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Birchbox Limited Edition Box Charmed Life Review

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Happy Thanksgiving! I could not think of a better article to share today than my Birchbox review of the Charmed Life Box. I am thankful for so many things and always feel even more so this time of year. It helps that the delivery did not arrive until Tuesday and I presented its sister box, Luxe List yesterday. Both boxes were ordered together to maximize my promo code discount and point redemption. That article already breaks down the entire deal, the points I redeemed, the two piece gift, my bonus freebie, and everything else. This article will only discuss what came inside the Charmed Life Box.

Birchbox The Charmed Life

Like all Birchboxes, there is a product card going over everything inside the box.

Birchbox The Charmed Life 2

It does not list the cost to purchase the full size as it does in subscription boxes. Many of the items inside limited edition boxes are already full-sized or limited edition and exclusive to the box, so the pricing exclusion makes sense.

Birchbox The Charmed Life 3

The picture frame arrived with cracked glass in the upper right hand corner. I tried to remove the glass, but it’s in there pretty tightly. Short of breaking it all the way, I cannot think of how else to remove it. Cracked glass in a picture frame is a definite no, but I cannot see damaging out the frame completely just over the broken glass. At this point, I am unsure how I want to proceed with this specific frame. Of course, I contacted Birchbox. Less than 12 minutes after initiating contact, my replacement frame was ordered.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.34.41 PM

This is a record of my online chat, which Birchbox emails after the call wraps. The only edit I made was to remove my last name from the records. Everything else shows the entire conversation. It was quick and painless. The crack probably happened in shipping, but the tips of the glass look chipped. That probably happens in production making cracks during shipping more likely. A replacement frame arrived in tact on 12/05/15.

Birchbox The Charmed Life 5

The Canvas Home Dauville Multiple Bud Vase Gold retails for $25. This is hand painted, which means there are slight variations. Even with the variations, this is beautiful. I was afraid the gold would be too gaudy, but it blends in with more normal looking items.

Birchbox The Charmed Life 7

The Illume Demi Vanity Tin in Anemone retails for $10. Matchboxes are 3 for $13, so this is worth $4.33. I cannot get enough candles and though I would never pay for matches, I think the matchbox is cute, too. In Vegas, you can find free matches at almost every casino. That way you do not feel ripped off when you buy $10 packs of cigarettes from them. It may cost less than that, but I do not smoke so I’ve never priced them out. This candle does smell great, so I am happy with the one they sent me.

Birchbox The Charmed Life 9

Isaac Jacobs Sunburst Picture Frame is a Birchbox exclusive for this box. There is no price listed. After deducting everything I could value from $120, I am left with $54.69 for this and the picture frame. Assuming the frame costs slightly more, I am going with $25 on this value. The color is somewhere between silver and gold but closer to silver. Everything else in the box is gold, so I wonder why this is not. Oh well, I prefer silver to gold. My skin is cool-toned, so it prefers me as well. Luckily, I am not wearing any of the gold tinted stuff, so tones matter not. This frame is heavy, excluding the glass of course, which has issues in all four corners, especially the top right.

Birchbox The Charmed Life 8

The replacement frame was packaged in a large box with more bubble mailers than I’ve ever seen.

Isaac Jacobs Replacement Frame
The 0.33oz NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® is worth $5.98. This is a relatively inexpensive all-purpose oil. Some will tell you that most oils are all-purpose, but I generally use them as directed. When they are for all areas, I try them in all places and use it exclusively where I like it best. I’ve never tried this specific oil, although I’ve wanted to, so I look forward to seeing where it works best.

Birchbox The Charmed Life 11

The 2oz Tocca Crema da Mano in Cleopatra retails for $10. I originally thought this was the same scent I hated from the Vanity Affair box last year. That was Margaux. This comes sealed, and I am trying to decide whether I want to open it and risk hating it or keeping it sealed to gift away. Tocca hand creams are moisturizing enough, but they mimic their scents a little too well. The scents are surprisingly long-lasting for hand cream, too. It is wonderful if you like the scent but not tolerable when you do not. Cleopatra is a new scent to me, so I will probably try it. Wish me luck.

Stephanie Johnson Folding Mirror is another Birchbox exclusive for this box. There is no price listed. After deducting everything I could value from $120, I am left with $54.69 for this and the picture frame. Assuming the frame costs slightly more, I am going with $25 on this value. I am always impressed with Stephanie Johnson items. She mostly works with cheaper materials but manages to make them look expensive and extravagant. This mirror is no exception. It is lightweight and portable, too.

Birchbox The Charmed Life 10

The Umbra Geo T Ring Holder is not listed at Birchbox, but the other Umbra ring holders listed there retail for $10. Why does a woman who hates jewelry (weird I know) place an order with not one but two ring holders? For starters, they are both really beautiful and I know I can repurpose the other one. This will be harder to repurpose, but I am up to the challenge. Worst case scenario, I can always gift this.

Birchbox The Charmed Life 6

Here’s a quick look at the Luxe List Box if you see anything worth heading over to its article.

Birchbox Luxe List 6

The box retails for $40 and has a value of $120.31. My personal value (for now) is also $120.31, because I will probably keep everything. Considering I paid $22.95 and received $364.51 of value with the items presented here and in the Luxe List Box, I am happy. Birchbox constantly releases limited edition boxes worth picking up. This one is still in stock, and I do recommend it even if you have to endure the hassle of having the frame replaced. Through the end of the month Aces can use code ACESONLY for 30% off. Everyone else can use the code BIGDEAL for 25% off.

Birchbox Women

If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers and all available offers. When you’re ready to spend your rewards points, remember to add your free two piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus ShopTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out all the ways I know to save money at Birchbox. See other Birchbox articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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