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BzzAgent Campaign Welch’s Refreshingly Simple Strawberry Raspberry

BzzAgent is an international network of consumers who take part in word-of-mouth campaigns for a variety of products and services. It is a membership program that gives subscribers free products to try. After trying the free products, members review and share their experiences with the campaigns to qualify for future campaigns. Short surveys will appear in your profile. Complete them to see if there are any new campaigns available. When you complete surveys, you can accept free MyPoints offers. There are over 1 million BzzAgents in the US, Canada and the UK.

My latest campaign was to sample Welch’s Refreshingly Simple Strawberry Raspberry Juice. I selected this blend, because I thought it was the one my family would enjoy most.

BzzAgent Welch's 2

BzzAgent Welch's 3

Boxes usually include a product card to go over some important details of the campaign. This one did not, because it is pretty self-explanatory. Drink. It did include a cute sandwich box. Those always come in handy. I love that it also had coupons. These coupons will be used.

BzzAgent Welch's 4

The juice was large, and I appreciated that it was full-size.

BzzAgent Welch's

Most juices are either too sweet or too sour. The ones that are too sweet are usually the artificially sweetened ones. All natural ones seem to lose all the sweetness from the natural fruit. Refreshingly Simple is the perfect name for this. Although it stands for juice without artificial additives, it has a double meaning in that it is overly refreshing thanks to its clean taste. It tastes like juice perfectly blended with water. Juices with aftertaste always make me want to flush with water. You can drink this alone and will feel refreshed.

My older son dislikes fruit, so he refused to try this. Everyone else loved it. I can really taste the strawberry and the raspberry, which are both incredible fruits. Other than banana, I cannot think of a better pairing for my beloved strawberry. This is a five-star product, and I am happy I got a chance to sample it. We’re not huge juice drinkers. When we do drink juice, it is rarely blends. My favorite is orange juice, and my younger son enjoys apple juice. I probably never would have gotten around to trying this without sampling it.

I will be using a coupon to purchase another bottle of this, but I want to use the other two coupons to try Passion Fruit and Concord Grape.

Once you’ve tried the product, you have a task to complete. Completing the task helps you qualify for future programs. These are the tasks I will complete for this campaign. The tasks on this list are right on par with my recent mission.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.32.16 PM

Read more about BzzAgent to see if joining is something you want to do. See all BzzAgent articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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