Vitality Broccoli, Brightening Lemon, Pore Care Red Wine, Radiance Tomato, Skin Purifying Seaweeds, Elasticity Pomegranate, Skin Soothing Tea Tree, Nutrition Avocado, Skin Purifying Makgeolli, and Moisturizing Aloe.

My avocado allergy seems to have reemerged, so I may not try that mask. If I decide to try it, I will wait until spring or summer. The only thing worse than dry, flaky skin in winter is a rash to boot. These masks should have arrived by 8pm on 12/02/15. They were not even shipped until late in the day on 12/03/15. So much for 2-day shipping. Even getting them on Wednesday would not have been two-day shipping, but it would have been a lot closer.

TonyMoly Masks

They arrived around 2pm on 12/04/15, and I think they look like the real deal. Some are wary of buying beauty products from Amazon. The adage about deals too good to be true is right more often than not. If this deal is too good to be true, I will let you know. Of course, I’ve never tried this brand of sheet masks before, so I have no idea what the more expensive ones are like.

TonyMoly Red Wine

I’ve wanted to try the red wine for a while, so I started with that one. It really seemed to brighten and moisturize. My pores did not look noticeably different, but I do not really have a huge problem with my pores anyway. This mask for me was more of a wine thing. As someone who never drinks, I thought it would be neat to finally relax with red wine.

Etude Mask Lips

I applied a lip mask after removing the sheet mask, but I see a definite improvement in my skin. For the price, this mask is definitely worth it. It is probably the real deal, too, because everything about it looks legit. Once I’ve tried all the masks, I will report back on which one was my favorite.

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