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Julep November 2015 Birthstone

I love collecting the Julep birthstones, so I collect them all and not just my birthstone. November’s offering is a shimmery bronze-orange. Some may want to order this the first day of the month when it opens up in the secret store to get it before it sells out. The problem is they charge the full $11.20 Maven price in the secret store, and promo codes do not apply. If you wait it out a little, even the colors that sell out will usually return. As a Maven, I get free shipping with every order, so I could order the birthstone each month and call it a day. That is not my style though, because I live for a deal. Mavens get offer codes in each box (that I will always share with you here as long as Julep allows me to share it).

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.53.07 PM

On 11/04/15, I used code FREENYC for a free polish with a $10 purchase. The code is still valid through 11/30/15, and other valid codes are available. Some of you may remember I used the same code for my October birthstone, and that is because Julep allows two redemptions per code. It gave me a free polish with the purchase of a polish, which usually equates to a 50% discount. My second polish was on sale for $10. Unlike some companies that deduct the discount from the cheaper polish, Julep typically discounts the more expensive polish. You do not get to pick which polish it discounts, but it deducted from the full-priced $11.20 polish in this case.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.15.31 AM

Although it’s not listed in the order history, I saw a post on the Julep blog that for one day only Julep and Theo Chocolate were teaming up to give free chocolate bars to a limited number of orders. It was first come, first served with no promise of fulfillment listed. I was already looking around to put this birthstone order together, but seeing that helped me hit submit a little faster. When my order arrived, I was happy to see I got it in on time to receive one.

Julep Theo

I like dark chocolate until just shy of 70%, because they lose most of their sweetness at that point. Coconuts are not my cup of tea either. Tea is not my tea, but that is beside the point. Unless my coconut comes in a Girl Scout Caramel Delight, I generally pass. When I opened my box and saw the Theo Chocolate Organic & Fair Trade Coconut 70% Dark Chocolate, I admit I was disappointed. Almost any other option would have been better. My loss is my husband’s gain. He loves super dark chocolate and coconut. I gave it to him with the request that he send me a picture and give me one bite.

It almost seemed like a crime not to taste it, because the Julep blog made a really big deal about the partnership. My husband is one and done when it comes to taking pictures, so I apologize for it being blurry. By the time I noticed the blurry picture, the candy was long gone. He did save me a piece, which was not as bad as I expected. The chocolate itself was rich without being sweet. Cheap tasting chocolate it is not. I also thought the coconut, added in small doses, was tolerable. It added a bit of sweetness the dark chocolate was missing. Overall, it is nothing I would ever buy, but I can tell it is probably great to those who like the flavors. Trying another in a different flavor at some point would be nice.

Julep November 2015 Birthstone

Julep Louisa May, named for Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women, is a citrine iridescent shimmer. This beautiful bronze-orange actually reminds me a lot of the November birthstone from the previous year. I probably have a lot of duplicates in my collection under different names, but I look forward to comparing them at some point to see if my assumption is correct. Compare this to my other copper and bronze polishes.

Julep Louisa May

Jet is a jet black creme. Some of you may have noticed that my November polishes are orange and black which is a little late for Halloween. I did actually rock some orange, white, and black nails for Halloween. That was the day I realized I had 342 polishes (345 now), but I did not own a single black. My nail plans changed a bit to account for the lack of black in my collection. Now that I officially have a black polish, I think I probably have some variation of every color possible and likely have every variation of certain colors, like red. Compare this to my other brown and black polishes.

Julep Jet

My birthstone collection consists of January 2014-November 2015. As long as I am a Maven and can collect the polishes in order, I will continue to collect the birthstones. If you have not already taken a look, I highly suggest you do.

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