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Citrus Lane November 2015

Citrus Lane is the subscription box for kids aged zero to six. My four-year-old loves getting a box that is all his. The boxes have a mixture of toys, educational tools, food products, beauty items, and more. A product card describing all items inside, which includes discount codes usually comes inside as well. As someone who looks for discount codes before every online purchase, I really appreciate this. A one month subscription is $29.95. Three months gets you down to $27 a box. It costs $24 a box for a six month subscription. Every month, you get the opportunity to select an item inside the box or add items on for a discounted rate. That allows kids to have some choice in their box, but they still receive surprise items.

While the choice is usually only between two items, Connor loves that he gets a say in what comes in his box. He looks forward to selection day, which is the end of the previous month, almost as much as he looks forward to arrival day. This month, he selected Funbites Green Squares. From the selection alone, I was not quite sure what this was. We figured it out when we opened the box.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.34.33 AM

Every box has a product card that tells you about the product and if any discounts are available should you decide to purchase anything you sample. Citrus Lane does not sell all the items in their boxes, so I appreciate this. Hunting down a product, then tracking down a discount code separately are time-consuming. This two-in-one time saver is great.

Citrus Lane November 2015 2

The back side of the card usually goes over the theme of the box.

Citrus Lane November 2015 3

The box included a unique code for 30-40% off Tiny Prints. This is a Shutterfly company (and that is the company I use to print pictures). There is a good chance I will redeem this code.

Citrus Lane November 2015 4

The cooking theme in this box is cute with the holidays coming. Let’s see if he wants to help me in the kitchen. I want to play with his Fun Bites Foot Squares now that I know it is a food cutter. He was only able to select the color, so every four-year old boy probably received this. It retails for $12.99 at Citrus Lane, but it’s sold out.

Citrus Lane November 2015

The Ammo Books New York Coloring Book is beautiful. It retails for $7.95 at Citrus Lane, but the artwork inside and outside is pretty impressive for a coloring book. My boys have already filled in a few pages, and it has not been here long. They love busting into new toys as soon as they arrive. This box did not have any, so the coloring book filled that hole.

The Handstand Kids Oven Mitt Planet retails for $8.95 at Citrus Lane. It is a little big for his hand, but he will grow into it. He likes the design and thinks it is cool he has a mitt of his own.

The 18 Rabbits Jr. Granola Bar Mango, Strawberry, Honey, Chia, Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds Whole Grain Oats retails for $19 a 16 pack making this worth $1.19. That is a lot of ingredients for one bar. Keeping kids snacks simple usually works better for my little guy. I usually try things when he does not like them, but I am not a mango fan and have no desire to try this. If he likes it, I will come back and let you know.

Not counting the items that I added on (and paid for separately) this box is worth $31.08. His personal value is $31.08, because he will use everything. This box was not as good as last month, but he still loved it. I am on the six month subscription, so I paid $24 for this box. Unless your kid loves everything in the box, someone with a one month subscription may not find this box as valuable.

This was actually his last pre-paid box, so I had to subscribe to a longer program, get automatically enrolled in a month-to-month, or cancel. Although it was a birthday present, I would be willing to renew it if I felt the value was there. The only way I can recommend this subscription is when you pay 6-12 months up front. This is the second month in a row where the value is just over $30. On a month-to-month subscription, you pay $29.95.

That means there is zero room for error. If I am paying for all items in a box, I want to choose them. We discussed it together and both agreed to let it go. I explained that if I am not committing $24 to this, he can have more toys he picks out personally. On his next birthday, I may look into a new subscription, because he loves getting subscription boxes and surprises almost as much as I do. He just needs one with more room for error, so “he” is not losing money when he does not click with an item.

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